What Does Cooke Maroney Do? Age, Height, Net Worth

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Cooke Maroney is popular as a celebrity spouse to the most beautiful and talented actress, Jennifer Lawrence. In 2018, the duo was spotted for the first time – who knew that just a year later, they would end up marrying each other? Well, they did, and today, both Lawrence and her husband Maroney live a happy life full of love together!

So, what does Cooke Maroney do? Is Maroney famous for some other reasons besides being the husband of the Don’t Look Up actress? Our research tells us that there’s more to Maroney’s life than following his famous partner around. He is a well-reputed man in NYC.

Well, we will find out what does Cooke do for a living. His net worth and other interesting facts are here.

Maroney Was Born In NYC But Raised In Vermont; How Old Is Lawrence’s Husband? His Age & Parents

Cooke Maroney was born in New York City in 1985. His exact date of birth, however, has not been revealed yet. But, we do know the handsome hunk is 37 years old – soon to be 38, in 2023.

The gallerist, Cooke Maroney grew up in a farm
Cooke’s parents, James and Suki at their Olive Hill Farm

Although he was born in the hip city of NYC, Maroney was raised in Leicester, Vermont. His parents, James Maroney, and Suki Fredericks moved to a peaceful suburb in Vermont following the birth of their son. Furthermore, his parents’ wish to live a rural life led Lawrence’s hubby to grow up on a farm. Mr. and Mrs. Maroney opened up Oliver Hill Farm in 1990. It expanded on a land area of 775 acres where Maroney had hundreds of farm animals to play with when he was a kid. Today, his mom and dad operate a bed and breakfast on the same farm.

Well, Cooke wasn’t the only one who got to live that rural life with his parents on a farm. He grew up alongside his sister, Annabelle Maroney. Unfortunately, Annabelle lives off the radar even today so nothing much is known about Jennifer Lawrence’s sister-in-law.

What Is Cooke Maroney Height?

Looking at the pictures of Cooke, we’re sure you can figure out that Cooke’s a man with great stature. According to sources, the Red Sparrow actress’s husband Cooke Maroney’s height is 6ft. and 3 inches tall. As we compare his height with that of Lawrence, the actress has a pretty average height for an American woman i.e., 5ft 9 inches.

Details On Cooke’s College

After spending his entire childhood at his parent’s farm, the love of Lawrence’s life decided it was time to leave the nest. With this in mind, as a teenager, Maroney moved to New York. At that time, he had already graduated from high school and was looking to establish a career for himself. He pursued a degree in Art History at New York University after completing high school.

Looks like his birthplace indeed called him back!

What Does Cooke Maroney Do For A Living?

So, the answer that you all have been waiting for is finally here! What does Jennifer Lawrence’s husband Cooke Maroney do for a living? Unfortunately, he is not an actor like his famous spouse. In fact, Maroney is a gallerist.

As mentioned earlier, Maroney had a degree in Art History. Thus, he spent most of his time building a career working in and with the arts. Interestingly, he followed in his father’s footsteps here. Before moving to Vermont and opening a farm, James Maroney was an art dealer in NYC.

Not only this, but his dad was the head of American paintings at Christie’s Auction House. As a small kid, Cooke really looked up to his father and saw him as his role model. Maybe this was the reason why he later wanted to work in the art himself.

Cooke Maroney is "The Hunger Games" actress's husband
The tall and handsome art dealer, Maroney

Therefore, his hard work finally paid it off in 2022 – he became the Director-at-large of Gladstone Gallery. Today, Maroney works with the pieces of some of the most renowned artists in the world, including Richard Prince and Matthew Barney.

Before his big break, 37-year-old Maroney worked at Gagosian Gallery Network. There, he got the experience of a lifetime by working on exhibits with famous internationally known artworks from Rome, London, and Hong Kong.

All You Need To Know About His Famous Wife, Jennifer Lawrence; Why Is She So Famous?

32-year-old Jennifer Lawrence is a renowned American actress known for her absolute beauty and great acting skills. She has been a part of showbiz since 2006 and never has she ever let her fans down to date.

Maroney’s partner’s career reached the top after she got a role in the X-Men film series. Jennifer portrayed the role of a mutant, Mystique in the series and was able to win over millions of people. Similarly, her role in The Hunger Games further fueled her acting career to success. Because of the film series, she became the highest-grossing action heroine in history!

Furthermore, her remarkable talent has been recognized by a number of prestigious awards as well. To date, she has received an Academy Award and 3 Golden Globe Awards. Not only this, but she is also the winner of the 7 MTV Movie Awards.

In addition to everything, Cooke’s wife is one of the highest-paid actresses in the US. She also appeared on Time‘s list of “100 Most Influential People” in the World in 2013. Likewise, her name was mentioned on the Forbes “100 Celebrities” list from 2013 to 2016.

She is the daughter of Karen Lawrence and Gary Lawrence.

How Did A Gallerist Meet An Actress? Information On The Lawrence-Maroney Relationship

It was the year 2018 when Jennifer Lawrence was spotted with her current husband, Maroney for the first time. Sources reported that in the same year, the actress was introduced to the gallerist by a mutual friend. And thus, they began their love story all thanks to Jennifer’s BFF, Laura Simpson.

Lawrence and Maroney
The “X-Men” actress always looks happy around her partner – Maroney and Lawrence are made for each other

Following their first meeting, both Cooke and his to-be-wife felt an instant connection with each other. Therefore, they began dating. Interestingly enough, the X-Men actress did not want any serious relationships at that time. Even more so, she was not even thinking of committing to another guy. However, Maroney swept her off her feet and made her fall head over heels for him – he changed her whole outlook on love! They were indeed “meant to be” from the start.

Since the very start of their relationship, the actress and her hubby have done a remarkable job of keeping their union under wraps. For the majority of their relationship, they did not reveal the intimate details of their being together. Regardless of the secrecy, we believe that both of them had a smooth ride by each other’s side – and they still do.

The Love Birds Tied The Knot In 2019 – Their “Happily Ever After”

It took Cooke less than a year to ask his actress partner to spend the rest of her life with him. In February 2019, Lawrence was spotted wearing a gorgeous diamond ring – soon enough, the couple hosted an engagement party for their family to celebrate their “happily ever after.”

Furthermore, in October 2019, both Lawrence and Maroney decided to tie the knot. They called 150 of their close family members and friends to witness their love. Their lovely wedding was held at the Belcourt of Newport, a grand mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. Lawrence looked stunning on her wedding day, clad in a Dior gown. In addition to everything, their wedding was attended by a number of famous celebrities like Adele, Kris Jenner, Emma Stone, and Ashley Olsen.

Cooke Maroney Is Already A Dad

That’s right, Jennifer Lawrence, the sister of Blaine Lawrence is already a mother to Maroney’s kid.

Actress from "Red Sparrow" is already a mother
Maroney and his famed wife, Lawrence, walking their son, Cy

In September 2021, the actress announced that she and her hubby were expecting their first child together. Following the announcement, on 24th February 2022, Maroney and Lawrence welcomed their son, Cy. The birth of their baby boy brought the love birds even more close than before.

Cooke’s son, Cy will soon turn a year old in 2023.

What Is Maroney Worth In 2023?

As we have already mentioned, actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most highly-paid actresses in the USA. As of 2023, she stands at a whopping net worth of $160 million dollars. Now, what about her partner? Is Cooke Maroney, the gallerist, also a multi-millionaire?

Although Cooke is not in the movie industry, he has a huge net worth of $25 million dollars. Together, he and his wife are worth $185 million. This is a pretty huge amount that allows them to live a happy and satisfying life with each other and their kid.

Short Bio of Cooke

Date of BirthJuly 3, 1984
Height6ft 3in
Net Worth$25 million
WifeJennifer Lawrence

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