What Happened To Latarian Milton? Is He Serving Prison Sentence? Full Bio

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Latarian Milton, who is now a grown-up man, is infamous for being a juvenile delinquent. Back in 2008, when he was merely 7, he became a widely covered juvenile criminal after he stole his grandmother’s car, and damaged vast properties in a road rage rampage across palm Beach. He has since been also known by the nickname ‘Hood Rat Kid.’

Well, it has been years since he was a subject for the wrong reason. But where is Latarian Milton now? How is his life at present? In this article, we are going to cover several aspects of his life, including his career, education, relationship with his parents, and a lot more.

Let’s get started.

Latarian Milton Bio, Age

Infamous for his crazy mischief in the past, Latarian is 22 years old at present. He was born on 30th September 2000 in Palm Beach, Florida, to mother Sheneequa. An American citizen, Milton’s mother was just 16 when he was born. Unfortunately, no details about his father are available so far. It looks like his father left the family when Milton was just a baby.

Latarian Milton At The Age of 7
Latarian Milton At The Age of 7 when he stole his grandma’s car.

During his growing-up years, his grandmother Zikkita Stratford was the one who took care of him for most part of his childhood. However, by the age of 7, his life took a wrong turn when he got indulged in smoking and already developed a criminal mindset.

Latarian Milton Damaged Several Properties with A Stolen Car At Age 7

As we said, Milton was already enjoying crime by the age of 7. He reportedly stole his grandmother’s car and drove across Palm Beach, damaging numerous properties on the way.

As per the reports, he along with his friend sat into his granny’s SUV and drove into two mailboxes, hit two moving cars nearby a Walmart, and finally crashed into some cars parked in the Costco parking lot.

Upon being interrogated by police, he stated that he was angry with his mother and that he wanted to do stuff with his friend. Further, he showed no remorse for his action and instead said that “it is fun to do bad things.” Well, this became one of the reasons, he got viral in the media.

Check out the video here:

As of 2023, it has been over a decade since the incident happened. So how is his life at present? Let’s discuss this in the section below.

Milton Got Into a Problem Two Weeks After The Incident; Reportedly Attacked His Grandma

As if that wasn’t enough, sometime after the car incident, Latarion got into hot waters once again. Just two weeks after the previous incident, on 12th May 2018.

He apparently attacked his grandmom while they were in a mall. The story goes like this, he was shopping with his granny at a local Walmart store, when he demanded a chicken wing.

She immediately rejected his request but Milton didn’t want to have it. Soon his grandma started reprimanding him and Milton became agitated by it and started attacking his grandma. The incident made a lot of news and local authorities took him for mental evolution and later dropped them off at his grandma’s.

Milton was set to appear in Judge Judy

After his newfound fame, Latarian received an invitation to feature in Judge Judy Show in June 2008. Nevertheless, he didn’t appear at the show after a shady deal was made between Judge Judy’s staff and Milton’s grandmom.

Reportedly, the staff wanted Latarian’s grandma to sue her daughter for the damages her son made to the car.

Milton Finished His Graduation In 2015

With all the past that he has lived behind, it is quite likely to assume he must have turned into a criminal. But fortunately, things slightly changed for him as he completed middle school.

Back in 2015, the media covered him once again, but for good reason, on his graduation day. He finished his graduation from the John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida.

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Back then, in a conversation with the media, he revealed his plans to pursue football at the national level. Further, he also stated that he will continue his studies and join an engineering college and maybe join US Navy if professional football does not work out.

Where Is Latarian Milton Now? Reportedly Charged For Carjacking

While it looked like Milton has finally turned into a wise man, things do not seem to have changed much. After a road rampage back in 2007, he has again been charged with carjacking. The car belonged to the Lyft ride-sharing service in suburban West Palm Beach.

As per the Lyft driver, he picked up a woman and four men, which also included Milton. After he dropped the woman at an apartment, the men in the car asked him to take them to a different location. But since the request was not made through the app, the driver denied it.

Out of the four men, one named Joseph threatened the driver at the gunpoint and got him out of the car. They stole his jacket, wallet, and iPhone after which Latarian took over the driver’s seat and drove away.

As of 2023, Latarian is probably serving a jail sentence as he was charged as an adult in Palm Beach County since November on carjacking charges, according to Palm Beach County arrest records.

Is He on Social Media?

Well, Milton has an active account on Twitter and a page on Facebook as well. On Twitter, he goes by Latarian Milton and has around 149 followers already. Likewise, on his Facebook, he has amassed over 5k followers. Unfortunately, he is not active on the Facebook page anymore.

Rumors of Latarian’s Dead?

No, he is not dead but alive. All the rumors of his death is a hoax. He is rather serving his time in jail.