What Is Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth? Is He A Billionaire?

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Eddie Murphy’s net worth makes the Beverly Hills Cop actor a discussion-worthy name in the league of Hollywood’s richest actors. Murphy however has seen his wealth spiking through the roof and hitting the rock bottom as well.

Murphy is one of the notable names from the NBC comedy show, Saturday Night Live. He additionally is one of the most popular comedians of the ’80s who has performed as a standup artist to several comic characters on the big screens. With such a long career in addition to being one of the recognizable faces of the movie industry, it’s natural that people, at times, want to know about his financial prowess.

So here’s the in and out of Eddie Murphy’s net worth.

What Is Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth?

The Trading Places actor Murphy’s current net worth hovers at around $200 million.

That number seems feasible considering Murphy has been performing since he was 15 years old among other achievements he gained at quite a young age.

The Beverly Hills Cop actor with a net worth of over $200 million Eddie Murphy
Former SNL star and millionaire actor Eddie Murphy. Getty

He was just 19 when he landed a part on Saturday Night Live. He was the breakout performer of the show; the New York-born star was a cast member from 1980 to 1984. It subsequently would also pave the way for many successful movies. Murphy was an integral part of many money-hit movies like Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, and others. Additional fame and money also came from specials like Eddie Murphy: Delirious and Eddie Murphy Raw as well as two hit songs as a solo artist from his 1985 debut musical album How Could It Be.

Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth; Is He A Billionaire?

Murphy isn’t a billionaire; the Brooklyn-born actor is still more than $700 million shy of reaching a three-comma club. His films have nevertheless grossed $7 billion at the box office.

Eddie furthermore is comfortably rich or even more than enough wealthy. The SNL graduate has seen some serious zeroes for an actor throughout his film career. He additionally isn’t stopping to bring in more from his other ventures.

How Much Does Eddie Murphy Make Per Movie?

The amount that stars like Murphy makes per movie depends on various factors including the stars’ screen time on the project to how big the movie itself is.

While it’s unknown how much the actor seeks to be in a film, speaking of the past, he at one point was one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood raking in around $20 million a film. He now reportedly also brings in revenue from a percentage of the film’s profits.

New York born actor Eddie Murphy used to get around $20 million a film in the 80s.
Actor Eddie Murphy recently signed a $70 million deal with Netflix. EPA

Worth mentioning is Murphy, in 2019, signed a deal worth $70 million with Netflix to record a series of comedy specials.

Major Movies That Boosted Eddie Murphy’s Fortune

Over the years, Murphy has had some serious pay increases in each of his subsequent movie roles.

For his first role in the 1982 film, 48 Hours, Murphy reportedly bagged a little less than half a million. The Golden Globe winner, however, later denied the claim and said that he instead only received around $200,000. Though for the sequel of the very film, Murphy received around $7 million, a massive pay bump.

In the subsequent hit, Trading Places, Murphy is reported to have received around $1 million though even in this case, Murphy disagreed with the figure.

Eddie Murphy an actor from films like 48 Hrs, Trading Places, and Beverly Hills Cop
Eddie Murphy made around $80 million for the three Beverly Hills Cop films. Getty

For his next successful on-screen appearance, Beverly Hills Cop, Murphy allegedly pocketed no less than $1 million.  In fact, in the action/comedy film, the now 61 years old actor was also able to negotiate a percentage of the film’s profit which subsequently brought him a little more than $14 million, according to several sources. Murphy is said to have received similar amounts in each of the next two installments of the Beverly Hills Cop.

Although Beverly Hills arguably cemented Murphy’s role in Hollywood, in terms of cashing in, the 1996 sci-fi comedy, The Nutty Professor really added a lot to his wealth. Sources report, the Emmy-winning actor made close to $80 million from the Daniel Petrie and Danilo Bach franchise.

A similar nature of big pay came from the animated franchise The Shrek; Murphy, according to sources, made as much as $35 million from his voiceover work in the four Shrek movies.

The other projects from which Murphy made good money are Mulan, The Haunted Mansion, Doctor’s Dolittle 2, The Adventures Of Pluto Nash, Coming to America, and others.

All in all, Murphy is quite a pricey actor and the money he gets from the movies is no joke.

Some Properties Have Also Added To Eddie Murphy’s Net Worth

Films and voiceovers aren’t the only ones that have added to Murphy’s wealth. The actor has also made millions by buying and selling off a slew of properties across California, New York, and New Jersey.

Eddie is one of the richest comic actor in Hollywood
Actor Eddie Murphy has around $200 million net worth. Shutterstock

He furthermore owns a private island in the Bahamas which the insult comedian bought for about $15 million in 2007.

One of his residential, an estate in Beverly Hills, with a reported value of over $40 million, has 10 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, a library, tennis court, swimming pool, hot tub, four car garage, barbecue pit, courtyard, and underground vault.

In the meantime, Murphy is a father to ten children and has had four partners including an ex-wife.


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