What Is Noah Ritter Doing Now? Insight Into His Life

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What Is Noah Ritter Doing Now? Insight Into His Life
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Noah Ritter is a former internet icon who is known better as the ‘apparently kid.’ He rose to prominence after random footage of him, where he says the word ‘apparently’ multiple times, got millions of views. En route to stardom, the viral kid has appeared on several landmark talk shows, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Take a look back at the moments right after he became the talk of the nation, his afterward life, what he is doing now, and more.

Noah Ritter Is A Pennsylvanian and is the only Child of His Parents 

Ritter was born around the year, 2008. As of 2023, Noah is 15 years old. His full name is Noah Deck Ritter. Noah apparently is the only child of his parents. This confirmation came from his grandfather, Jack himself, the very month Ritter caught the internet by storm. As a matter of fact, Noah’s parents have already been divorced.

Noah Ritter is a native of Pottstown, Pennsylvania.
Noah Ritter got famous after his video, wherein he used apparently several times, got viral during the month of Aug 2014

Noah Ritter is originally from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Talking about his education, he attended kindergarten in Pennsylvania and is now in high school.

How Noah Ritter Actually Became Famous?

Back on August 1, 2014, the then-five-year-old Noah was attending the Pennsylvania County Fair with his grandfather, Jack Borowski. After their visit to the fair, Sofia Ojeda, the Newswatch 16 reporter, stopped and asked Noah a few questions about the trip to the Wayne County Fair in Honesdale.

Ojeda asked Ritter about the ride, Noah, in the blink of an eye, took over the mic and started uttering. Have a look,

“Well, it was great because apparently, you’re spinning around, and apparently every time you get dizzy, that’s all you do is get dizzy,” Noah said of the ride. Besides, Noah seemed pretty ecstatic to be on live TV. He said,

“It was great and apparently I’ve never been on live television but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid and apparently every time Grandpa just gives me the remote I have to watch the Powerball.”

Ritter also talked about watching Powerball drawings with his grandpa and being “scared half to death” while riding a slide at the fair. During the rest of the talking, the toddler littered the word “apparently” no less than eight times. The interview itself was for only one and a half minutes.

Noah Ritter: The Rise To Fame

Shortly after the interview went viral, almost everyone ascribed to him as a born-to-be pro at reporting. After that, the word “apparently” was never the same again at least for the rest of that year. The video first got thousands of views, and by the end of the month had received over 14 million views on YouTube.

Noah Ritter is a child of divorcee parents.
Noah Ritter became famous after saying “apparently” in a kind of hilarious way in a live on-camera interview.
On August 4th, a Twitter user, treyschmaltz, created the hashtag #ApparentlyKid. Within 48 hours, the hashtag was tweeted out over 1,000 times.

Reacting to the consequential publicity, Noah’s grandfather, Borowski said,

“We were watching it on the computer and it replayed on the local news. He’s going, ‘That’s me. I’m a celebrity. I think he’s enjoying it.”

Borowski later told ABC News that his grandson was spending the summer with him in Wilkes Barre. Jack also disclosed his grandson, Noah was pretty talkative and had a large vocabulary.

While Noah appeared to have a knack for being in front of the camera, his grandfather said his true loves, however, were dinosaurs and swimming. His grandfather revealed they go down to the history museum in Philadelphia about once a month because Noah had always loved dinosaurs since he was an infant.

Ritter Appeared On The Ellen DeGeneres Show 

Noah and his grandfather went on to receive calls from a number of television networks and talent agents. The famous ones are Good Morning America and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Noah became even more famous after he appeared on Ellen’s show. It wasn’t his only appearance on NBC’s variety comedy talk show.

He first came to the show in September 2014. Ironically though Noah at the time refused to repeat his signature phrase in front of Ellen. When DeGeneres asked whether ‘apparently’ was his favorite word he said, steadfastly stuck to his guns. “Yeah, but I got over it now,” Noah said.

Also while giving an interview on Good Morning America, he said he was tired of saying the word ‘apparently.’  He admitted he not only didn’t know how to spell ‘it,’ but he also had no idea what it meant.

When asked where he’d learned the word “apparently,” he responded saying, “I don’t know, from my mom, maybe?” Talking about his newfound fame, Noah said “great,” because he’s “never had any people like him.”

He Became A Judge On A Kids Show

For Noah, the ‘apparently interview’ and subsequent fame from being on a talk show was just the beginning. There was more yet to come. As if the title ‘apparently kid’ wasn’t enough, in April 2017, Ritter also got his own TV show, The Toy Box.

On the Toy Box, participants pitched their ideas for new toys to a panel of industry experts. The catch, however, was the contestants also had to pitch their toy ideas to a panel of child judges as well. Ritter was one of the judges that appear on the show, adding his humor and charm.

Noah Ritter was one of the judges of the ABC series, The Toy Box.
Noah Ritter, the ‘apparently kid,’ became a judge for the ABC series, The Toy Box
While he was only eight years old when he got to host his own show, Noah knew a thing or two about what makes a good toy. He hopped into the show with the principle that a toy had to be fun for kids everywhere. And it shouldn’t require too much work for parents to set up.

The WNEP show went on to become popular. It even received a second season but the network later canceled the series after the end of season 2.

Some Other Good Things That Have Happened To Noah Ritter

In Sep 2014, the same year he went viral, Ritter also got to star in a commercial for Freshpet, a company that sells all-natural pet food and treats. Add to that, his first video clip additionally received the Songify treatment by internet comics the Gregory Brothers.

In Aug 2021, six years after the primal incident, the very video also got a pitch-perfect soundtrack titled, The Apparently Kid — the Mini Musical. Pianist and songwriter Brandon Ethridge scored the interview footage.

What’s more, insiders and several sources have it, Noah also gained a lot, financially, for a kid of his age. The figures though never got out. Some, however, suggest his net worth post the interview had hit and crossed the threshold of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What Is Noah Ritter Doing Now?

The early days of Ritter’s notability from that interview have certainly lost some gravity. He, nonetheless, as of the present is acting as a part-time YouTuber and part-time adolescent who just wants to enjoy his life.

Through his Youtube channel, The Apparently Kid, Ritter often shares movie reviews, his activities with his grandpa, Jack, some mini vlogs, and so forth.


How Old is “Apparently Kid” Now?

As of 2023, the Apparently Kid, Noah Ritter is 15 years old. He was “apparently” born in 2008 in Pennsylvania.

What is the Apparently Kid’s Real Name?

The “Apparently Kid”‘s real name is Noah Ritter. His full name is Noah Deck Ritter.

Where is Apparently Kid Now?

Noah Ritter, aka “Apparently Kid” is currently in his hometown of Philadelphia where he attends primary school.


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