Where Is Dane Cook Brother Darryl McCauley Now? Is He Still In Prison?

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Where Is Dane Cook Brother Darryl McCauley Now? Is He Still In Prison?
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Darryl McCauley is recognized as the half-brother of an American stand-up comedian Dane Cook (aka Dane Jeffrey Cook). His brother is also an actor and writer best known for Good Luck Chuck, My Best Friend’s Girl, and Dan in Real Life.

More than being a celebrity sibling, Darryl caught the media attention due to his deliberate deception against his renowned half-brother. He was later sued by his brother and went to jail for several years. Well, what exactly did Dane Cook’s brother do to him?

Today, in this article, we are going to explore everything about Darryl McCauley from the reason behind his imprisonment to his relationship with his famous brother. We will also add details about his early life, his wife, and his whereabouts.

Dane Cook’s Brother, Darryl McCauley Bio: His Age And Early Life

Darryl McCauley was born in April 1965 in the United States of America. As of 2023, McCauley is 57 years of age.

He was still a child when his parents separated. Following their separation, his mom Donna J. Ford married US Veteran George F. Cook. So, little Darryl grew up alongside his stepdad, mom, and half-siblings in the home in Arlington. Further, Darryl was brought up as a Roman Catholic. As for education, the celebrity brother is an Arlington high school graduate.

He belongs to a mixed-ethnical background and holds American nationality.

Darryl’s Ancestry

While his ancestry from his paternal side is not known in the media, Darryl’s maternal grandparents are James Christopher Ford and Phyllis May Smith.

His grandfather James Christopher, a Massachusetts native was born to his Irish parents Edward Ford and Mary Lombard. Like his granddad, his grandmother too was a Massachusetts native with English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry. She was the daughter of Clifford Albert Smith and Florence Avilla Creighton.

Darryl McCauley’s Siblings

As aforementioned, Darryl’s mom married twice. From his mother’s second marriage, he is an older brother to his half-sister Courtney Cook who is now a professional photographer, and Dane Cook, an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian.

Apart from Courtney and Dane, McCauley grew up alongside his other sisters Judith A. McNeil, Geralyn M. Keough, and Kathryn M. Cook whose details are not known in the media. They may be his half-sisters or may not be but for sure they are his stepdad’s daughters.

Short Look On Darryl’s Brother, Dane Cook

Born as Dane Jeffrey Cook on March 18, 1972, Darryl’s younger brother, Dane Cook is 50 years of age in 2023. From a very young age, he aspired to be a comedian and started doing stand-up comedy while he was in Junior High School.

Darryl McCauley's brother is a famous comedian
Darryl McCauley’s half-brother Dane Cook

But his professional journey as a stand-up comedian started in 1990. He was 18 when he began performing stand-up in comedy clubs. However, he became popular after his appearance in Comedy Central’s Premium Blend in 1998. As of now, Darryl has released several comic albums like Harmful If Swallowed, Retaliation, and many others.

Apart from being a comic, he also emerged as an actor in several movies and series like American Exit, American Gods, Next Caller, My Best Friend’s Girl, Good Luck Chuk, and many others. In addition, McCauley’s younger brother has also worked as a writer, director, and executive producer in movies.

Darryl McCauley Worked As A Business Manager For His Brother Dane

As said earlier, his half-sibling Dane became a professional entertainer in 1990. Since then, Darryl started working for his half-brother. Later on, Dane also hired McCauley as his business manager.

Darryl McCauley worked as a manager for his brother
Darryl McCauley with his half-brother Dane

From the 1990s to December 2008, McCauley served as a manager to his famous brother Cook. He later worked in his brother’s company Great Dane Enterprises.

During his working tenure as his own brother’s manager, McCauley embezzled his brother Cook’s property which his brother discovered in the year 2008. After that, not only Darryl lost his job but he was also sued by his brother Dane for embezzling his property.

McCauley And His Wife Together Embezzled Cook’s Millions Of Dollars: Were They Found Guilty?

Darryl McCauley and his wife Erika McCauley both were involved in the embezzlement of comedians’ millions of property.

Darryl McCauley is a married man
Darryl McCauley’s wife in court

In 2008, when the comic actor hired a new manager in Los Angeles, McCauley’s betrayal was discovered, and right after The Touch actor filed a case against him in court.

Regarding his embezzlement, Attorney General Martha Coakley stated,

Darryl McCauley, 45, of Wilmington, stole the money from Cook’s business and personal accounts from 2004 to 2008 by transferring funds to his own accounts

Further, in a statement, attorney Coakley said,

“For several years, Mr. McCauley abused his position as a family member to gain Mr. Cook’s trust, and stole millions of dollars for his own personal gain,’’

Later, Darryl alongside his wife Erika was found guilty of embezzling at least $12 million from Cook and was sentenced to prison.

Darryl Was Sentenced To Prison For 6 Years; While His Wife Imprisoned For 3 Years For Embezzlement

In 2010, both the husband and wife were found guilty. For criminal charges, including larceny and receiving stolen property, Darryl was imprisoned for almost 6 years. And after his release from prison, Darryl will have a probation period of 13 years.

Darryl McCauley was imprisoned for 6 years
Darryl McCauley in the court

Likewise, his wife Erika too was imprisoned for 3 years. In addition to their prison time, the court also ordered them to restitute $12 million to Cook.

Is Darryl McCauley Still In Jail? Where is Darryl Now?

Coming up to 2023, Darryl must have been released from prison as McCauley was imprisoned for just 6 years, from 2010 to 2016. But as per the court verdict, Darryl was ordered to remain under court supervision for 13 years more.

In that case, at present, McCauley must be under probation. Lately, McCauley is living his life away from the public.

Darryl McCauley’s Brother Is A Millionaire

At the moment, Darryl’s net worth is under the media radar with the fact that McCauley has been under court supervision for many years. Meanwhile, his famous half-brother Dane Cook has an estimated fortune of $35 million.

Cook has earned a considerable amount from his career as an actor.

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