Where Is Jamal Adeen Thomas Now? All About Clarence Thomas Son

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Where Is Jamal Adeen Thomas Now? All About Clarence Thomas Son

Jamal Adeen Thomas is famous as the son of Clarence Thomas Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme court. His father was nominated for the position by President George H. W. Bush back in 1991.

Clarence shares Jamal with his ex-wife and he is his only son. Although his father is such a big name in the USA, Jamal has rarely come into the public eye. This is why many people are curious about his life.

We’re sure many of you might be dying to know where is Jamal Adeen Thomas nowadays? What is he doing? Let’s talk in-depth about Jamal’s life.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Wiki: Who is his mother?

He was born on February 15th, 1973, in New Haven, Conn, the United States. As of 2022, he is 49-year-old. Talking about his ethnicity, he is African- American & has American nationality.

His father Clarence Thomas, born on June 23rd, 1948, in Pin Point, Georgia, is one of the biggest advocates in the US. Now talking about his mother, her name is Kathy Ambush. She and Clarence were married from 1971 to 1984.

Kathy Ambush Photo Now
Kathy is currently working as a volunteer.

Jamal’s Parents’ Relationship

His mom and dad were in a marital relationship for more than a decade. The pair first met back in 1969, while both of them were in high school. Just a week after Clarence met Kathy for the first time, he told his friends that he is in love with her.

The lovebirds dated for around a year before tying the knot. They exchanged vows a day after his graduation in the year 1971.

What drew them towards each other was the fact that they were both in it for racial equality. Kathy was also actively participating in various protests related to several social issues.

A couple of years after their wedding, the former couple welcomed their one and only kid and gave him a Muslim name, Jamal.

Clarence Thomas sold his sports car to pay for Jamal’s education

We all know that a father will do anything for his family. Likewise, Clarence also made a big sacrifice on his part.

Back in 1982, after years of hard work, Clarence had bought a Camaro IROC, a famous sports car. When he purchased the bike, it was like a dream come true for the guy.

Clarence Thomas Young Jamal Thomas
Clarence Thomas sold his car in order to pay for his son’s tuition.

Unfortunately, Clarence wasn’t able to enjoy cruising around with his car. He sold the car in order to pay for his son Jamal’s tuition. Clarence sent Jamal to a private school just so he can save his son from all the bullying black children were facing back then in public school.

Talking about his education, from class 9 to 12, he studied at Bishop Ireton High School. Afterward, he joined Fork Union Military Academy from where he graduated in 1992. Jamal finished his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from Virginia Military Institute.

Jamal’ was raised by his single father

Although Jamal’s parents, Clarence and Kathy were high school sweethearts, their relationship soon reached a turning point. Despite their effort, the relationship couldn’t go on.

After being married for more than a decade, the couple finally pulled the plug on their marriage and divorced in 1984. After their divorce, Clarence retained the custody of his son.

For the first couple of years since the divorce, he took care of his son all by himself. As a father, he did a really good job. Not only did he sell his car to pay for his son’s tuition, but he also sent him to a private school just so he can have the best education around.

What is Jamal Adeen Thomas doing today?

When a person becomes famous, and that too because of their parents, a lot of people are bound to be eager about them. Similarly, since Jamal was a little boy, people have been asking about him a lot.

Nonetheless, Clarence never talked about his only child in public. He took extra care when it comes to the privacy of his son because of which there’s rarely any info on him on the internet.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Now Children
Jamal is currently working as the Director of Supervision.

That being said, back in 2010, The Christian Science Monitor mentioned he was working in the financial sector. Moreover, he is currently working as the Director of Supervision at John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates.

He previously worked at Wells Fargo and BB&T Scott and Stringfellow. He also worked at Wachovia Securities as an options trader.

Jamal Thomas is often mistaken with an actor of the same name

If you look up Jamal Thomas, you will stumble a lot of tabloids who have mistaken him with another person of the same name. In this case, the other person is American actor Jamal Thomas. The actor is famous for his appearance in FBI: Most Wanted, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Now that you have learned Clarence’s son Jamal is in the financial sector, the confusion becomes clear.

Who is Jamal Adeen Thomas wife?

He is quite secretive when it comes to his life because of which there’s not a whole of information regarding his personal life. One thing that we can say with certainty is that Jamal is a married guy.

He is currently married to Sakina Karima Paige, a lawyer based in Richmond, Virginia. The couple also shares a son between them. The family of three lives an incredibly happy and fulfilling life.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Wife Children
Clarence Thomas and Kathy Ambush’s son, Jamal with his wife and son. Source: Facebook

Talking about his wife’s profession in-depth, she currently works as the senior manager at Capital One. She previously also worked at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Jamal’s Net Worth

As a supervision director, he earns roughly around $70,000 to $100,000 a year. Moreover, he has been an active professional for more than a decade which means he has earned a lot of money. Right now, his net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

On the other hand, his father Clarence has a net worth of $1 million.