Where Is Jasmine Richardson Now? Untold Facts About The Infamous 2006 Murder

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Where Is Jasmine Richardson Now? Untold Facts About The Infamous 2006 Murder
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Jasmine Richardson is a former convict from Canada who at 12 became involved in the 2006 murder of her parents and brother. She did this with the help of her then-23-year-old groomer. Many people consider the case to be one of the most bizarre in Canadian crime history.

Initially, the people and the investigators believed Jasmine was just an unfortunate victim but later she, herself, shockingly turned out to be one of the perpetrators of the crime. Conclusively, Jasmine would get a decade-long span behind the bars. The law also demanded she attends a psychiatric institution among other rehabilitation programs.

It’s been a few years since Jasmine’s sentence ended and ever since people have been wondering where the former child murderer Jasmine Richardson is now. While there are a few or two reports on her current whereabouts, it is still unclear where or what exactly is she doing and resides.

Where Is Jasmine Richardson Now?

Multiple reports and accounts as well as several words of mouth suggest Jasmine is living in a discreet livelihood in an undisclosed location in Canada. News.Com claims Richardson supposedly is residing with a secret identity presumably to keep away attention as much as possible.

Jasmine Richardson, before she met Jeremy Steinke
Jasmine, presumably some years before she met Jeremy Steinke

Her ABCs since her release have largely remained a mystery and there’s a good chance that it could be so for quite a long haul considering other cases similar to hers.

Many do agree it might be for the best that Richardson lives the rest of her life as an anonymous being. Canadians, by law, cannot publish Richardson’s name; they could only use the initials, J.R. People who are aware of her, describe her as a poster child for rehabilitation.

Some Redditors, a few years ago, claimed to have seen a Richardson-like woman but they didn’t reveal where. They however asserted Jasmine had a boyfriend who unfortunately was a drug dealer. Another Redditor reported after the release, Jasmine continued to attend the court every six months and at the time she was living in Montreal and studying at Dawson College.

However the recent whatever of Jasmine is a tough enigma and as mentioned it very well may be so for ages.

Jasmine Richardson And Her Boyfriend Killed The Richardson Family

The night was on April 22rd 2006. Investigation reports concluded that Jasmine and her then-partner Jeremy entered the house and the latter killed Mrs. Richardson first. At the time of the murder, Steinke was wearing a neoprene mask. He killed Jasmine’s mother, Debra by stabbing her with a knife 12 times. The attack also included a 12cm deep piercing to her heart.

Jasmine Richardson's parents Marc and Debra
Marc and Debra, two of the three people who died in April 2006 in Medicine Hat Canada

The knife assault of course made Debra scream which her husband, Marc heard. He came down the stairs to see what was going on but Steinke caught him off guard and he also started stabbing Jasmine’s father. Jeremy attacked Jasmine’s father 24 times including nine times in the back.

Richardson then stabbed her then-eight-year-old brother Jacob eight times ultimately killing him. It was Jeremy who killed Jasmine’s brother by deeply slitting his throat and leaving him bleeding to death alongside his toys.

The police and others taking one of the three dead bodies into a hearse outside Richardson house in Medicine Hat, Canada in April 2006
The forensic team escorting the dead bodies of the Richardson outside their house in Medicine Hat Canada in April 2006

She would take the life of her parents with the encouragement of her then-groomer, Jeremy Steinke. The following day, a young local boy happened to see the dead bodies through the window of the Richardson family house.

Later, the detectives encountered the bodies of Jasmine’s folks in the basement and her brother in the bedroom upstairs.

According to stories, Steinke and Richardson also had a relationship going on with each other.

What Was The Reason Behind Jasmine Killing Her Own Parents?

A couple of hours after the police had found the dead bodies, they discovered Jasmine and Steinke at a restaurant laughing and kissing each other.

Jeremy and Jasmine reportedly planned the murder so that they could escape and be together. Online activities between Jeremy and Jasmine revealed it was the latter who came up with the plan to murder her family.

Debra, Marc, and Jacob, the late family member of Jasmine
The late family members of Jasmine, Marc, Debra, and Jacob

In one of the texts which Jasmine had written to Jeremy, the then-pre-teenager had said,

I have this plan. It begins with me killing them and ends with me living with you.

Another piece of the text showed Jeremy writing,

“Their throats I want to slit. They will regret the s*** they have done. Especially when I see to it that they are gone. They shall pay for their insulince [sic]. Finally there shall be silence. Their blood shall be payment!”

Jasmine apparently had also told her friends about her plans to kill her parents but none of them believed that she was actually serious about it.

What Happened To Jasmine Richardson And Jeremy At The Trials?

During the trials, Jasmine admitted to killing her brother out of mercy as she thought he would be all alone without their parents. She revealed that her brother pleaded for his life as she stabbed him and later Steinke finished him off by cutting his throat open.

In the year 2007, Richardson qualified for Intensive Rehabilitation Custody and Supervision (IRCS). But it happened only after the court found her guilty of three counts of first-degree murder.

The house where Jasmine Richardson and Jeremy Steinke murdered Marc, Debra and Jacob
The house in Medicine Hat where Marc, Debra, and Jacob were killed by Jasmine and her boyfriend, Jeremy

She then would spend four years in a psychiatric institution followed by another four and a half years under conditional community supervision.

During her prison time, Jasmine studied in Calgary Alberta for almost six years. She later attended Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta.

CBS News reports during Richardson’s final appearance in the court, she thanked judge, Scott Brooker of the Court of Queen’s Bench.

As for Jeremy, in 2008, Jasmine’s former boyfriend was found guilty of three counts of first-degree murder and received three concurrent life sentences in prison. The court set the earliest parole date only after 25 years.

Jasmine Was Set Free In 2016

Jasmine reportedly walked free in May 2016. She could do so only after completing a 10-year sentence that also included rehabilitation and education. At the time of her release, Richardson was 22.

When she was still in jail, many people took her as a person unlikely to re-offend for the rest of her life.

Jasmine Richardson Relationship With Jeremy Steinke

Jeremy had met Jasmine at a punk rock concert. Richardson immediately found him intriguing particularly for his goth lifestyle. Steinke grew up with an alcoholic mother. He furthermore received constant beatings from her partners. He additionally used to get bullied at school.

Jeremy Steinke, the former boyfriend of Jasmine
Jasmine’s former boyfriend and the murderer of the Richardson family in April 2006.

During the trials, the court heard Jeremy at the age of 13 was diagnosed with depression and hyperactivity and later tried to take his own life. As he grew up, he proclaimed himself the 300-year-old werewolf and would wear a vial of blood around his neck. Jeremy also had a user account at the VampireFreaks.com

Old pictures of Jasmine on her MySpace page show the young girl was gradually changing herself to a goth lifestyle clearly under the influence of Steinke. Jasmine and Steinke started their relationship in 2006.

Jasmine’s parents however forbade her from having any allegiance with Steinke.

Jeremy continues to serve his prison sentence.


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