Annie Potts is married to fourth husband: Find out her Her Unsuccessful Past Marriages

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Annie Potts is married to fourth husband: Find out her Her Unsuccessful Past Marriages
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After a string of failed marriages, Annie Potts never thought she’d find love yet again. Thankfully, fate had different plans for her. Not only did she found love once again, she in fact married the guy and now the duo enjoys the status of Hollywood’s power couple.

Her marriage to the American producer James Hayman is her fourth and we’re sure this one is it. From their relationship, the pair became a parent of two children.

Today let’s take a closer look into the actress’s life and find out who is Annie Potts’ spouse at present if she has any. Moreover, let’s find out about her past failed marriages.

Who is Annie Potts’ spouse at present?

Since the late 80s, The Designing Women star is in a relationship with James Hayman. She exchanged vows with her husband on September 2nd, 1990 in a private ceremony surrounded by their loved ones. While this was the first wedding for James, it was the fourth overall for Annie.

Since their marriage, Annie and James have been living a well-off life without any sort of controversy. The couple rarely makes public appearances together which, in our books, is the recipe for their successful marital life.

Nevertheless, Annie does share quite a share pictures of her husband on social media. The majority of her posts are all about commemorating her marital life with James, though sometimes she also promotes her husband’s work.

Similarly, her husband James also shares pictures of his wife on social media.

The way they express their love for each other serves as an example of a healthy relationship. Both of them support each other through and through despite all the odds. When Annie fell in love with James we’re sure she must’ve had thoughts regarding her past failed marriages. She might’ve become hesitant to go through with it but thanks to James’s support she willfully took the step and they haven’t looked back since.

In an interview with Long Island Magazine, Annie mentioned how she and her husband support each other’s careers despite challenges. According to her, since 2012 they have not lived together because of their work commitments. While James works as a producer for the show, NCIS: New Orleans, Annie goes back in forth from New York to Los Angeles.

Regardless of the issue, Annie and James both have got each other’s back. She said,

“But we have a long history of supporting each other’s work. And we do have epic vacations when we’re on hiatus and take our kids with us when we can. So maybe it’s that `opposites’ thing, or the Southern girl/Jewish boy thing—like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. But whatever it is, it’s working.”

Well, there you go, the secret sauce of their long-term relationship.

How did Annie Potts know her spouse James was the one?

Annie’s fans have been asking this question for years and years. After all, as fans, they do wanna know how their beloved star knew this was it.

According to the actress, she judged James purely on the basis of how quickly he bonded with her son, Clay, whom she shares with her third hubby B. Scott Senechal. In an exclusive interview with Closer Weekly, she revealed James not only loved her but her son as well which helped them come together as a family.

Annie Potts with her children and husband
Annie with her kids and husband James.

Giving marriage another chance after already going through multiple failed ones takes a lot of courage. However, thanks to James, the actress was able to do it. In the same interview with Closer, she divulged the reason behind walking down the aisle a fourth time.

“Because I grew up in a family, I always wanted that experience for my children, too. I felt there was balance in that. When you have family, you seek a harmony that’s beneficial to everyone.”

Luckily, it all worked out in the end and the Haymans are one happy family.

How many kids do Annie and her hubby James share?

The pair shares two kids between them, James aka Doc Hayman, born May 28th, 1992, and Harry, born December 27th, 1996. They are also a proud parent of Annie’s son Clay. As of this moment, all three of Potts’ kids have moved out of the house and she ad her husband are empty nesters. Nonetheless, the family usually comes together during the festivals. Both Annie and James often share pictures with their children.

Other than that, Annie is a doting mother to her kids. So much so that she decided to have another baby, be it biologically or via adoption, when her first child with James, Doc was 18-months old. According to her, she didn’t want Doc to feel alone when his older half-sibling Clay will move out. In an interview with Chicago Tribune, she said,

“I said I thought it was very important to Jake to have siblings because it will be so hard on him when his older brother leaves for college when he’ll only be 7 years old.”

Details on Annie Pott’s Previous Failed Marriages

She married the first time at the ripe age of 20 to her high school sweetheart, Steven Hartley. A short time after their wedding, the former flames were in a serious automobile accident in New Mexico. Both of them suffered severely with Steve losing his leg and Annie had multiple fractures. The pair divorced in 1978 due to irreconcilable differences.

Then a few years after, in 1978 she married actor Greg Antonacci. Their matrimonial didn’t hold out for long and they divorced the next year in 1979. Subsequently, two years after her second divorce, she exchanged vows with Scott Senechal with whom she shares one son Clay. Their divorce finalized in 1989.


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