Who Is Barbara Alba? Everything About Pitbull’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Who Is Barbara Alba? Everything About Pitbull’s Ex-Girlfriend
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Barbara Alba is famous for her relationship with American rapper and singer Pitbull. In fact, she is also the mother of two children of Pitbull. She dated the rapper for around a decade and but things eventually turned sour between the two leading to their separation in 2011.

It has been years since Alba split from Pitbull. So, how is her life at present? Is she dating a new boyfriend? Did Barbara and Pitbull ever get married? In this article, we are going to explore everything about her career, age, children, husband, & other details as well.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • Famous as Pitbull’s ex-girlfriend, she used to work as a model.
  • She met her former boyfriend in the 90s and dated throughout that time period till the 2000s.
  • Barbara and Pitbull became a parent of two kids, Bryce, and Destiny Perez, both of them who are adults.
  • After their separation, Barbara received $3000 a month as child support, but later it was increased after she asked the court to increase it considering Pitbull’s earnings.
  • She is not married to anyone as of now. 

Profile Summary

Relationship StatusSingle
Past AffairPitbull (ex-boyfriend)
ChildrenBryce and Destiny Perez
Net Worth$1 million

Barbara Alba Is The Ex-Girlfriend Of Rapper Pitbull

As we said earlier, Alba was in a long-term relationship with the famous rapper Pitbull. In fact, she only got fame only because of her romantic relationship with the “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” singer.

Pitbull's Ex-Girlfriend Barbara Alba
Pitbull’s Ex-Girlfriend Barbara Alba.

But when and how did Barbara and Pitbull first meet? Well, the former couple had known one another way before Pitbull got recognization in the media.

It is assumed that Alba met Pitbull in the late 90s and was already dating in 2000. While they seemed pretty much into one another as a couple, things didn’t last for very long between the two.

Almost after dating for over a decade, the couple called it quits in 2011. They never revealed the reason behind their split.

Is Barbara Alba Pitbull’s wife? Did They Ever Got Married?

Unlike what is popularly believed in the media, Barbara is not the singer Pitbull’s wife. In fact, they never even got married despite dating for years. Also, they have not revealed the exact reason why they never walked down the aisle.

Alba Has Two Children With Her Boyfriend

In case you didn’t know, Barbara is a mother of two children, Bryce Pérez & Destiny Pérez. Both her kids were born from her relationship with Pitbull.

Her daughter Destiny is the oldest and was born on August 15, 2002. Likewise, her son Bryce was born on March 5, 2003, and he is just 18 years of age. Pitbull even has the name of his son with his birth date tattooed on his arms.

Barbara Alba's Ex-boyfriend Pitbull With Their Son's Tattoo On His Arms
Barbara Alba’s Ex-boyfriend Pitbull With Their Son’s Tattoo On His Arms.

Like any mother, she shares a great relationship with her children and the star kids seem to be enjoying life as well. However, she has barely made public appearances with them.

Child Support

After the split from the rapper, Barbara reportedly received $3000 per month in child support. However, she eventually requested increased child support based on Pitbull’s lifestyle, along with shared parental responsibility, and a proper parenting plan.

Further, she also requested in the settlement files for a house in a gated community. Well, the final judgment of the paternity was made around July 18, 2011, however, the details have not been made public for privacy reasons.

Barbara Alba Relationship Status In 2023

Well, there are several speculations regarding Alba’s relationship status at present. Is she married to a husband? It looks like she is not married in 2023.

But what about a boyfriend? Unfortunately, since she split from Pitbull, she has kept herself completely away from the spotlight. There are no updates on whether she is dating a boyfriend. Considering her age, there are high possibilities that she could be dating. But nothing can be confirmed until makes a statement on the matter.

Her Ex-partner Is Not Only a Rapper But An Actor As Well

Barbara’s ex-partner Pitbull is not only a successful rapper but also an actor. Talking about his musical career, he released his first studio album M.I.A.M.I. Following its success, he came up with his second album El Mariel in 2006.

Over the years, he has released numerous successful albums like Armando, Planet Pit, Globalization, Dale, & Others. Besides acting, he has also been a part of several movies and TV series like Blood Money, UglyDolls, When I Was 17, Shark Tank, & others.

Barbara Alba Is Not On Social Media

While most celebrities enjoy being on social media platforms, Barbara seems to be the opposite. Unlike most of the other famous people, she is not on any social, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform.

Apparently, she does not enjoy the attention and rather prefers to keep things to herself.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

She has a net worth of $1 million. As an ex-girlfriend and mother to the child of a famous rapper like Pitbull, she is doing pretty well financially. She reportedly received a good amount of child support from her partner and has a proper house to live in as well. However, she has not revealed the exact sum of her neet worth.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend Pitbull has a net worth of over $100 million as of 2023