Who Is Bob Menery? His Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, & More

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Who Is Bob Menery? His Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, & More
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Bob Menery is a well-known sportscaster and Instagram comic who gained repute for his sportscasts and internet-famous comedic parodies. Menery is also the host of Zapped and the Ripper Magoos Podcasts. He was additionally an anchor for ESPN’s Sports Center. Bob has over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and a little more than 3 million followers on Instagram. His podcast series is often talked about alongside other world’s best talk shows. Menery recently was one of the members of the pranks, cranks, and Youtube fun guru group called Full Send podcast.

In fact, his launching of the Full Send Podcast with the Nelk Boys absolutely turned down the podcasting universe upside-down. For years, Menery has been one of the recognizable names on social media. He is often noticed for his unpredictability with his choice of words, his sportscasting routines, play-by-play parodies, and other funny videos. He is known for different roles; some recognize him as the voice of Buffalo Wild Wings, the funny commentator, and others.

Menery regardless has quite a powerful story to tell; one that might inspire people who are on the brink of giving up. The guy seems to have endured it all; from being broke-ass jobless to overnight success; literally. But he was a man who was holding his shot at overnight success in the palm of his hands. The Instagram star and comedian has had a haphazard way to popularity. Take an in-depth look at his overall life; from having no money to homelessness, struggle with drugs and hallucinations to becoming one of the noted Instagram influencers and showrunner. Also read who is his girlfriend, his past relationships, and even the approximation of his richness.

Bob Menery Grew Up In A Lower Middle-Class Neighborhood In Massachusetts 

Menery is the youngest of three children of Mark and Patty Menery. The man with the golden voice Bob Menery was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on June 10, 1987.

Bob Menery as a teenager.
Massachusetts-born ex-ESPN sportscaster, Bob Menery as a teenager.

His parents raised him and his siblings in a lower-middle-class neighborhood. Menery’s father was an insurance salesman.

The wings lover once revealed his father always stressed to him that the most important thing is to get up early, be the first one to enter, and the last one to leave.

Menery Studied At A Catholic School 

When he was still young, Menenry’s family relocated to North Andover when. And for the next nine years, the Massachusetts native would study at St. Micahel’s Catholic School. There he reportedly had occasional run-in with a nun.

Bob Menery as a child with his parents, Mark and Patty.
Menery, as a boy, with his father, Mark, And Patty.

During school, he also spent most of his time in detention. After Catholic school, Bob went to study at North Andover High School.

In high school, he was very much into sports.

How Did Bob Menery Start His Commentator Career?

Bob developed his skill of commentary after the ’04 series particularly when the Sox won the World Series. That season, he would turn down the original commentary of the games and throw his own whilst his friends would listen.

He always had a knack for entertaining people. Due to his love for performing, at 23, Bob moved to New York and there he joined a film school; though it is unclear whether it was a college or just an institution or if he ever graduated. Though it is presumed he also studied at the University of North Carolina.

Following that, the beer enthusiasts shifted to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. However, during his time on the west coast, he got into the habit of partying obsessively.

In the meantime, he started to work as a golf caddy.

Menery Went Broke And Slept In His Car At The Beginning Of His Career 

Menery was still working as a Caddy when, at one time, he overdraft his account by $700. He soon had no place to live after which he started living in his car and would reside in it for about three months.

During this time, he also became a drug addict. Apparently part of the reason Bob succumbed to cocaine addiction was that he had built up a strong work ethic during his time as a golf caddy. The Ripper Magoos podcast host says he was discouraged back then.

The investor in NASCAR projects and a podcast host, Bob Menery.
Lawrence-born sportscaster, Bob Menery.

At one point when Bob was living in his car, he took crystal meth the resulting effect of which made him wander the CVS gas station at night like a mad man.

Soon the police came and escorted him to the hospital and after that, Menery went to his family. Some days later, Bob’s brother-in-law contacted him after which they were headed to a nearby liquor store for a job for the future voiceover sportscaster.

En route, Menery’s brother-in-law informed him about how his rapper and Youtube friend, Mike Constantino looking for an extra to appear in one of his music videos.

The Party That Changed Bob Menery’s Life 

Menery accepted the aforesaid Mike’s video offer and he did the shoot, however, he had to attend the after-party that night at Mike’s house. Among the guests was David Justin, a crypto expert and also a commentator.

Justin happened to meet Bob on the couch and upon hearing him talk, the analyst was impressed. He shortly pulled out his phone and started recording Menery and later Justin uploaded the archive to BroBible.

And before Menery knew it he had already gone viral. By 2 am, the night Justin had aired Bob’s recording, the ex-ESPN senior host had received 10,000 followers and some 300 missed calls.

Menery however couldn’t attend the calls as he was exhausted from the party and Mike’s shoot.

The next morning, it was like, ‘What the fuck’s going on here? Who died? Did I get the job at Larry’s? What’s going on?’ And I witnessed firsthand what it’s like to go viral in an instant.”

said the Sports Center host whilst talking about that particular moment with Ed Mylett in Sep 2020.

The Aftermath For Bob After Going Viral In One Night; ESPN, Full Send, The Nelk Boys,… 

After going viral, Bob would do his schtick with big names like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Sunday Night Football. He soon became the senior anchor for ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Bob, who celebrates his birthday on June 10th, next landed an official voice-over spokesperson for some national wings and beer chain brands. Sometime afterward, he and the fellow Youtubers team, the Nelk Boys would lunch their hit podcast; a collaboration, Full Send in Aug 2021.

Menery had become a member of the Full Send podcast through his friendship with UFC boss, Dana White, and YouTuber The Nelk Boys. The podcast would become a hit surpassing over one and a half mill subs and interviewing guests such as Donald Trump, Shaq, Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and many more.

He however was let go of the Nelk Boys squad and Full Send podcast in the summer of 2022.

It clearly never came to light whether he was fired or the now 35-year-old quit himself or why did the partnership break up in the first place. But there nonetheless were several speculations.

After Full Send Podcast terminated his contract, Menery announced he was going to launch Ripper Magoos. He at the time also mentioned his upcoming merch.

The bully hater likewise talked about then-impending seltzer – his venture into an energy drink. He though said that it wasn’t going to be alcoholic. Now for the podcast, he is more focused on Ripper Magoo and Zapped; the former, which is live on Apple.

Bob Menery Relationships; Who Is His Girlfriend?

Menery is currently in a relationship with Summer Sheekey, a fellow Instagram star, Youtuber, and beauty vlogger.

The relationship apparently is quite serious. Bob on March 12, 2022, through his Instagram, mentioned that he might marry Sheekey. Though there hasn’t been any news of the 35-year-old bending the knee let alone the alert of wedding bells.

35 years old Bob Menery with his girlfriend and beauty vlogger and YouTuber, Summer Sheekey
Ripper Magoos Podcasts host, Bob Menery with his partner and model and YouTuber, Summer Sheekey. Instagram

The one who always likes to be an underdog has stated that despite their differences and mistakes they are unable to keep each other away for long.

Menery’s partner, Sheekey is also Youtuber who started her channel in March 2013 and so far has close to half a million subs. She is a New Jerseyan and currently resides in LA with her NASCAR fanatic boyfriend.

Summer also posts health-related vlogs and apparently is also a filmmaker. Sheekey additionally posts about makeup tutorials and fashion shorts.

Bob is Sheekey’s eight years senior. Before, Sheekey, Menery was in a relationship with Katie Kearney, a golf host, and reporter and a graduate of Saint Louis University with a degree in Journalism.

The sports reporter first announced his relationship with Kearney in 2019. It, however, is a mystery when and why Bob and Kearney broke up.

Is Bob A Millionaire; What Is His Net Worth?

Although a rock-solid quotation of his net worth is still missing, Bob, by and large, has been a millionaire for a couple of years with the money for the ex-golf cady coming in from Youtube to merchandise, brand promotions, and of course the podcasts’ fame.

Also, his brand just doesn’t limit to his job as a voiceover sportscaster. In fact, he has stated there’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes. He apparently also benefits from his arena Football team, the Zappers. Then there’s his habit of sponsoring cars in NASCAR in addition to striving to become a professional driver on the racetrack.

Whatever the modes of income, Bob always has had the ability to make some good cash off of each one of them. Ironically he has stated that he doesn’t care about fame or money and for him, it’s all about the game.

Menery, nonetheless, has been reported to be worth anywhere from $6 to $10 million.

Bob Menery Other Facts

Back in April 2022, some people accused him of intentionally setting up an off-the-ring brawl between UFC fighter, Colby Covington and his rival, Jorge Masvidal.

His followers once crashed the PGA website. He once also partnered up with Boston vs Bullies to help raise money to send athletes to schools and educate youngsters about the bullies.


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