Who Is Carole Hoff? Untold Details On John Wayne Gacy’s Second Ex-Wife

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Who Is Carole Hoff? Untold Details On John Wayne Gacy’s Second Ex-Wife
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Carole Hoff is recognized as the second ex-wife of the late serial killer John Wayne Gacy who was famously known as “Killer Clown.” Her ex-husband, John raped, tortured, and murdered 33 young boys and men. After Gacy was found guilty of all of his dreadful crimes, the notorious killer was executed at the age of 52.

Besides, moving into Hoff and her late hubby John’s marriage, they married for about four years before their separation. Besides, did you know both the ex-duo was married to different people in the past? So, let’s find out who were Carole and her ex-hubby John’s former partners. Did the ex-couple share a child together?

Well, here are several unknown details about John Wayne Gacy’s ex-wife Carole. Let’s have a look!

Who is Carole Hoff? Details On John Wayne Gacy’s Ex-Wife  

Carole is in the spotlight due to her now-late ex-husband John’s wrongdoing. Apart from being John’s ex-wife, there are no other personal details about Hoff are available in the media, especially about her early life and date of birth.

Though her exact birth figure is still unknown, it is believed Carole is probably in her late 70s as of 2022. Besides, Hoff is American by nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity.

On the other hand, her late ex-partner, John was born in 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, US.

Her Former Husband Gacy Was Physically Abused By His Own Father As a Child

Carole’s ex-husband Gacy had a troubled childhood because of his father’s abusive behavior. At the hands of his alcoholic father, Gacy spent all of his childhood in fear. All his early age, John grew up with the memories of his father beating him up with a leather belt, even for a simple mistake.

Not only physical abuse but Gacy went through verbal abuse from his father too. His daddy insulted him several times calling him dumb and stupid and also compared him unfavorably with his sisters.

In addition, John also had heart issues and was once sexually molested by a family friend and contractor which he swallowed silently. Amidst all these physical and mental abuses, Hoff’s second husband, Gacy really grew up strange and later evolved as America’s notorious killer and abuser.

What Does Carole Hoff Do For A Living?

As we said earlier, Hoff came to the limelight only after her marital relationship with serial killer John Gacy. So, most of her life, especially her professional details are something to wonder about.

Carole Hoff is in limelight as a serial killer's wife
Carole Hoff Gacy

But, Carole’s then-husband John, before dabbling into the crime world, was a career-oriented and ambitious person. He was a real go-getter. Before his arrest, Gacy had already served in a position of a salesperson, manager, and vice-president in several working places like a Shoe Company, a clothing store, and KFC.

Carole Hoff Is John Wayne Gacy’s Second Ex-Wife: How Did They Meet?

On July 1, 1972, Carole got married to her husband John Wayne Gacy in an intimate wedding ceremony. After their wedding, a newlywed couple started living in the ranch house which John bought near the village of Norridge, Cook County, a part of metropolitan Chicago.

Carole Hoff was married to John for four years
Carole Hoff with her husband John Wayne Gacy

The couple knew each other from a very young age. Actually, Carole was a friend to Gacy’s sister Karen and being sister’s friend, John and Hoff knew each other when they were teens. When Carole was just 16 years old, she even went on a date with John. But, a few years after their romance, the two separated and both of them later got married to different people.

But at the end of 1971, Carole separated from her first husband. And after her split from her first spouse, she along with her two daughters visited Gacy and his mother. At the time, both the mother and son duo was really kind to Carole and her daughters. Gradually, Carole again began her relationship with her childhood boyfriend John, and got married.

Carole’s Husband, Gacy Revealed Being Bisexual In Front Of Her Before Their Marriage

After her separation from her first husband, Carole got great support from Gacy and his mother. They became like a pillar to her while she was raising her two daughters as a single mother. By this time, it was actually Gacy’s mom who made a move for Carole and Gacy’s marriage.

As said earlier, a couple of days before their wedding, Gacy had told Carole about him being bisexual but she ignored taking it as a joke.

Why Did Carole And John Separate? Was It Due To John’s Sexuality?

Carole, during her marriage with her spouse John didn’t get everything that a wife expects from her husband either emotionally or physically. She said they barely had a physical relationship after their marriage and her then-spouse was sexually dysfunctional with women.

As a matter of fact, John was more interested in men and had zero attraction to his wife. Most of the time, he used to spend his days and nights outside the home.

Gradually, Carole started noticing something strange surrounding the house and in the behavior of her now-late ex-partner. She once told in an interview that while she was living together with John, she several times found wallets that apparently belonged to teenage boys in his car. Regarding this, whenever she tried to ask, her husband used to explode in anger. She stated,

“He would throw furniture, “He broke a lot of my furniture. I think now, if there were murders, some must have taken place when I was in that house.”

Amidst all these happenings, Carole asked for a divorce from her husband, citing Gacy’s infidelity with women. They later separated with mutual consent and their divorce was finalized in March 1976, 4 years after their marriage.

Both Husband-Wife Were Married Before 

Before tieing the knot with John, Carole was married to her first husband whose name is not known yet. Like Carole, her second spouse John was also previously married to his first wife named Marlynn Myers whose father purchased three KFC restaurants in Waterloo, Iowa in which John even served as a manager.

From his marriage with Myers, the notorious killer also shared two kids, a son Michael Gacy and a daughter Christine Gacy.

Carole’s Ex-Husband John Was A Notorious Serial Killer

Throughout his crime spree, John killed at least 33 men and teenage boys. Before marrying Carole, John already had a criminal record. Police arrested him in charge of the sexual assault of a 15-year-old boy. In the crime of assaulting a teenage boy, John was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment. But by luck, the court later granted him parole. And then, he returned to Chicago where he met his future wife Hoff.

Before marrying her, he had already killed a boy and buried him at the premises of the house where the couple were living. Since 1972, John was active in murdering and molesting boys. While police extensively searched his home and surrounding, they found several dead bodies buried there.

For his notorious crime, the jury sentenced him to death on March 13, 1980. He was on death row and finally, John was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.

Carole Hoff Is A Mother Of Two Daughters

The serial killer’s second wife Hoff is the mother of two daughters. As per reports, their name is April and Tammy. They were her daughters from her previous marriage.

Carole Hoff is a mother
Carole Hoff with her two Daughters and second husband

After her marriage with John, her second spouse also accepted these two little girls and moved into his house together. But, they didn’t share any kids of their own.

Is Hoff Still Alive In 2022?

After her criminal husband was captured and sentenced to death, Carole Hoff appeared a couple of times for an exclusive talk in the media. Hoff even was featured in some of the documentaries related to John’s life and crime.

Aside from that, Hoff has never been caught by the media. So, her current status is completely unknown. All we can say is she is probably living in her old age somewhere in her native land until no news regarding her death surfaced in media outlets.

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