Who Is Christie Mac Campo? Know All About Bobby Campo’s Wife

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Who Is Christie Mac Campo? Know All About Bobby Campo’s Wife
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Christie Mac Campo is reportedly a model & hairstylist by profession. But she is most recognized as the wife of American actor Bobby Campo, who is famous for his work in horror movies like Scream, Seance, & more. Christie and Bobby are married for a while now and seem going really great as a couple.

Well, do they have any kids from their marriage? How is their relationship as a couple? Here is a biography with details on her career, age, and also her love life.

Let’s zoom on.

Christie Mac Campo Is a Model & Blogger

There is very little known about Christie. But if sources are to be believed, she is a model by profession. While she still pursues her modeling career, she is not as active at present. At present, she leads a very successful career as a hairstylist and a blogger.

Well, despite being in the modeling industry, she has maintained a decent gap in her personal and professional life. In fact, she barely talks about her personal life in the media.

What Is Cristie’s Age?

Unlike other celebrities, Christie has not shared much about her birth details. But it looks like she was born in the early 80s. Thus as of 2022, she must be in her late 30s.

Christie Mac Campo Is Married To Husband Bobby Campo

As we have already mentioned above, Christie is mostly recognized in the media for her marriage. She is married to the successful actor Bobby Campo. She married her now-husband in a private ceremony in Venice Beach, California in 2015.

However, they kept their wedding a secret until Bobby took to Twitter to announce their marriage on 8th March 2016. Well, it’s been around five years since their wedding and they still seem pretty much in love.

Moreover, Christie has shared a few beautiful pictures of themselves together on her now-inactive Instagram.

Christie Mac Campo with husband Bobby Campo
Christie Mac Campo with husband Bobby Campo

They indeed look perfect as a married couple.

How Did Christie Mac Meet Her Husband?

As per the sources, she met Bobby, back in December 2013, at a restaurant. Well, as fate had it, they soon clicked and began dating. In no time, their romance soon turned into a marital relationship.

Does She Have Children?

Though she is married for around five years, it looks like she has not welcomed any children yet. Well, it is highly possible that they are planning to have one very soon.

Like any fan, we would definitely like to see the couple welcome their new ones.

Christie Mac Campo’s Husband Bobby Gay Rumors

Not long ago, Mac’s husband Bobby had to face some gay rumors about him. The rumors began after he kissed his co-star Finn Wittrock in the TV series Masters of Sex, which premiered back in 2013. All thanks to his convincing portrayal of the character.

Christie married her boyfriend Bobby Campo in 2015
Christie married her boyfriend Bobby Campo in 2015

The rumors of him being gay continued for a while and finally ended after Campo revealed that he was a happily married man o his social.

Her Spouse Is a Successful Actor

Christie Mac’s boyfriend turned husband Bobby is a successful actor. He began his career in 2005, appearing in the TV series Vampire Bats as Don. He made his film debut the following year with a role of a character named Yentle in the film 99. 

So far, he has appeared in dozens of movies and TV, and he is most known for his work as Nick O’Bannon in the horror film The Final Destination. He was also appreciated for his work in the series Scream, where she played Seth Bransonin 11 episodes from 2015 to 2016.

American actor Bobby Campo
American actor Bobby Campo

Some of his other works include Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Love’s Christmas Journey, Criminal Minds, Mental, General Education, and Unbroken: Path to Redemption, to name a few.

Christie Is Not On Social Media

It is very unusual for a celebrity wife, but Christie is not officially on any social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, she was active on Instagram in the past as @christiemaccampo.

It looks like she doesn’t enjoy being on social as much at present.

Net Worth

Christie Mac Campo definitely enjoys a luxurious life at present. But when it comes to the net worth she owns, she has not officially revealed it so far. But as a model and a hairstylist, monthly revenue of $100,000 is pretty obvious.

Similarly, her boyfriend turned husband Bobby is also assumed to have a few million followers in net worth. But the exact sum is yet to be revealed.