Who Is Cynthia Lopez? Here’s Everything About Teofimo Lopez’s Wife

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Cynthia Lopez is the wife of Teofimo Lopez, an American professional boxer. Her husband Teofimo is a former unified lightweight world champion. Besides all of her husband’s popularity, Cynthia herself has her identity as an air hostess at Delta Airlines. She, even being the wife of such a renowned boxer, prefers to live an independent life.

So, does that mean Cynthia still works as a flight attendant? How did Lopez first meet her husband? What about her children? Today, in this article, you will find all the answers to your questions. Let’s take a closer look!

Profile Summary

Full NameCynthia Lopez
Date of BirthJune 21, 1992
Age31 (As of 2023)
ProfessionAir Hostess
HusbandTeofimo Lopez
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorDark Brown

Teofimo’s Wife Cynthia Lopez Just Steps In Her 30s 

Cynthia was born on the 21st of June, 1992 which made her 31 years old by 2023. She originally belong to Nicaragua, the largest country in the Central American Isthmus. Apart from these, there is no more information available on Cynthia’s early life and family.

Cynthia Lopez
Cynthia Lopez is in her 30s

On the other hand, her famous husband Teofimo Lopez was born on July 30, 1997, at the former NYU Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. His parents were Honduran immigrants. Besides, Cynthia belongs to the White ethnicity and holds American nationality

She is an Airhostess By Profession 

Talking about her profession, Cynthia is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. The date of her enrollment as an employee in Delta is not known precisely, but certainly, she has been working there as an air hostess since 2018.

Besides her work, she is also involved in some social work. Her husband once mentioned that she likes to involve in volunteering activities. In this regard, her spouse said,

“Each June, Cynthia would make sure she took time off to volunteer in Seattle for Camp to Belong, a non-profit organization dedicated to reuniting brothers and sisters who have become separated in foster care through a week of camp in the summer and other events throughout the year.”

Cynthia Lopez Is Married To Boxer Teofimo: Their First Meeting

Lopez got married to her boxer husband on April 23, 2019. Before marriage, the duo was in a romantic relationship for one year. But, how did an Airhostess meet a boxing champion as a life partner?

Cynthia Lopez is married to boxer
Lopez on her marriage day

Actually, in the year 2018, her spouse Teofimo was flying to Las Vegas from New York City on Delta Airlines where Cynthia was working as a flight attendant. They came across each other in the airspace and instantly the boxing champion fell in love with Cynthia. He once said in an interview,

“I went back to talk to her and asked her for some water, “I told her I fought on Saturday. Every guy on the plane was looking at her.”

Teofimo further said,

“Even though I’d just met her we had that connection like we had known each other for ever. I’m in the back of the galley and I’m smooth-talking her and trying to find my way to get her number and a date.”

Later, Teofimo succeeded in making a good impression on Cynthia and eventually proposed to her which resulted in their togetherness as a happily married couple since 2019.

Cynthia And Her Newlywed Husband Went To Greece for their Honeymoon

After getting married, Cynthia with her better half moved to Greece to celebrate their honeymoon. On July 28, 2019, her partner shared a beautiful post of their vacation on his Instagram with a caption,

“Our Journey this far has been one of a lifetime ♥️🏛 #TravelingWithMyBestFriend”

They are leading a happy married life ever since.

Lopez Is A Constant Supporter In Her Husband’s Highs and Lows

Lopez’s husband suffers from anxiety due to which he gets panic attacks frequently. During the time when the couple was on the way back to their home from the honeymoon, her spouse got a panic attack but she stood strong by his side. Regarding his anxiety, Teofimo once said,

“It’s been a rollercoaster ride,“I’m still developing and lots of stuff came to me so quickly. It’s all about trying to love yourself more because I had to find a way to get out of those dark times.

Through his tough days, Cynthia has always been there for her spouse. What’s more, she even persuaded him to join a counseling session and as a result, he is much in a better place now. For this, he told, “I’m just happy now. I have someone who really cares about me and is there for me.”

Cynthia Is A Mother Of A Baby Boy

In September 2021, Cynthia was seen showing her baby bump standing aside from her husband on his Instagram. So, at the time, the beautiful couple announced that they are expecting a son as their first child.

Cynthia Lopez
Cynthia Lopez with her husband Teofimo

After 2 months, on November 1st, her husband Teofimo announced the arrival date of their son on his Twitter,

‘So close to carrying my baby boy! My champion, my king! #LegacyContinues This is the month’

And finally, on November 16, 2021, Cynthia gave birth to a junior Lopez.

Is Lopez Active On Instagram? Her Presence on Other Social Sites

Currently, Lopez is not on Instagram but she used to have her Insta account in the past. Further, Teofimo’s wife Lopez is neither on Facebook nor on Twitter.

On the other hand, her husband Teofimo is on Instagram under the username @teofimolopez.

Cynthia Lopez’s Net Worth

Teofimo’s wife, Cynthia is an independent and working lady. She is an air hostess at Delta Airlines. So undoubtedly, the celebrity spouse has her own income sources and her fortune is $500,000.

On the other side, her famous husband, Teofimo Lopez has a net worth of $3 million.

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