Who Is David Janet? His Marriage With Rubin, Career, Net Worth, & More

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Who Is David Janet? His Marriage With Rubin, Career, Net Worth, & More
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David Janet is an executive producer of The Rubin Report, a political news talk show hosted by Dave Rubin, airing on BlazeTV and YouTube. It is one of the largest talk shows about free speech and big ideas on YouTube. Janet’s more famous husband Dave Rubin runs the show where he interviews authors, activists, journalists, comedians, actors, and professors.

David is also an activist for the gay rights movement. He has been on executive-level business for over decades in addition to owning a cooking site.

Know all about his relationship with the political commentator, YouTube personality, talk show host, and author, Dave Rubin; how they meet each other as well as a bit more about the solo life of David Janet.

David Janet Is A Jewish 

Rubin’s husband, David was born in 1988 on June 20. He grew up following the Jewish faith along with one brother and one sister.

Janet studied at the Pennsylvania State University (2006-2010), the College of Communications where he pursued public relations, and liberal arts.

David Janet, while at college, was a Dean List student.
Dave Rubin’s husband David Janet (right) grew up Jewish and is a former student of Pennsylvania University. Source: Instagram

While at college, he was also a member of the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON). Rubin’s partner additionally was in Dean List from Fall 2007-Spring 2010

In 2009, David studied Spanish language and International Business at the Universitat d’Alacant.

David Janet Has Been Working At The Executive Level Since 2010 

The California resident has an impressive LinkedIn.

Even before graduating high school, David was an administrative assistant and receptionist at Aronson & Company. He was then public relations intern at PGA Nationwide Tournament and Melwood Open.

In the early 2010s, he worked as an exec producer at Sirius XM Radio Inc, New York. In fact, it was where his show-producing career began.

He left Sirius in Dec 2012 and headed to Los Angeles to work for TYT Network again as an executive producer. He has served a similar role at RYOT, a Verizon Media’s Emmy Award®-winning content studio, and also at Ora TV.

Janet has been the chief operating officer of The Rubin Report since Feb 2013.

Some even believe he, apparently is the ‘brains’ behind his husband’s whole show business.

The CEO also runs his own cooking blog, David’s Cook Book.

David And His Husband Dave Rubin Have Been Together For Over 11 Years 

He got engaged to the Rubin Report host in December 2014. The couple married in 2015 under a huppah.

In Dec 2014, David’s partner spoke at length about their engagement in one of the installments of The Rubin Report.

While talking with writer-performer Kelly Carlin, Rubin revealed he proposed to Janet during a Fleetwood Mac concert in Los Angeles in early December.

Dave Rubin says he proposed David Janet during Fleetwood Mac Concert in December 2014.
The Rubin Report host, Dave Rubin, and his partner, David Janet got engaged in Dec 2014 and married each other in 2015.

The comedian and media personality waited until the band performed Dreams. The piece is Janet’s favorite.

Rubin describes the proposal as a “sign of the times.”

The couple resides in Los Angeles with their rescue dog, Clyde.

They Met Each Other At A Gay Pride

David met his husband Rubin on his birthday, June 26, 2009. They were both at gay pride in New York. Rubin says he was at Cowgirl in the West Village promoting his radio show and doing a meet and greet in the back. He noticed the Pennsylvania University student immediately.

Janet had come in wearing an American flag tank top. His political host husband says it was meant to be.

“We hit it off right away and were friends for years. We like the same stuff: He’s a great chef, we like to host dinner parties, walk our dog, eat.”

Rubin states he decided to get married to David as for him, he turned out to be someone with whom he wanted to build something better; someone with whom he thought could build something sustainable over time. Janet’s partner believes for him and his husband the urge to have all in the with multiple partners had long gone away.

Rubin and his partner also believe that while their life is not for everybody, it’s a great example of why [gays] want equality.

David And Rubin Lost Their Child 

In Feb 2021, Janet’s husband publicly announced through his Twitter that they lost their attempt to have a child through surrogacy due to a miscarriage.

Rubin’s sister had offered him and his husband to serve as the substitute.

The comedian/political commentator reported despite the eggs and sperm being healthy, his sister ended up losing the baby. The biological mother was pregnant for a certain time.

Dave though said that they had gotten a new egg donor post the failure and themselves had plenty of sperm.

As per the reports, however, the couple is now giving the original surrogate mother some time to heal. Allegedly, Janet and his husband spent over $150,000 during their first try.

David Janet Net Worth

For some time, it has been pretty crystal that David’s spouse, Rubin is a multimillionaire celebrity. The likewise facts get vague when the focus turns to Janet, himself. While the Golden State citizen is a man who has long and strong credentials, the mentioning of his financial gains has hardly been in any discussions.

David Janet and Dave Rubin met during a gay pride in June 2010.
David Janet is the CEO of his husband’s show, The Rubin Report. Source: Instagram

Janet, in any case, could very well be a person who has wealth in the ballpark of seven figures. As such, he and his longtime partner on a few past occasions made headlines for dealing with the properties over millions of dollars.

In 2020, the couple paid $5.2 million for the contemporary estate in L.A.’s posh Encino neighborhood. A year later they listed the same resident for nearly $6.4 million price tag.


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