Who Is Desmond Scott? Everything About Kristy Scott’s Husband

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Who Is Desmond Scott? Everything About Kristy Scott’s Husband
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Desmond Scott is famous as the husband of the social media personality-cum-content creator, Kristy Scott. He and his wife run a YouTube channel, The Scotts, and also have a massive fan following on TikTok.

So, the question left to answer is – who is Kristy Scott’s hubby, Desmond Scott? Does he have a life outside of the fame and fortune that follows his better half? In this article, we will talk about facts about the life of the celebrity spouse. Therefore, without delay, let’s dig in!

Profile Summary: 

NameDesmond Scott
Date of Birth10th January 1994
Place of BirthTexas
Age29 years
SpouseKristy Sarah Scott
ChildrenVence Scott, Westin Scott
Known forCelebrity Spouse/Social Media Personality
Net WorthNot Specified

Desmond Scott Is 29 Years Old

Scott was born on 10th January 1994. Recently, in the January of 2023, he celebrated his 29th birthday, alongside his wife and kids.

Talking about his early family life, Kristy’s hubby has always lived a life off the radar. Despite being known as a media personality today, he has never once talked about his parents or other family members in public. Thus, legitimate information on what Desmond’s parents’ names are or where they form is under wraps to this date and hard to dig out.

On the contrary, sources have claimed that he met the love of his life in high school. To further elaborate on this, Mrs. Scott went to a private school in Texas. So, it is obvious that her present partner also studied in the same school as well. In addition to this, we also believe that he is a Texas native just like his wife. Hence, there is a high possibility of his parents being Texans, who might still live in his childhood home.

Desmond Scott Is Famous On Social Media Platforms

Since his wife Kristy is the more famous one, we are bound to believe that Scott came into the limelight just because of her. This might be true to some extent. However, the duo runs all of their ventures together in the current day and age. Furthermore, they co-own their YouTube channel, post videos on TikTok together, and also have a well-coordinated Instagram account.

The couple from @itsthescotts
The dashing couple – Kristy Sarah and her life partner

Nonetheless, even if he first stepped into a life full of fame because of his wife, the 29-year-old has become a social media personality himself. As of 2023, he seems to be fully devoted to the content creation his better half does.

Kristy’s Hubby Is A Chef

In addition to being a social media star, Sarah Scott’s spouse Desmond is a chef as well. Kristy often posts videos of her hubby making yummy food and serving her. Time and again, she also mentions how her partner is a “professional chef”.

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A post shared by Kristy Sarah (@kristy.sarah)

In that bargain, the pair’s videos with the title, “A normal day as a wife to a chef” is quite famous among their fans. In those clips, we can clearly see Desmond bringing much delicious food to his wife that he made by himself. Even more so, we can also clearly see how he often serves her breakfast in bed and fulfills all her cravings.

It seems the content creator is indeed a very lucky girl. Her partner is one of a kind and the type of man many women long for.

Everything There Is To Know About @itsthescotts Couple

As mentioned above, Kristy met her present partner Desmond Scott during high school. So, you know what this means, right? Yes, they are in fact, high school sweethearts. Like any other modern-day love story, the relationship between the two love birds began with constant texting.

Best friends turned lovers
The lovely couple at the Eifel Tower together

Soon enough, they started to meet in person and fell in love. Subsequently, after 4 years of being in each other’s lives, Desmond asked his partner to marry him. Thus, on 8th February 2014, they got engaged!

For the next 6 months, Mr. and Mrs. Scott spent time planning their wonderful wedding. Finally, on 10th August 2014, the couple vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. As of 2022, they have been married for 8 years; in 2023, they will be celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary.

If we take a careful look at their relationship, Desmond and Kristy seem to have found a best friend in each other. In addition to all the silliness, the pair love each other with all their hearts – that counts the most in a successful marriage.

Desmond Scott Is A Dad To His 2 Sons

If you follow The Scotts channel, you’ll definitely know that Mr. and Mrs. Scott are the parents of two wonderful baby boys. Vence Scott and Westin Scott are the social media stars’ sons. They often make an appearance in the videos posted by their mom and dad on YouTube and other media platforms.

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A post shared by Kristy Sarah (@kristy.sarah)

Among the two, Vence is the older one born in October 2018. On the other hand, their youngest son, Westin was born in November 2019. Both of Sarah’s pregnancy was announced by the social media influencer herself on her Instagram.

The Chef’s Net Worth

As a professional chef-cum-social media star, Desmond is speculated to earn around $41,000 a year. However, because of his secret/not-so-secret lifestyle, we cannot confirm what his actual net worth might be. Additionally, his wife is worth $1.5 million.


Why is Desmond Scott so famous?

He is famous as the partner of the social media personality, Kristy Scott. Together, he and his wife run their own YouTube channel.

Does Kristy’s husband have an Instagram account?

No, he does not have an Instagram account of his own.

Is “The Scotts” husband also a professional chef?

Yes, “The Scotts” husband is a professional chef.

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