Who Is Jenny Popach? Everything About The TikTok Star

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Jenny Popach, real name Roselie Arritola is a 15-year-old TikTok star who has over 6 million followers and close to 500million likes. She is also equally popular on Instagram with close to 300k followers. She has also been famous for having collaborated with houses like Goat Fam and Piper Squad.

Back in the summer of 2020, Popach garnered quite a magnitude of attention for allegedly breaching one of the houses of famous Tiktokers. Included in the whole debacle was her mother as well.

But who exactly is Popach and how did she rise to prominence in the first place? Here’s everything to know about Roselie Arritola, aka Jenny Popach. Start from her early life, the trespassing story of Popach and her mother, and further.

Jenny Popach Is From Florida 

Popach is a native of Florida who was born in Nov 2006. She is the daughter of Maria Ulacia, also a fairly active and known TikToker in her own right with sizeable followers on the platform.

Florida native TikToker with over 6million followers, Jenny Popach.
Jenny Popach, real name, Roselie Arritola, a Florida native TikTok star.

Popach’s mother, Maria often posts videos with her daughter and husband (also Popach’s father), as well as her sons.

While she doesn’t have any sisters, Jenny apparently does have a few brothers though it is unclear who is the oldest of all the siblings. Further in Jan 2022, Arritola, on her Instagram, posted a picture of herself with a baby saying he was her baby brother. It, however, is unclear whether the baby was the biological child of her father and mother.

Arritola and her family typically split their time between Miami and LA.

How Did Jenny Popach Get Famous?

Much like any other teenager, Popach started gaining ground via uploading her dance skills on TikTok. She uploaded her first ever video on the platform in May 2019.

Ever since then, she has been occasionally featuring her mom and dad in the video as well.

Did Popach Really Break Into Hype House? 

Back in June 2020, Roselie and her mom, Maria went viral when they allegedly snuck into the old Hype House and filmed multiple videos in the space. Though all the videos have since disappeared.

The barge reportedly took place after the Hype House had moved out of their original mansion for some new digs.

15 years old TikTok star, Jenny Popach with her mother and manager, Maria Ulacia.
Alleged Hyp House intruder Jenny Popach with her mother, Maria Ulacia.

TikTok’s most popular star Charli D’Amelio used to be a member of the group. Many influential users, however, still remain, including the group’s co-founder, Chase “Lil Huddy” Hudson.

Popach, her mom, and some of her girlfriends filmed some TikToks exploring the house and trying on some of Chase Hudson’s clothes. In the now-deleted videos, one could have seen a group of girls playing around in the mostly empty Hype House.

One of the videos showed Maria going through some of the stuff that was left at the House. The things that they filmed include a signed pink helmet, a list of names on a whiteboard, and what looks to be a to-do list.

What Other Things Did They Do While On The Hype House?

Whilst filming one of the videos, Maria said they were going to start a “Junior Hype House” there.

In the same footage, she also suggested to the viewers to stay tuned and promised it was going to be amazing.

“We’re going to have amazing content in the house and yes we have all the great memories of the OG Hype House.”

In another deleted-TikTok video, Maria and the girls danced in the famous Hype House bathroom. The mother can also be seen presumably wearing Chase Hudson’s signature skeleton jacket. Another likewise footage shows one of the girls in what looks to be one of Avani Gregg’s hats.

After The Breaking In, Hype House Members Called Out Jenny Popach And Her Mother 

After Popach and her mother’s incident at the Hype House, some of the House members and their fans with disgust called out the girls and the mom for trespassing and going through their things.

The ones who initially were vocal were Chase Hudson and Avani Gregg. Hudson took his aversion to Twitter where he wrote,

“So today I woke up, checked TikTok, and saw that a few girls along with their MOTHER broke into our old house, and also took MY clothes.”

The members of the Hype House were very mad about the situation.

What’s more, Avani Gregg even threatened legal action but it is unclear if she ever moved with it. It initially was another Hype House member, Kouvr Annon who first came to know about the barge in.

She had decided to do a drop-in at the house and after having a look at it, she and the rest of the rental’s former tenants realized how serious the breach had been. When Annon arrived, she apparently found the house in dire straits.

She said their maids had deep-cleaned the house before they left. But when she checked back, Annon claimed someone took her tattoo gun.

Kouvr added how there was also a fish at the house on an automatic feeder and the fish tank. But she found it later next to the toilet with no fish in it. The Hype House account stated the girls broke in as they were still paying rent on the place.

Apparently, the members of the Hype House had moved out of their LA mansion to Hollywood Hills a month earlier in order to make more space for new members.

Jenny And Her Mother Apologized For Breaking In But Denied Stealing And Vandalizing

After Chase and the rest of The Hype House accused Roselie and Maria, the mother-daughter duo jointly issued an apology on social media, and apparently to Chase privately. Though they denied trespassing or stealing anything.

Maria Ulacia, took to TikTok in July 2020 over the weekend to give her side of the story wherein she said,

“I just wanted to come on here to apologize to everybody who unfortunately believes that I broke into the Hype House.”

Jenny also apologized to the Hype House creators via Instagram stories.

In her apology, Popach wrote:

“I have apologized to Chase’s manager and the Hype House manager themselves. I don’t want any bad blood with anyone from or associated with the Hype House.”

Jenny further added how a caretaker (a couple) led them to believe it was okay to see the home, and that the door was open and the caretaker said they could go inside.

Maria and her daughter, Jenny said they didn’t break into the Hype House. They claimed they were rather let in by a caretaker who said they could go inside and film.

Jenny and her mother alleged they were given “special permission” to enter the former Hype House by a “Hispanic caretaker,” who as per them stayed with them the entire time. Popach said the door was also open.

Popach’s Mother Said She Didn’t Steal Any Hoodies

Maria further said while at the house, she did put on Chase Hudson’s hoodie and filmed a TikTok, but did not take the hoodie with her. The apology videos, however, no longer exist.

Florida native Jenny Popach. (1)
Alleged Hype House intruder and Tiktok star, Jenny Popach. Instagram

In the video that is now bygone, she explained,

“I am not a thief, never have been, and never will be.”

The mother of a TikTok star also emphasized how they didn’t steal anything and that the hat that her friend was wearing was not Avani Gregg’s hat as many previously presumed.

Popach also explained she didn’t flush a fish, didn’t even see a fish, and didn’t steal a gecko.

“GOODBYE,” she ended her clarification.

Instagram star with more than 200k followers Jenny Popach's apology to The Hype House Member.
Tiktoker Jenny Popach’s apology to The Hype House Member.

Arritola also advocated on behalf of her mother insisting her mother did not take the jacket with her when they left. Popach’s mom, Ulacia, added she had no fear of going to jail if it comes to that. She denied doing anything wrong.

Despite Popach’s Apologies, Hype House Member Continued To Blame Her And Her Mother

Despite Popach and her mother’s public apologies, The Hype House members continued to claim this “caretaker” didn’t exist and that they had closed every door in the house.

A few members of the Hype House, including Nick Austin and Avani Gregg, left comments on Ulacia and Arritola’s TikTok accounts implying the two weren’t telling the truths.

Notwithstanding the apology, the Hype House members accused the group trashed their house, which their maid had cleaned before they moved out. Hype House member, Alex Warren said the whole maid let them in-story was not true. Warren said they didn’t have caretakers at the old Hype House and that they had locked every door except one window.

The Hype House legal team later issued a statement that read:

“Considering the fact that there simply is no ‘caretaker’ for the house, or anyone beyond the current Hype House residents (who weren’t home at the time), that has the authority to breach security, open the security gate, and ‘invite’ strangers into our home.

The statement added regardless of intent or lapses in judgment, breaking and entering, trespassing, and property theft are criminal offenses that they and law enforcement weren’t going to tolerate.

They additionally said how they had handed the case to law enforcement and the legal system to determine the appropriate outcome for those who might have done the deeds.

Jenny’s Mother’s Response To Hype House Continuous Accusations

Again responding to those who accused her, in an additional comment provided to Insider, Jenny’s mother, Ulacia stated when she arrived, the house was filthy.

She said despite people and the Hype House member stating that she and her daughter threw everything all over the house, it was a disaster when they arrived.

To say in their defense, there exists a video from Ulacia’s TikTok footage from her visit to the Hype House, in which the background already appears to be strewn with debris. Also, Popach again in May 2022 with The Papparazzi Gamer said the caretaker lied to them and misled them.

The Hype House never responded to Maria and her daughter’s aforesaid statements. In the meantime, it is still unclear how they got into the house. Also ambiguous is if anyone actually gave them permission to go inside.

Jenny Popach And Her Mother Had A Fall Out

Apparently, Popach and her mother had a bit of a drama between them a while back. In April 2020, Jenny and her mom did have a fairly public feud. The conflict was fodder for several TikTok gossip sites.

It started when Maria posted a video crying, alleging that her daughter treats her poorly. In the internet outcry, the mother of Roselie said,

“You know what she reminds me of? Have you ever seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? That little girl, how she’s like, ‘I want those squirrels, I want those squirrels, daddy.’ She wants what she wants at the moment,”

Though the TikTok video now no longer exists.

According To Her Mother, Jenny Was A Spoiled Kid

Maria at the time complained about how her daughter expected everyone to cater to her and said that she’d been doing that “sh*t and was tired of that “f*cking sh*t.” The mother said she didn’t deserve the treatment her daughter was giving her.

Maria also complained her daughter was not respecting her. She at the time had declared she was not even going to ‘f*cking talk’ to her daughter.

Maria also went on to compare her relationship with Rosalie to that of Addison Rae and her mom, Sheri. Referring to the contrast between her relationship with her daughter and Addison and her mother, Maria said,

“Look at Addison Rae and her mom. She treats her mother like f*cking gold from what I see. Wants her to be in all of her f*cking videos. Loves her mother. Looks like she loves her mother to death.”

Maria added how everybody is so good with their moms while no one knew how bad [Rosalie] had been treating her.

She further stated something was wrong with her daughter. Maria, later, however, went back on TikTok to confirm she talked things out with her daughter and they were on better terms.

She declared,

“We are just going to maintain a parent-daughter, mother-daughter relationship and that’s about it, but we are better. We are fine.”

Popach, too, later confirmed that she was on good terms with her mom by posting a TikTok of the two of them dancing with the caption, “When everyone thinks you hate each other lmao.”

Jenny Popach Got Cancelled; She Quit Tiktok For A While

For some viewers, Popach’s entire channel has been apparently troubling; especially her posts from the last few years.

There were a number of TikTokers that pointed to the fact that many of Popach’s videos “violate TikTok’s adult nudity and sexual activity guidelines.”

Jenny Popach originally Roselie Arritola.
Roselie Arritola or Jenny Popach. Instagram

The situation hit the roof when in Oct 2021 Popach posted a video of her brother “unwrapping” her set to Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.”

The video shows Roselie wearing wrapping paper and her brother pulls on the paper to reveal Popach’s swimsuit. In response to the unwrapping video, one of the commenters remarked, “This is so gross.”

Another exclaimed,

“How could a mother let a 14-year-old post this with her brother?”

Some argued the unwrapping and her other controversial videos might have been normal for college-age kids, but not for then-15 years old Jenny.

Some Believe Jenny’s Parents Are The Ones Who Are Using Her For Popularity

After the unwrapping stunt, many criticized both Popach’s mother and father. They were under fire on the platform for months.

One post alleged that it is Jenny’s mother who was “making her post weird videos.” Another user, @justiceformaria, accused Ulacia of “pushing” her daughter and touching Popach’s breasts in a now-deleted video.

Some believe her mother is definitely exploiting her.

Roselie Arritola aka Jenny Popach in Nov 2020.
Jenny Popach, the daughter of Maria Ulacia in Nov 2020. Instagram

TikTokers analyzed Popach’s videos for signs of danger or a cry for help from the teen. There, however, has been no evidence, just viral speculation, that Ulacia is directing Popach’s content to appear sexually suggestive.

There was even a sort of petition by the hashtag #JusticeforJenny, which went on to gain over 525,000 views. The tag included videos about Popach.

Following a wave of controversy and allegations of parental abuse, Popach’s unwrapping video didn’t last on the internet along with the rest of her social media handles. And Popach eventually disappeared from the TikTok platform.

It’s ambiguous whether TikTok removed the account or she deleted it herself. Before dropping out of the sight, Popach had almost 6 million followers. Despite her account going dark, duets and stitches of Popach’s content remained online. Popach, nonetheless is now very much alive on TikTok and other likewise platforms though the only thing that isn’t there is her controversial videos.

Jenny Popach Formed Her Own House 

Popach now has her own house, the Blok LA. The Blok popped up on TikTok in June 2020 over the weekend.

The account currently has more than 5.5K followers and only two videos, both of which feature Jenny. From the looks of it, 15-year-old dancer Prmyrr is also in the group.

Other Facts

Popach also goes by Depophatesyou and That Girl Maria on social media.


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