Who Is Juanita Dorricott Married To? Her Life Before & After Bob Seger

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Juanita Dorricott is the wife of an American singer, songwriter, and musician, Bob Seger. The couple has been married for nearly three decades becoming the parents of two children in between.

Know all these along with some facts about Bob Seger’s wife Juanita Dorricott.

Full NameJuanita Dorricott
HusbandBob Seger
ChildrenChristopher Cole Seger, Samantha Char Seger
Juanita Dorricott Husband’s Net Worth$60 million

Key Takeaways

  1. Juanita was good friends with her now hubby Bob for many years before they walked down the aisle. 
  2. Seger was married twice earlier to Renee Andretti and Annette Sinclair but divorced both his wives.
  3. Juanita and Bob are not divorced, unlike popular rumors. They are indeed married and live a beautiful life together.
  4. She does not like the limelight much thus she avoids the media as much as possible.

Juanita Dorricott Is From Ohio

Dorricott was born around the year 1964. She is also often referred to as Nita.

The youngest of five, the blue-eyed blonde-haired was born in Kent, Ohio but moved to Troy, Michigan at the age of 10.

Juanita Dorricott also known as Nita Seger was born in Kent, Ohio. She is the youngest of five siblings
Juanita Dorricott, wife of singer, Bob Seger said she meets her siblings on Mackinac Island every summer. She is a native of Kent, Ohio. Source: Instagram

Dorricott once said her siblings as an adult began living across the country, and every summer they all meet on Mackinac Island.

“I love coming from a big family and am glad that my kids are close to their cousins,”

said Bob’s wife of 28 years.

How Old Is Juanita Dorricott?

As of 2023, she is 59 years of age.

Juanita Dorricott And Her Husband, Bob Seger Are Together Since 1990 

Dorricott married her husband, Seger on 10th July 1993 in a small private setting at The Village Club, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Nita is 19 years junior to her vocalist husband.

Juanita and the Detroit-born rock icon allegedly started dating in January 1991.

Singer Bob Segar (2nd,L) his wife Juanita Dorricott (L) and children Samantha and Cole in December 2016, in Washington, DC.
Juanita Dorricott and singer Bob Seger are parents to two children, Samantha and Cole. Source: Imago Images

They had a beautiful beginning.

Bob Dedicated A Song For Juanita

Seger dedicated one of his songs, “You Take Me In” is to his longtime partner, Dorricott — a surprise she only found out after the album’s release. In fact, the singer admitted he kept it a secret from her for three years. One other song that the musician dedicated to his wife is “You Take Me In.” Additionally, “Are You,” took inspiration from the incident when Nita was shopping for children’s shoes over the Internet.

The blonde mother of two and her husband split their time between Orchard Lake Village, and West Bloomfield, Michigan. They previously used to live in Oakland County, Mich.

Bob Was Previously Married

Prior to Dorricott, Seger was in a marital relationship with Renee Andrietti. They had married in 1968 but the union lasted for “one day short of a year”. Juanita’s husband then had a long-term relationship with Jan Dinsdale from 1972 until 1983. Then in 1987, he married actress Annette Sinclair but the two divorced a year later.

Juanita Children

Together they are parents to a son Cole (born 1992) and a daughter named, Samantha Char (born 1995).

Juanita Dorricott Was Also In Another Relationship Before Meeting Bob Seger

The Ohio-born Juanita and Bob first met at the former Juke Box in Royal Oak around the year 1990.

While talking with My Digital in Sep 2019, Cole and Samantha’s mother revealed she met Bob through a mutual friend but at the time was engaged to someone else.

Dorricott explained she was naive back then and not the star-struck type and hence at that moment she said she didn’t even realize who he was. She though managed to remember how Bob had told her a joke about country singers.

Juanita eventually called off her engagement and Bob swooped in to make a move. After a while, they became friends, fell in love, and fast forward to the present — are set to mark the 29th anniversary of their wedding.

Nita said she still has the napkin she wrote her phone number on.

Is Juanita Dorricott’s Husband Still Recording?

In Sep 2018, Bob Seger announced his final tour, the Travelin’ Man. At the time Seger also announced that while he may continue recording, Travelin’ Man was the end of his touring career.

Additionally, Nita’s husband provided further confirmation of his career ended in June 2021, the month when he also lost his close friend and saxophonist Alto Reed.

An emotional Seger after the passing of his friend said he can’t imagine hitting the concert road again.

Dorricot’s Son Is A Filmmaker

Dorricott and Seger’s first child, Christopher Cole Seger is an award-winning film director and screenwriter who works at NRM Streamcast and Ten6ths Productions. He was into storytelling since his childhood. Cole studied English Literature at both Oakland University and Oakland Community College.Dorricott and Bob’s one and only son briefly interned at the Oakland Press and various retail positions. He then attended the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan to study filmmaking. For his thesis film, “Carrying The Weight,” Cole received “Best Short Film Screenplay.”Samantha, Nita’s daughter with Bob is a former student at Oakland University.

Juanita Was Married To A Navy In The Past 

Before Bob, Dorricott was the wife of the late US navy, Jack W. Dorricott. Her former husband, Jack died of Alzheimer’s disease on August 4, 2014. Dorricott’s ex-husband was born in Akron and attended the College of Wooster, UCLA, and Kent State University. The late former partner of Juanita was also a professor of law and had received his doctorate while teaching at Kent State.

It, however, is unclear what led Dorricott to divorce her ex-husband, Jack.

Juanita’s Husband Bob Is Rich 

From the career that lived for nearly six decades, Dorricott’s Grammy-winning heartland rock husband, Bob Seger reportedly holds a net worth of over $60 million. And considering the hundreds of tours, multiplatinum records, and more than dozens of albums, that should hardly be a surprise.

He also owns a 30,000-square-foot mega-mansion on Laplaya Lane in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

On the other hand, Seger’s wife, Juanita’s net worth is a whole different game of conjectures and theory especially when it is about approximating her wealth.

Some Additional Facts About Juanita Dorricott

  • She is a country music lover.
  • Both Nita and her spouse are avid golfers and enjoy playing together, especially on the Lake Michigan coast.
  • Juanita loves living in Michigan.
  • She loves homemade mashed potatoes and from-scratch biscuits.

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