Who Is Les Gold’s Wife Lili Gold? Her Bio, Career, & Relationships

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Who Is Les Gold’s Wife Lili Gold? Her Bio, Career, & Relationships
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Lili Gold is a Michigan-based businesswoman. She is famous as the wife of Les Gold, a pawnbroker and the main cast of the TV series Hardcore Pawn. Lili has been the wife of Gold since the mid-70s.

While Les is a pretty recognizable face among reality show watchers, his wife has seldom appeared in front of the masses. Know who exactly she is in addition to where she came from, her origins, her relationship with Les, and more.

Lili Gold’s Parents Were Holocaust Survivors

Lili who was born in April 1954, had a father who was a Holocaust Survivor. Her father, Henry Raiber after moving to the US went to Minnesota and opened a diner there. He later sold it and afterwards moved to Detroit where he launched a slaughterhouse.

Lili’s father then started selling Kosher and non-Kosher meats. In his later life, Henry joined the family business, American Jewelry And Loan, and also became their number 1 salesperson.

Les Gold and his wife Lili
Les with his wife, Lili. Getty

Lili’s father and Les’ father-in-law, Henry were a former member of Sharrit Haplatah. He additionally belonged to B’nai B’rith and was a Motor City Club Metro Member. Henry passed away on Oct 11, 2014.

Lili’s mother, Mania Raiber was married to Henry for 57 years. Mania, too, was a Holocaust Survivor from Auschwitz. She died on Sep 21, 2004.

Lili has two siblings, Frieda and Esther.

Lili Gold And Her Husband Les Gold’s Relationship

Lili and Les married in April 1976. When Les first encountered Lili, she was four years his junior and initially uninterested in a romantic involvement. However, fate intervened during their second meeting, where Lili, then working in a women’s clothing store frequented by Gold’s cousin, agreed to give the businessman a chance.

Lili in black jacket with her husband Les, son, Seth, and daughter, Ashley (1)
From right, Seth, Ashley, Lili, Les. Getty

They started going out in June 1975. In his autobiography, “For What It’s Worth,” Gold revealed that he didn’t follow the conventional route of proposing to Lili. Instead, he asked her a hypothetical question about marriage, to which she responded affirmatively. It, however, took a year for Les to present a ring, and when he finally did, he bypassed the traditional “Will you marry me?” Instead, too nervous to utter those words, he instructed Lili to reach into his pocket, where his then-girlfriend found a ring.

Les and Lili are parents to two children, Ashley and Seth. Both Ashley and Seth have made notable appearances in the television show “Hardcore Pawn.”

Lili Gold And Les Gold Used Skip Dinner

Les in his autobiography reveals when he first started his business, he really struggled for a long time. It reportedly took years before he started making a profit off of his stores. He and Lili suffered both during those times. Les mentions there was a time once when he and his wife took their children Seth and Ashley to the state fair.

The children wanted to go on the rides but Lili and her husband only had twenty dollars. The couple nevertheless made sure their kids were on the ride and even fed them dinner. However, Lili and Les skipped dinner that night. Les says, during those times, Lili was his real source of strength for him. She would assure him that they’d make it.

Les with his wife, Lili
Lili with her husband Les. Shutterstock

Fast forward to the present, Les’ pawn business has stretched to five locations and counting with a TV series of its own. Les and Lili are certainly far from their paycheck-to-paycheck lives or just making it through the day. Les is an established millionaire and famous in several countries.

Lili Gold Career; What Does Les Gold’s Wife Do?

Lili’s career lacks a definition as she has always operated behind the camera. While she has had an influential part in Les’ life and career, she just hasn’t one definitive role. One might say she is also a businesswoman alongside her husband but she has hardly taken the front seat.

During her early career, however, she used to work in a women’s clothing store that Les’ cousin often visited, as mentioned. After marrying Les, though, she has always been a strong support for her husband’s every business pursuits. In the meantime, she has also been a perfect mother.


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