Who Is Polly Jordan? Everything About Jim Jordan’s Wife

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Who Is Polly Jordan? Everything About Jim Jordan’s Wife
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Polly Jordan is allegedly a retired art teacher from Ohio who is better known as the wife of Jim Jordan, an attorney, and Republican serving as the U.S. representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district since 2007.

Polly’s spouse, Jordan’s district stretches from Lake Erie to just below Urbana in north-central and western Ohio and includes Lima, Marion, Tiffin, Norwalk, and Elyria. Unlike Jim, Polly has stayed largely out of the political spotlight and even the US representative has let out very little about his wife.

The couple, nonetheless, has been together since their childhood and is also parents to four fully grown adults. Know inside out about Donald Trump’s close ally’s wife, Polly. Take a look at a wide reading of how her life has been, as the wife of Jim Jordan, her selfhood before meeting him, her growing up, her family, and all that.

Polly Jordan Is A Native Of Champaign County, Ohio

Polly and her future husband, Jim Jordan both grew up in Champaign County, Ohio, which is about 50 miles west of the capital city of Columbus.

The President Medal Of Freedom’s wife, Polly Jordan was born in 1963; she apparently is a year older than her politician husband.

Her Education

Polly who now allegedly is 59 years old graduated college in 1982 along with Jordan.

While it’s unclear when she received her degree, the Ohio native began a career as an art teacher after she and her spouse returned to central Ohio upon graduation.

Jim Jordan’s Wife Polly Jordan Used To Be A Teacher

As far as the reports go, Polly has been a teacher for quite a while. In 2011 she was teaching art at a public school. It now, however, is unclear whether she has retired from teaching.

Member of the Us House Of Representative, Jim Jordan with his wife and ex-art teacher, Polly Jordan. (2)
A Republican and attorney from Ohio, Jim Jordan with his wife and former art teacher, Polly Jordan in 2010. From Facebook

Polly Jordan’s name, nonetheless, appears on a document for the Graham Local School District. The district is in Saint Paris, Ohio, which is also near Polly’s husband, Jim Jordan’s hometown.

It is also where Jordan and his wife’s children studied. Polly’s name is listed on page four of the document under “Non-Renewals for the 2017-2018 school year. The subheader, however, is “Certified Personnel – One-Year Limited Substitute Teaching Contracts.”

This apparently claims Jim’s spouse may have retired from teaching. Mrs. Jordan has always stayed out of public notice and to this day lives a relatively low-key life despite her husband being a prominent congressman.

Polly And Jim Have Been Together For A Long Time

Polly and her attorney husband who is of Protestant religion have been together since they were teenagers. As mentioned, they both grew up in Champaign County, Ohio.

They, however, knew each other via Polly’s brothers. The Urbana-born, Jim Jordan explained in an interview with the Washington Examiner in 2014 that he competed in wrestling with Polly’s brothers.

He additionally revealed how at the time he thought it would be a lot more fun wrestling with Polly than with her brothers after seeing his future wife.

The now 59 years old Jordan in another interview shared he was hooked from the very moment he saw Polly. They eventually started dating when Jordan was 13 and Polly was 14.

Jim And Polly Jordan Wed Each Other In The Mid-80s

Polly and Jordan married each other on August 17, 1985.

Polly & Jim Jordan in 2014 at an OCR event at Montgomery Inn.
Ohio native couple and the parents of four, Jim Jordan and Polly Jordan.

On their 25th anniversary in 2010, Rep. Jordan took it to Facebook to commemorate the event, writing,

“My wife Polly and I are celebrating 25 years of marriage today. It seems like just yesterday…So blessed to have her and our four children. Thanks for all of the well wishes!”

Polly and Jordan’s wedding took place about three years after Jordan graduated high school in 1982. Before marrying Polly, Jordan wrestled at the University of Wisconsin, where he won two NCAA titles. After the marriage, the couple became parents to four children: Rachel, Ben, Jessie, and Isaac.

What Do Their Children Do? 

Jordan and his wife, Polly had their first child, Rachel in 1987. Rachel is the wife of Chris Salisbury, a marine.

When reported in Feb 2021, Rachel and Chris were residing in Italy with their two daughters. Polly and Jordan’s son, Ben was born in 1989.

The ex-art teacher and former wrestler’s second daughter Jessie is now in her late 20s. Her Facebook page says she graduated from Graham High School in 2011 and went on to the University of Iowa. Polly’s second daughter, Jessie married Jarrod Uthoff in 2016.

The youngest child of Jordan and his wife, Polly is Isaac Jordan. Isaac like his father wrestled at the University of Wisconsin. During his time as a college student, he became only the fifth athlete at Wisconsin to ever become an All-American four times.

Polly and Jordan’s youngest child, Isaac is now reportedly an assistant wrestling coach at Indiana University in Bloomington. It was after the birth of their last child, Isaac that Jordan decided to join politics.

Prior, he was on track to becoming a wrestling coach. Polly initially home-schooled her and Jordan’s children and is now a public school art teacher.

The Champaign County local, Polly, and her husband Jim now apparently reside close to where they both grew up. They have a home in Urbana, Ohio which they purchased in 1997.

Public records on the Champaign County Auditor website claim the two-story house’s construction date goes back to 1837. The midwestern wife and the Trump supporter bought the 3,260 square feet with 4 bedrooms for almost $200,000.

What Are The Net Worths Of Polly Jordan And Her Husband, Jim Jordan?

While Polly Jordan’s net worth is greatly a hard matter of contention to divulge considering her strongly subdued life, there are few or two conclusive records on how rich her conservative husband is.

For starters, some have put forward that he has an estimated net worth in the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars while others claim, that the anti Affordable Care Act is a man with a stature close to that of a millionaire.

Trump supporter, Jim Jordan's wife, Polly Jordan, in the left in April 2019.
The US representative for Ohio’s 4th congressional district, Jim Jordan’s wife, Polly Jordan, in the left.

That should hardly come as a surprise as members of Congress are generally reported to make close to $200,000 in salary for their service. To have a bit of estimation on Polly’s husband, Jim’s income model, the pointer worth considering is his three years tenure from 2015 to 2017 wherein, at one point, he made almost half a million from his political pursuits.

The same-sex marriage opposer’s income saw the highest increase when he chaired the organization, Freedom Caucus, or the House Freedom Caucus, a congressional caucus with libertarian and conservative Republican members of the United States House of Representatives.

In the first year as a chairman of the Freedom Caucus in 2015, Polly’s spouse, Jordan reportedly claimed between $148,000 to $446,000 and no liabilities.

Polly Jordan Other Facts

  • In late 2019, the hashtag JimJordanKnew began trending after a person came forward to accuse their representative husband of Polly for ignoring several sexual misconduct complaints.
  • In 1994, Polly and her husband, Jim Jordan co-authored “Victory at the training table: A guide to sports nutrition” while he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University.
  • Polly faced quite a criticism in 2016 when she traveled to North Carolina and jumped on a “women for Trump” bus tour. The mother of four did so despite the GOP lawmakers and strategists criticizing Trump and withdrawing endorsements in the wake of his October 2016 release of the “Access Hollywood” tape, in which Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women. The ex-president Trump, however, took it as an act of loyalty that he continued to talk about long after the election put him in the White House.


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