Who Is Poppy Moyer? Interesting Facts About Anna Paquin’s Daughter

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Poppy Moyer is the daughter of True Blood and X-Men actress, Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer. She is among the twin children of Paquin who was born in the early 2010s.

The Piano actress, Anna Paquin, time and again has stated that she wants to keep her children afar from her profession and the media. While the actress may not be the first one to think so about her kids, she could be among the few to give some reasons why she thinks her children are better off of the public radar.

Know the real deal in the writings below along with some left-out facts regarding Anna and Stephen’s daughter, Poppy Moyer; starting from her birth to her relationship with her parents.

The Time When Poppy Moyer Was Born 

The news of Paquin expecting Poppy and her twin brother actually broke out in April 2012. Five months later on 12th September 2012, the X-Men star welcomed Poppy and her brother Charlie Moyer.

The Meaning Behind her unique Name And Her Ancestry

Although Anna and her husband haven’t revealed the real reason behind the names of Poppy and Charlie, allegedly the reasons behind their names are partly because of their father’s English heritage as the moniker is pretty common there.

Poppy is British from her father’s side. Maternally, she is of Dutch, French, and Irish descent.

Anna Paquin Didn’t Talk About Her Daughter, Poppy’s Birth For Almost A Year

Paquin would keep many details about her daughter, Poppy, and son, Charlie’s birth private for a considerable amount of time.

In fact, the New Zealander actress didn’t even reveal their children’s names and genders for a while. It was only on June 11, 2013, during the premiere of True Blood season 6, that the Kiwi actress’ husband, Moyer disclosed she had had a boy and a girl, fraternal twins.

To many, it was no less than a surprise to know the couple managed to keep their children’s names under wraps for nine whole months.

Anna Paquin and her husband Stephen Moyer didn't reveal the birth of their twins, Poppy Moyer and Charlie for about nine months.
Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer with their twins. Source: Getty

Truth be told if not for the premiere of True Blood‘s sixth season, the 53-year-old Moyer and his wife would have been able to keep the birth of their twins a secret for a longer time. The English actor/director had accidentally let slip the names of his twins, Poppy and Charlie on the red carpet of the premiere for the then-new season of True Blood.

When E! News asked Moyer what was his plan for Father’s day, the Brentwood-born actor first said he and his then 10-year-old daughter Lily (from a previous relationship) was leaving for sleep-away camp. He then surprised the interviewer after revealing he was also going to spend the weekends “hanging out with Charlie and Poppy.”

While the birth of Poppy and Charlie was first for Paquin, Moyer, already had two children, a daughter, Lilac from his ex-partner, Lorien Haynes, and a son, Billy Moyer from his ex-wife. Though, the actor hasn’t disclosed who his former spouse is.

Poppy Moyer Parents’ Relationship 

Poppy’s parents, Moyer and Paquin tied the knot on August 21, 2010, in Malibu, California.

Paquin and Moyer met while they were both auditioning for the HBO vampire drama series, True Blood. In the series, Poppy’s folks famously starred as Sookie and Bill from 2008 to 2014.

The British husband of Paquin later said they were both singles at the time, and there was a kind of spark between them.

Poppy And Her Brother Aren’t Allowed To Watch This Series 

Paquin and Moyer have some serious boundaries when it comes to what their kids watch.

In Dec 2021 while talking with ET, the Modern Love star and her husband jointly agreed that they are never letting the 9-year-old Poppy and her twin brother watch True Blood.

Poppy Moyer the daughter of Anna Paquin was born in Sep 2012.
The twins are allowed to 

While attending her 2021 film, American Underdog premiere, Paquin and her partner answering the question, of which one of their TV shows and movies are totally off-limits, said,

“They haven’t watched any True Blood yet,”

Moyer first revealed. The Almost Famous star then added, “Obviously.”

Paquin, agreeing with her husband, declared they are “never” letting Poppy and her brother watch things that have anything to do with their parents. Apparently, it’s a stance they’ve both decided on.

Paquin further disclosed how she and her husband had very intentionally not brought them into this aspect of their lives in that they’re minors.

Paquin and her spouse, however, allow Poppy and her brother to watch some of their content. When talking about the ”No True Blood Ban,” the Academy winner said her sports drama film, American Underdog, was something she did let their kids see.

She revealed it was the movie that their kids genuinely loved and said they found it mind-blowing seeing their mother on-screen.

Why There Aren’t Many Pictures Of Poppy Moyer And Charlie Moyer?

Apparently, the reason why people haven’t seen much of Paquin and Moyer’s children is that the now 39-year-old actress simply wants them to be out of the spotlight.

Paquin once explained how she and her English partner had made the decision to keep their twins out of the media attention. As working actors, the Amistad star stressed she and her husband deliberately keep their home and professional lives separate partly because their kids are so young.

Poppy Moyer's mother says People are not going to see many pictures of her and her brother.
Anna Paquin says she wants her children away from the attention of the media. Source: Splash

‘I want the right to say that they’re not fair game. Don’t mess with my cubs,’ said the Golden Globe nominee. Paquin further added,

‘Everyone chooses what works for their family. There are aspects of one’s private life that are fun and cute and not too revealing.’

With that, the Columbia University graduate ultimately ruled people “won’t find any pictures of my children.”

Famous since she impressively won an Oscar as a child for her portrayal of Flora in The Piano, Anna said she’s always been conscious about revealing too much about her ‘real-life.’ When talking with Today Parents, she admitted to being a very private person, herself and doesn’t want people to know too much about her real, inner life off the screen.

Poppy, along with his brother and Hollywood parents, lives in LA. The family apparently resides in a stylish Scandinavian-inspired home, featuring an in-built fireplace and a green velvet armchair, as well as space-saving in-built shelves.

Poppy And Her Brother Were Born Prematurely 

One other reason Paquin says she doesn’t want public eyes around her children is because of their premature arrival.

With People, the Margaret actress said she is just trying to protect Poppy and her brother because they came much earlier than she and her spouse had expected. She also talked about how fragile her children were in the beginning because of their premature birth.

“[We’re] trying to give them as much of a normal upbringing as you can in this town,” said the mother of two. However, after the birth of Poppy and Charlie, their parents got to spend the most time with them.

Talking about the nature of their birth, Moyer said he and his wife hadn’t much option other than what they had to do. He and Paquin conceded the fact that they weren’t the only people who had gone through that situation. The Irishman star added the early birth of his twins only brought his family closer together.

Anna Paquin On Raising Poppy And Her Twin Sibling 

Paquin once shared a very honest opinion about raising twins and the subsequent struggle.

Back in Feb 2018, the True Blood alum admitted raising Poppy and her brother had been a challenge to her but she also confessed that she was is happy to go through it. She mentioned her twins kept her busy almost all day long for the initial years.

‘How the eff do you raise triplets?’ she then asked. ‘It’s lucky that you have two hands. You have two boobs, two legs, two hands – two kids are plenty,’ added the former child actress.

Anna though said her husband was a huge help in rearing up to her two kids. She once revealed how her husband Stephen Moyer liked changing the diapers of their twins.

The New Zealand international said it was very convenient raising Charlie and Poppy with their father, Moyer having lots of experience with kids from his previous relationship. Moyer on the other hand added he was fond of his twins’ poo.

Poppy Moyer Mother Is A Bisexual 

Her mother, Paquin is openly bisexual and has previously admitted she faces a lot of prejudice because she finds both men and women attractive.

The actress, who played the mutant Rogue in the 2001 film, X-Men, came out as bi shortly before she married Stephen.

Poppy Moyer's mother, Anna Paquin admits she is a bisexual.
Poppy’s mother, Anna and her dad, Stephen.

Anna, the older sister of Andrew and Katya Paquin, once admitted she was trying to avoid backlashes she could have faced when revealing her identity. She states it’s not really an issue because the actress explains she is someone who believes bisexuality is actually a thing and not made up.

In an interview, the Saturn Awards nominee said for a long time no one had ever asked her about being bisexual. She also revealed how there has been a lot of prejudice against the LGBTQ community but said it would be less of an issue if people were to talk about it more.

Other Facts 

  • Poppy Moyer’s actress mother, Anna was just 11 when she received the Academy Award for best-supporting actress in 1994 for the film The Piano. She is the second-youngest person ever to win the Oscar.
  • In Feb 2021, HBO boss Casey Bloys reported a True Blood reboot was “in development.” He though added the creators were waiting for a green light.


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