Is Shailene Woodley Dating after break-up with Ex? Her Dating History

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  • Post last modified:September 10, 2020
Is Shailene Woodley Dating after break-up with Ex? Her Dating History

Ever since breaking up with her beau, we’re all curious about Shailene Woodley’s current relationship status. Has she jumped into the dating scene in 2020 or perhaps she has a new love affair in 2020?

She recently broke up with now-ex Ben Volavola but what about Shailene Woodley’s boyfriend in 2020.

Let’s find the answer and along the way, know why she separated from her ex, her sexuality, and her dating history.

Who Is Shailene Woodley Boyfriend after break-up?

Shailene Woodley has always been open about her relationships, unlike other celebrities. And as of 2020, the California native is currently single and not interested in jumping into the dating scene. More on this later!

Scrolling through the Instagram feed, we don’t see any potential suitors on her Instagram posts.

Besides, amid this Covid-19 lockdown, the Divergent star has been learning some new skills.

During her appearance at the Jimmy Fallon Show, Shailene stated she is learning Spanish and how to do a handstand.

According to her, it’s been a lifelong dream of her to become fluent in Spanish. Furthermore, she told Jimmy about feeling jealous as the ‘fitspo people’ on Insta can do handstands and she can’t.

Shailene Wants to Remain Single for a While

As we told you earlier, Shailene has no boyfriends at present and has decided to not involve herself in a relationship for the time being. Her bold decision was somehow influenced by her recent role in the movie, Endings, Begining.

Shailene Woodley boyfriend; she is single as of 2020
Shailene doesn’t want to date someone for a while. Source: Shailene Woodley Instagram

Shailene now doesn’t feel any pressure to get back into the dating scene and wants to remain single for some time. In an interview with the New York Times, she maintained,

“We’re societally conditioned to assume that one person can be our end-all, be-all. This is a concept I’ve been thinking about often right now, because I’m very much single, and I’ve chosen to be single for a while.”

Hard to believe, Woodley came to this conclusion after starring in the movie wherein she has two love interests, Sebastian Stan and Jamie Dornan.

Shailene Woodley Relationship with Rugby star Ben Volavola

We may not see Shailene Woodley’s boyfriend for a while now. But she has had relationships in the past. Shailene was most recently romancing Australian-born Fijian international rugby player, Ben Volavola. The couple began dating in October 2017.

Shailene Woodley kissing her ex-boyfriend Ben Volavola
Shailene and Ben confirmed their romance with this picture. Source: Instagram

During the tenure of their lovey-dovey, the former flames didn’t make a lot of appearances together, although Shailene used to attend many of his games.

The exes made their debut appearance as a couple at the premiere of Woodley’s movie, Adrift in May 2018.

How did Shailene meet ex Boyfriend Ben Volavola?

They first came across one another when Shailene was shooting for the movie, Adrift in Fiji. Incidentally, Ben was also at the location, competing at the international rugby union competition.

That’s how they first came across each other. Moreover, Ben’s family all live in the small island nation.

Despite Talking about Marriage and Kids, Why did Ben and Shailene Broke-up?

The duo looked very much in love and fans were even hoping the couple would walk down the aisle sooner, however, it all ended when Shailene had a change of heart.

Apparently, the 28-year-old had a change of mind and thought she needs to love herself before planning to settle down. She revealed the break-up during an interview with Bustle in April.

Shailene Woodley broke-up with Boyfriend Ben Volavola.
Shailene and Ben called it quits in 2020. Source: Flava

Initially, Shailene and Ben talked about getting married and have kids, but, while filming Endings, Beginnings, she had a revelation.

Woodley said, “I realized I was still at an age where I wasn’t able to fully commit. I couldn’t be available to him in the way that I wanted to be. I didn’t fully love myself.”

They called it quits after going out for more than 2-years.

Shailene Woodley Past Affairs: Had an Abusive Teenage Affair

Before Ben, Shailene was involved in two other confirmed affairs. She was linked with her Divergent co-star, Theo James. Their chemistry on-screen led fans to believe the pair was most probably dating off-screen as well.

Shailelne Woodley and alleged boyfriend Theo James
Shailene was rumored to be dating Theo James. Source: Pinterest

The pair never confirmed nor denied their romance rumors.

In addition, Shailene reportedly dated Indie rocker, Nahko Bear. In 2014, the rumored lovebirds were spotted getting affectionate at Hamakua Coast of the Big Island at Waipio Valley.

Shailene Woodley and Nahko Bear.
Shailene dated Nahko Bear for a while. Source: E! News

At the time, Nahko stopped by at the island before going to his tour in Australia. A source close to the pair maintained that they’ve been dating for a while.

Woodley previously mentioned Nahko in many of her interviews, saying the singer has changed her life. They still remain good friends despite separation.

Shailene Speaks about Past Abusive Affair: Involved in an Open Relationship

As an outspoken person, Shailene usually speaks her heart out whenever she sees fit. In an interview with the New York Times, she opened up about suffering from an abusive relationship during her teenage years.

She talked about having experienced both, open and monogamous relationships in the past. Till now, she never talked about her past relationships.

Shailene talks about open and abusive past relationship.
Shailene suffered from an abusive relationship during her teen. Source: Instagram

Coincidentally, she has shared a few pictures with guys on her Instagram and a few tabloids are guessing, they might be her exes.

Shailene went on the record to claim that whenever looking for a potential suitor, she necessarily doesn’t think about their gender, but a person as a whole.

Was Shailene Married before?

The short answer to this question is no. She is yet to tie the knot, although she was about to exchange vows with her now ex-boyfriend, Ben.