Who is Sherrie Swafford? Her Failed Relationship With Steve Perry

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Who is Sherrie Swafford? Her Failed Relationship With Steve Perry

Sherrie Swafford is an esthetician and a yoga teacher but hit the media after began dating Steve Perry, one of the legendary rockstars and a member of the lead singer of the rock band, Journey. The former flames dated for years before they went their separate ways.

However, since her break-up with Steve, Sherrie has kept most of her love life out of the media. Sources say, the yoga enthusiast has never married and also doesn’t have any kids.

In this article, let’s find out more about the ex-girlfriend of Steve Perry.

How old is Sherrie Swafford? Details on Her Parents and Childhood

Swafford was born in 1953. Her age is 67 as of 2021. She is from Bakersfield, California. She spent most of her childhood days in her hometown of Bakersfield with her American parents. She also has a younger sister. The family of four later moved to Driller Ave.

Besides, her former partner Perry was the only child born to Portuguese parents. His father Raymond Perry was a vocalist.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Swafford is an American as per her nationality and is a Caucasian as per her ethnicity.

What is Sherrie Swafford Up to These Days?

Swafford is an esthetician as per her profession. She also owns a Skin Care business in Bakersfield. In addition to her skin business, Steve Perry’s ex-partner is also a yoga teacher.

Sherrie Swafford is a yoga guru.
Sherrie is a yoga teacher.
Source: YouTube

But, Sherrie has kept further information regarding her professional endeavors to herself.

Sherrie Swafford Relationship With Steve Perry

Swafford began dating her rock star boyfriend back in the early 1980s. Although the couple didn’t talk much about their relationship to the media, the two were pretty much into with each other.

Sherrie Swafford's ex-beau Steve Perry
Sherrie previously dated Steve for years.

Back in November 2011, the Journey lead singer told Tampa Bay Times about the strong bond they had shared at the time,

“Sherrie and I were crazy in love, I can tell you that. And it was a very tough time because the band was peaking. And if any woman out there thinks that it would be real exciting to be the girlfriend of somebody in a band like that and that it would be all peaches and cream, the truth is that it’s hard to navigate a relationship when you’re in the midst of such a ride.”

Steve Perry Written a Hit ‘O Sherrie’ For His Girlfriend

While the two were leading a happy and delightful relationship, Steve also decided to write a song, Oh Sherrie! dedicating to his then-girlfriend Sherrie. She played the title role in the music video. The song, which released in 1984, went viral, becoming one of the most selling songs from the hit solo album Steet Talk.

Here is the clip to watch the terrific chemistry between Steve and Sherrie,  

Their Break Up

Some reliable online sources reported that the couple dated for around five years until they split in the late 1980s. Although neither Sherrie nor her ex-boyfriend Steve ever talked about how their relationship dissolved, it was more likely that Steve’s hectic schedule and the pressure of Journey’s success and often touring demands.

Sherrie Swafford Steve Perry
Sherrie along with her then-partner Steve on the music video ‘O Sherrie.’ Source: YouTube

Who did Sherrie Swafford Marry?

According to her interview with Marc Tyler Nobleman, an author of Noblemania, Sherrie opened up she isn’t married yet, neither does have any children. Although Swafford declined a full interview, she revealed a little bit about her personal and professional life. She said,

“MTV, VH1 [contacted me and] I did nothing and hoped they thought it was the wrong number! I am an esthetician, teach yoga, never married, no children.

In the same interview, the yoga teacher said that she is an animal lover and also loves to spend her spare time planting flowers. Swafford further added she also cherishes her privacy,

“Love my animals, planting flowers and life. Cherish my friends (including Steve) and my privacy. It was so different for us! It was just Love, nothing else.”

Steve Perry Has Never Married

Like his ex-girlfriend Sherrie, Steve is an eternal bachelor. The artist was in a number of serious relationships throughout his life in the limelight but never got married.

Perry wrote in his lengthy blog post in June 2013 that he was crazy in love with Kellie Nash, the psychologist. The two came across through his friend, Patty Jenkins. Kellie was a breast cancer survivor and also told her then-beau that her disease might be back. Unfortunately, after dating for one and a half years, Nash was again diagnosed with cancer which eventually took her life in Dec 2012.

Back in 1998, the singer also underwent a successful hit replacement surgery.

What is Sherrie Wwafford Net Worth?

Her net worth is $200,000 in 202. She mostly makes money from her works as a yoga guru and esthetician. On the other hand, her ex-beau Steve has an estimated net worth of $60 million. The greatest musician has earned the majority portion of his wealth from his prolific music career.