Who Is Starla Baskett? Interesting Facts About Zac Efron’s Mother

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Who Is Starla Baskett? Interesting Facts About Zac Efron’s Mother
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Starla Baskett is the mother of the High School Musical actor, Zac Efron. Baskett had Efron and his brother with her former husband, David with whom she was together for almost 31 years.

Zac Efron himself occasionally mentions his mother, Starla in interviews. In fact, as it appears, she played a huge role in cementing his career. Intriguing enough, the mother and the son also have a bit of a weird relationship.

Know all about those in the ensuing writings including her life before becoming the mother of a famous movie star, and a portion more about her personal as well as professional life.

Zac Efron’s Mother Starla Baskett Used To Work As A Secretary  

So far, the High School Musical star has let out only a few or two things about his mother, Baskett. With an exception to her lineage, hereditary Infos, what people know about Starla is that she was born in Jan 1949. What’s also known is Baskett used to work as a secretary at the same power plant as Efron’s father in Diablo Canyon.

Zac Efron with his mother, Starla Baskett
Zac Efron with his mother, Starla Baskett

Though, after the aforesaid facts, Zac’s mother is nothing more than just a person who shares some special connection with an A-list Hollywood star.

Baskett And Her Ex-Husband, David Efron Were Co-Workers   

Starla’s former husband, David Efron, when last reported, used to be an engineer at a power plant. It was also the place where they met each other, became co-workers, and ultimately formed a relationship.

Though what is unknown is when did Baskett and David tie the knot.

Zac Efron's mother and father with their sons.
Zac Efron’s mother and father with their sons.

Her husband, David is also a graduate of the California Maritime Academy and her in-laws are Jewish.

Although not much about their relationship is known, they reportedly were together for a considerable amount of time (supposedly three decades) as they both saw their sons growing into adulthood all the way from their birth.

Baskett, however, would part ways with David in March 2015. The following year, in Sep 2016 Efron’s mom, due to irreconcilable differences filed for divorce from his father, David Efron.

Starla And David After The Divorce

After separation from Baskett, the Baywatch actor’s father married another woman with whom he had a daughter, Olivia. Though Zac didn’t share his half-sister’s pictures up until Oct 2021 on his Instagram.

As for his mother, no one outside the actor’s inner circle knows if Starla remarried after her split from David. What makes the matter more concealed is the now 75-year-old is also quite standoffish to networking sites (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter).

Some sources, nonetheless, have reported that she resides in Arroyo Grande, CA.

Starla Baskett Had Two Sons With David Efron 

With David, she had two children including Zac; the other being, Efron’s brother, Dylan. She gave birth to her son, Zac in San Luis Obispo, California.

Zac Efron with his younger brother, Dylan Efron.
Zac Efron with his younger brother, Dylan Efron

After his birth, Starla and her family moved to Arroyo Grande, California. She raised her children in an agnostic household but her famous son did not practice any religion as a child.

Her sons’ surname, “Efron” (אפרון), is an Ashkenazi Jewish surname, from a Biblical place name.

Baskett’s actor-son, Zac describes himself as Jewish. Speaking of his early life under Starla and David’s guardianship, Efron described it as a “normal childhood” in a middle-class family. Efron’s mother, Starla, reportedly was the more nurturing figure.

It was Baskett and her ex-husband, David who insisted Zac do some extracurricular activity, the result of which saw him becoming an actor.

Baskett Forced Her Son Zac For His First Audition 

In an interview, Efron talked about how his mother once dropped him and his siblings off in the middle of North Hollywood and let them go to intensive Disney auditions all by themselves.

She hadn’t told them they were going to audition for the High School Musicals.

“My mom dropped me off out of a minivan somewhere in North Hollywood. I had no idea what to expect,”

the 34-year-old star remembered.

Baskett’s son further revealed how there were about 40 guys and as they walked in, director Kenny Ortega and his team put everybody in a room together. After that, Zac explained, they ran through different phases of dancing, singing. He ultimately went through the next round.

He passed the scene-reading sections with Vanessa Hudgens. The High School Musical became an international phenomenon, making Efron and Hudgens breakout stars. They also were the girlfriend and the boyfriend in real life.

Earlier, Efron then 17 had all but given up hope of a career as an actor and was set to study film at USC.

She Gave Her Son Zac A Weird Gift  

In Dec 2015 Zac’s mom surprised her Hollywood star son with some weird Christmas gift.

The former secretary gave her son a cookbook which all its recipes for penis pasta. It, however, was pages of recipes about making pasta with noodles shaped like penises.

She Also Bought Him A Lot Of Condoms 

Turns out, Baskett has some sort of urge to create awkward moments with her son. In March 2009, while talking to Now Magazine, Zac said his mother, Starla once bought him condoms and economy boxes. The Paperboy star had just come out of a store that, to his mother, looked like a Sex Shop.

“My mom is like, ‘Zac, what did you buy in a sex shop?’”

Zac quoted his mother.

Zac Efron's mother, Starla Baskett once bought him a lot of economy boxes of condoms.
Starla Baskett once bought him a lot of economy boxes of condoms.

The Daytime Emmy Award Winner actor said he tried to convince his mom it was not a sex shop but she wouldn’t believe it. And for Christmas, Zac disclosed she bought him a stocking full of economy condoms.

Baskett Didn’t Hesitate Watching Her Son’s Love Scenes 

Starla also doesn’t hesitate to watch her son’s love scenes in movies. While talking with People, the Neighbors star confessed he and his mother saw his 2012 film, The Lucky Ones together and he was kind of squirming.

The California-born actor said even though his mother was a couple of seats down from him, he tried to duck out during those scenes since it was too embarrassing. Zac stated knowing his mom and family were watching his love scenes was kind of awkward.

Interestingly as per the Dirty Grandpa star, his mother laughed out loud at those sex scenes. When she first saw it at the screening, Zac said, she cried out, ‘Oh god, that’s my son.’

The theater then burst into laughter.

She Didn’t Always Have A Good Relationship With Son Zac Efron  

Reading the aforesaid bizarre son and mother incidents, one might find it hard to believe Zac and Baskett allegedly didn’t have healthy terms.

Per some, Efron’s relationship with his parents has always been tense. In Sep 2013, TMZ even reported Efron’s controlling mother and father were a factor in his descent into his early 2010s drug abuse.

The sources, though, at the time also added despite past difficulties Zac became close with both Baskett and his father as time went by.

Then when the news of Starla and David’s separation broke out, some insiders from the Efron family said the divorce of Starla and her then-electrical engineer husband put Zac on the verge of a relapse.

How Rich Is Baskett’s Son, Zac Efron?

Baskett’s son, Zac is quite a wealthy celebrity with his net worth, by and large, estimated at over $25 million.

The former teenage heartthrob was on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list in 2008 at number 92, with approximated earnings of $5.8 million from June 2007 to June 2008.

The following year, in April 2009, his personal wealth equaled about $10 million. In May 2015, Starla’s son’s net worth was $18 million.

Despite High School Musical – turning out to be a big hit, Efron reportedly only received about $100,000 for the first movie. Though this was still a ton of money for the then-teenage star.

However, for High School Musical 3: Senior Year Efron got a major paycheck bump, with his salary hovering somewhere between $3-5 million.

In addition to acting, Efron also pulls in quite a load of money from his own production company under Warner Bros., Ninjas Runnin’ Wild.

Other Facts

  • Baskett loves cheeky puppets who sing about porn.
  • Zac claims his mom is his biggest supporter.  
  • TV series Trapper John MD actor, Gregory Harrison had a crush on his mother, Starla Baskett, when they were in high school.


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