Who Is Sunrise Coigney? Everything About Mark Ruffalo’s Wife

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Sunrise Coigney is an actress and a businesswoman who is better known as the wife of the Avengers actor, Mark Ruffalo. She is known for films like In the Cut (2003), Campfire Stories (2001), and 100 Centre Street (2001). Ruffalo and Coigney have been married for over 21 years.

What often gets unnoticed is that people don’t know that much about his wife. Though Mark considers himself to be a “very hands-on father,” he gives credit to Sunny for “holding it all together.” In fact, the actor doesn’t miss any chance to talk about his love and respect for his partner of more than 20 years.

Know all about Sunrise Coigney; how she met the Hollywood star, how many children does she have with Ruffalo, what she does professionally, and much more.

Sunrise Coigney Is Half French, Half American 

Coigney, fully,  Christina Sunrise Coigney was born on September 17, 1972 (age 49 years), in San Francisco, California. She also goes by the name Sunny.

Her father’s name is Joel Coigney. While not much about her heritage is known, in an interview with Elle Decor in April 2019, she said she is also of French nationality. Ruffalo’s spouse explained her father is French, and her mother, an American. She added her maternal grandmother was a decorator in San Francisco.

People once reported that Mark Ruffalo's wife, Sunrise Coigney is of French descent.
Mark Ruffalo’s wife, Sunrise Coigney was born in San Francisco but mostly grew up in New Orleans. Source: Instagram 

She mostly grew up in New Orleans and Paris. The Californian once revealed she and her husband both grew up around a lot of trees though in a separate state. Hers were big oak trees, her husband was more like forests, Coigney said.

Sunny said she comes from a family of women who are decorators and has always been around beautiful homes with a singular vision. And in France, her relatives were chic women who lived in classic Parisian apartments. She admits she comes from a bohemian hippie background.

On the other hand, the Golden State resident revealed she and her dad lived in a van for a while, first in New Orleans and then they spent a year on the road. She confessed her father was very anti-bourgeoisie. Therefore, even when they moved to New York and had a home, her father didn’t like having any furniture. Coigney and her family had just the essentials: a plate, table setting, and bed for each of the family members. Her father loved roller skating in the house.

Sunrise Coigney Is An Actress 

Much like her husband, Sunrise is also an actress albeit seemingly semi-retired. In the early 2000s, she had a few small roles in TV shows, including In the Cut and Campfire Stories. In the former movie, she acted alongside her husband.

The now 49-year-old also starred as Brenda Ravelle in the series, Line of Fire (from 2003 until 2005).

Coigney’s acting career, however, slowed down when she decided to stay home and raise her family. She recently acted in a short fantasy movie, Palacetor.

Sunrise Coigney Has A Boutique Store And Is An Antique Retailer

After unofficially quitting Hollywood and having raised her children, Coigney, a Virgo, shifted her pursuit to retail. In 2017, she launched a summer boutique, called Sunny’s Callicoon Pop in Callicoon, New York. The store contained artisan items she had collected over the years.

Mark Ruffalo's wife, Sunrise Coigney now runs an online antique shop.
After quitting acting, Sunrise Coigney launched her boutique shop but later shifted it to online. She is also an antique dealer.

Although the physical store no longer exists, Sunny continues to run the online version of the boutique, Sunny’s Pop, which she opened in 2018. Her e-store features an eclectic range of antiques from 19th century east lake to mid-century modern, homewares, and gifts.

Coigney also owned a store called Kaviar and Kind in Los Angeles over a decade ago.

“I always knew I’d sort of finding my way to retail,”

said Ms. Ruffalo with WWD. She added it’s where she finds her joy: to surround herself with beautiful things. She also said that there are things that people find scary or sad but she finds them quite beautiful.

People close to her describe her as a natural explorer. Over the years, she has culminated a collection of curiosities for the boutique. She says she is really drawn to an artist; more precisely to people’s vulnerability.

Sunny explained the less varied life she lived with her father led her drawn to making interiors.

How Mark Ruffalo Met His Wife, Sunrise 

When talking with Closer Weekly, the actor said he used to audition 800 times without landing a part. He added he was tending bar at Chateau Marmont [in L.A.]. He had seen Johnny Depp and Nic Cage hanging around, hugely successful, while he was barely making a living.

The Wisconsin-born actor admitted that he even decided to quit at least four or five times in his 20s. Not long after, he said he met his wife. Mark said he and his future partner, Coigney met on the street (literally) back in 1998 when the Marvel star was in his early thirties.

“I was living in a dump and didn’t even have a driver’s license or a credit card,”

Ruffalo reported. The 13 Going 30 – star said while the mother of his children thought he was a mess, but she believed in him and kept encouraging. Mark admits he couldn’t say if he would have made it without her.

One Of Mark’s Friends Was Also Interested In Sunrise Coigney 

Although Mark had started to like Coigney shortly after their first-ever meeting, he couldn’t express his feelings to her right away. As such one of his close friends also bore the same feeling.

Sunrise Coigney initially rejected Mark Ruffalo's proposal.
Mark and Coigney met in 1998 when the former was a struggling actor.

They, anyhow, started dating and a while later they bought a house in the upstate New York area of Callicoon. The couple still resides there. In the beginning, Mark was doing theater, and they had no money, says Sunrise.

The Ruffalo family has been homeowners in upstate New York since 1999. Though they briefly relocated to California once they started to have children.

After a few years of dating, Mark asked Coigney to marry him but she denied it. Mark, nonetheless, still pursued and proposed again. And this time, the future antique dealer concurred.

The couple married each other in June 2000. The groom hopped to the marriage — having just finished his 2003 film, XX/XY.

Sunrise Coigney Has Three Children With Her Husband

Mark and his wife, Coigney share three children; currently all in their teens. They include son Keen (19) and two daughters, Bella Noche (15) and Odette (13).

After having children Mark and his wife moved to California but later shifted back to New York.
Mark and Sunrise with their children. from right, Keen, Sunrise, Oddett, Bella, and Mark. Source: Getty

After the couple welcomed Keen, Coigney stepped back from her career to take care of her children. With WWD, the 45-year-old former model and shop owner explained her reason to take a break from acting. She reported a woman once telling her that she could always get a second chance at her, but not with her children.

When their kids were still young, they moved from L.A. to Callicoon, New York.

Is She Coming Back To Hollywood? 

When asked how much she cared about having a glamorous “Hollywood” lifestyle, Ms. Ruffalo said, “Not at all!” The vintage item collector explained while her lifestyle is messy and chaotic with her family, but she is okay with it.

Sunrise added she loves the fact that there is always life in her house. And as per her French root, she said she is drawn to patina and likes “dancing to the beat of her own drum.”

Although she directly didn’t address the possibility of coming back to Hollywood, she did insinuate that collecting old artifacts and being a mom is what she is currently happy with.

Other Facts About Sunrise Coigney

  • She had her first baby with natural childbirth.
  • In 2002, her husband, Mark underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.
  • She lost her brother-in-law, Scott Ruffalo in 2008 at a shootout in Beverly Hills. Sunrise and her family, wherefore, moved back to New York.
  • While living in Callicoon, Michelle Williams came to visit them and ended up buying a house nearby. Williams’ daughter and her kids all went to the same Montessori school.
  • In an interview, she revealed she’d traveled all around the world by the time she was 18. In fact, she then had been around the globe three times.
  • Coigney is also a friend of the Narcos actress, Pedro Pascal, and actress, Naomi Watts.
  • Sunrise along with her husband has also advocated for the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality, a series from the Human Rights Campaign. The couple believes everyone should have the right and the chance to be with the person they love – straight or gay.
  • She likes darker colors including periwinkle, olive, slate, and marigold.
  •  Coigney also loves the Catskills.


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