Who Is Tom Griswold Wife Betsy Griswold?

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Who Is Tom Griswold Wife Betsy Griswold?
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Tom Griswold‘s wife Betsy Griswold was with the host of the radio show The Bob And Tom Show for several years. The couple also had several children. Tom, the co-host has had many relationships in the past.

Of the several women the radio show host has had a relationship with, Betsy Griswold is the most talked about. Some suggest Betsy and Tom are still in a relationship while others claim the opposite. Know the truth in the write-up below.

Is Tom Griswold Wife Betsy Griswold Still With The Radio Host?

The complete details of Tom and Betsy’s relationship are unknown but when they were together, they welcomed four kids, a daughter, and three sons. Their names are Willie, Charlie, Sam, and Lucy. Unfortunately one of the children, Charlie lost his life on July 29, 2022.

Sources massively believe Tom Griswold is still married to Betsy Murphy Griswold but there are few that say the two have already separated and that the now 69 years old is already in a relationship with a woman named Kelly McCarthy.

Turns out Murphy and Tom went through a rough phase behind closed doors and processed their divorce in likewise manner. In fact, a select few sources claim the former couple finalized their divorce way back in the late 1990s. As such The Daily Journal from Franklin Indiana, July 14, 2000 states the couple filed the divorce in Johnson Superior Court 1 which was more than a year before the news piece was published.

The Bob And Tom Show co host Tom Griswold and his ex-wife Betsy Griswold
Tom Griswold and his humanitarian ex-wife Betsy Griswold

The ex-husband and wife, however, have remained quiet about it to this date and neither of their children has spoken about their parent’s separation. One other thing that attests to this speculation is the family portraits that Betsy often shares on her social media. Her supposed husband Tom seems to be missing from all of them.

Murphy’s official website’s bio also infers that she is no longer a married woman. As such, her profile reads ‘she is a writer, performer, mother, grandmother, and guide for women to retrieve the hidden parts of our stories.’ The narrative clearly deduces that she has several roles for the time being but wife-to-somebody just isn’t one of them. It could be taken as that she is currently single or no longer in a courtship with her husband Tom Griswold.

Tom Griswold Wife Betsy Griswold; What Does She Do?

Betsy Griswold, who now prefers to go by the name Betsy B Murphy is an author, humanitarian, and veteran filmmaker of several acclaimed feature documentaries. She is also the founder of Figaro Inc. Tom Griswold’s ex-wife launched it to produce films that inspire, enlighten, entertain, and educate.

Betsy, who was born and grew up in Indiana, furthermore is the owner of a publishing collective, Beautiful Infinity Books.

Indiana born writer and filmmaker and also the ex wife of Tom Griswold, Betsy Griswold
Beautiful Infinity Books owner and Tom Griswold’s ex-wife Betsy Griswold

Tom’s former spouse Betsy began as a producer/writer of commercials and nonfiction programming. She studied at Southern Methodist University from where she graduated with a degree in BFA in broadcast journalism.

Betsy currently resides in California or it is where she mostly operates from.

Is Betsy Griswold Married Or In A New Relationship?

Betsy’s life on social media doesn’t say the author is married to a new husband or has a new boyfriend/partner.

If anything, Tom’s ex-spouse’s social media says she absolutely adores her granddaughter, Rayna. Betsy has shared a multitude of pictures of her grandchild all over her Facebook and other such handles.

Tom Griswold's ex wife Betsy Griswold sharing the picture of her grandchild Rayna on her Facebook
Betsy Griswold’s granddaughter Rayna on her grandmother’s Facebook

However, none of the feeds say or talk about who Betsy’s current husband or partner may be. For what it’s worth, she could be all single and choosing to stand on her own.


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