Who is Vivica Fox’s Boyfriend in 2023? Is she Dating?

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Born on 30th July 1964, Vivica Anjanetta Fox is a popular American actress. In fact, she is one of the all-rounding personalities in Hollywood showbiz, exploring her career as a producer and a TV host as well. The 58-year-old entertainer has been a huge part of the industry since 1983.

But, when you love an artist, their amazing work is not the only thing that you’ll be interested in – their personal, romantic life also gives us the hit of entertainment. So, what’s going on in Fox’s love life? Who is Vivica Fox’s boyfriend in 2023? Don’t worry, we have all the answers.

Therefore, this article is all about Fox’s romantic life. What ups and downs has she faced in her love life? Let’s find out together!

Is Vivica Fox Secretly Dating A Boyfriend?

It has been almost 21 years since the Kingdom Come actress, Vivica Fox got divorced for the first time ever. For over 2 decades, she has faced plenty of ups and downs in her love life. From being a married woman to enjoying her single life, Vivica has experienced a lot! Even more so, we often come across rumors of her engaging with men, either way, younger than her, or older. There simply isn’t a limit to her dating life.

Vivica Fox is in her late fifties
58-year-old Vivica Fox – an actress, producer, and TV host.

However, in recent days, Fox has been a little private with her romantic affairs. In 2023 so far, we have not come across any burning rumors or concrete news of the actress being in a romantic relationship. Our sources also couldn’t confirm whether she has a boyfriend in her life – casual or serious – or not.

Therefore, there isn’t a legitimate answer for her dating mystery in 2023. The star from Independence Day will soon turn 59 years old this year. Thus, maybe because of her age, she is not into dating anymore; or, she simply is still focused on building a strong, empowering career for herself. The reasons are limitless! Furthermore, there is a possibility of her having a new guy as her boyfriend but does not want to flaunt him to the world. Being a woman in her late 50s, Vivica might just be waiting for a man who cherishes her and loves her with all his heart.

What Happened In Her Previous Marriage to Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest?

In 1998, when Fox was trying to make a living out of her acting, she got married to Christopher “Sixx-Nine” Harvest. At that time, he was a struggling vocalist and model. It hasn’t been confirmed yet since when the two began their romantic journey together. But, there is a possible theory of they dated only for a short period before deciding to tie the knot. According to the actress herself, she was “peer pressured” into marrying Harvest. Hence, the marriage was bound to never work.

Christoper Harvest, model/vocalist
Fox and Harvest pictured together before their divorce in 2002

So, what led to their divorce? After almost 4 years, Vivica felt like she was the main earner of her home – this did not sit right with her. Furthermore, as her ex-hubby’s group was denied a record deal, he did not show any interest in moving forward with his career. His wife, Fox, did not like him like that. She was an up-and-coming actress back then and wanted her partner to also contribute to the finances at home. Thus, in 2002, she filed for a divorce.

Rapper 50 Cent Is Vivica’s Ex-Boyfriend; The Artists Dated For 4 Months

As soon as she decided to walk on a different path, Fox came across the rapper, 50 Cent. Let us tell you, he swept her off her feet!

The American rapper, 50 Cent
Fox and 50 Cent – her very short yet sweet love interest from 2003.

In 2003, almost a year after her divorce, this actress from the film, Booty Call started dating the famous US rapper, 50 Cent. They had a great time with each other for 4 long months before calling it quits. Even more so, he was the one who gave her hope in love after how things ended with her ex-husband. Unfortunately, they were not destined to spend the rest of their lives together.

Moreover, it has been a long time since they broke up but Fox revealed in one of her recent interviews that she was still attracted to her previous link, 50 Cent. However, she also mentioned that nothing good will come off if she decided to give him another shot. In addition, she feels like he still is very near and dear to her heart.

Fox Almost Got Married For The Second Time; Who Is Her Ex-Fiance?

9 years later of her failed marriage, Fox almost got herself married again! She was smitten by a club promoter, Omar “Slimm” White who made her feel like she found the ultimate answer to all romantic needs. The specific date of the start of their relationship isn’t out and about yet, but it is known that Omar and Vivica were engaged for 10 months in 2011.

Fox's second shot at marriage
Fox and Omar White – the love that did not work out.

If their engagement had worked out, it would have been the actress’s second shot at marriage. Sadly, that did not happen. In November 2011, White broke his 10-month-long engagement with the Generations actress. According to him, Vivica invited a lot of unnecessary drama into their life as a couple. Not only this but there was also a lack of communication between them which often led to arguments. Eventually, he lost the idea of establishing a future together with Vivica. Hence, the engagement was called off and they decided to walk separately.

 Vivica Fox Has Dated Both Younger And Older Men; Her Rumored Boyfriends So Far

As we have already mentioned, there is no limit to this actress’ dating life – she has dated men too young and too old as well just like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Being an actress in her fifties, Fox has engaged in a “rumored” affair with an actor who is in his thirties. Not only this but she met him on the set of a movie where she played the role of his mother. It was none other than, Robert Ri’Chard, and the movie was Chocolate City.

Likewise, the actress has also had a good time with the former NBA player, Dennis Rodman.

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