Who Is Warren Buffett’s Wife Astrid Menks? Untold Facts About Her

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Who Is Warren Buffett’s Wife Astrid Menks? Untold Facts About Her
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Astrid Menks is the wife of a business tycoon, Warren Buffett, the current chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Her husband is one of the most successful investors in the world with a net worth of over $117 billion.

Nonetheless below lies some pointers that might be worth checking about Astrid Menks. Scroll all through her early stories (wikis), how she came to be Mrs. Buffett, and beyond.


Full NameAstrid Menks
Birth DateJanuary 1946
Birth PlaceLatvia
HusbandWarren Buffett
Wedding Date2006
Net Worth$5 Million

Astrid Menks Is A Latvian

Astrid is originally from Latvia and is a Latvian in terms of her nationality. Menks was born in Jan 1946 which makes her 77 years of age as of 2023. She is 16 years younger than her billionaire husband Warren.

Latvian-born Astrid Menks the wife of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet
Berkshire Hathaway’s CEO Warren Buffett’s wife Astrid Menks. AP

Was A Waitress In Nebraska

She used to work as a waitress at The French Cafe cocktail bar in Omaha, Nebraska. It is the same place where Buffett’s late wife, Susan used to sing.

Astrid Menks Was Friends With Her Husband’s First Wife

By all accounts, Astrid and Warren’s first wife Susan were the best of friends. There are several pictures of the women getting out together in public on many occasions, sometimes even holding hands. Additionally, their mothers were also each other’s pals.

What Does Menks Do For A Living?

As per the reports, Astrid’s a woman who has always had a keen interest in antiques. She loves buying and selling antiques and is a bargain hunter and a recycler.

Where Did Astrid Meet Her Husband Warren Buffett?

Menks first met her spouse Buffett in the mid-1970s when the latter’s first wife resumed her career as a nightclub singer by taking a job at the French Café, an upscale Omaha nightspot. Astrid was working there as a waitress, serving a faux-French menu with dishes such as “le surf and turf”.

Astrid Menks with her husband Warren Buffet.
Sixth wealthiest person on Earth Warren Buffett with his wife Astrid Menks.

Amidst the time, Warren’s ex-wife Susan had left him in 1977 after a quarter of a century of marriage. She had chosen to move to San Francisco to pursue her career. Some insiders report the other reason she left the Omaha-born businessman was because of the attention her increasingly famous husband was receiving.

Warren married his first wife Susan in 1952. Their separation, however, was only partial. The couple continued to see each other regularly. They would socialize and work together frequently.

Even after the separation, Susan asked several friends in Omaha to look after her husband – including Menks, who began discreetly delivering him homemade soup and moved in with him a year later. The late activist introduced the Columbia University graduate to Astrid Menks explaining,

“I called Astrid. I said, Astrid, will you take Warren, make him some soup, go over there and look after him?”

Speaking on her husband’s behalf regarding Menks, Susan said, “He appreciates it, and I appreciate it,” said Susie. “She’s a wonderful person.”

Astrid Menks And Buffett Had An Inexpensive Wedding

The Latvian-American woman, Astrid, and Warren’s 15-minute wedding ceremony had a judge, Patricia Lamberty as their minister. The only witnesses were Buffett’s daughter and Menks’s sister, and there were no paparazzi. It was a typically low-key affair for Buffett, who avoids glamour at all costs.

Astrid and Buffett married in Aug 2006; it was also the latter’s 76th birthday. The wedding took place at Buffett’s white stucco house in the prairie city of Omaha. She and her Philanthropist husband still live in a home that Buffett bought for $31,500 in 1958.

Warren Buffet with his wife, Astrid Menks and his late wife Susan Thompson
from left, Warren Buffett, Astrid Menks, and Susie Alice Thompson (the daughter of Warren with Susan)

Despite Warren being a billionaire Astrid and his marriage happened in quite a frugal manner. Buffett apparently sported an everyday business suit, the ring was a discount purchase through his own company and the reception was a meal at the Bonefish Grill, an American-wide seafood chain.

Astrid Menks Husband Is A Billionaire?

While Forbes estimates Menks’ husband, Buffett has an estimated net worth of over $117.1 billion, no such estimation has been concluded for the Latvian’s net worth.

Did Menks Husband, Warren Buffett Disown His Grandaughter? 

When in a relationship with his first wife, Susan Thompson, Warren welcomed three children. They are Susan Alice Buffett, Howard Graham Buffett, and Peter Buffett. The latter adopted twin girls (Erica and Nicole) thereby making his billionaire father grandad of two more.

Peter is actually the girl’s stepfather which he became after marrying the identical twins’ mother Mary Buffett.

However, when, in 2006, Nicole appeared in Jamie Johnson’s documentary, The One Percent, about rich kids, she said that money seemed to be important to her step-grandfather, Warren Buffett. Buffett later found this quite offensive and consequently cut Erica and her twin sister (who had not appeared in the film) out of his life; personally and financially.

Warren in a statement wrote,

“I have not emotionally or legally adopted you as a grandchild, nor have the rest of my family adopted you as a niece or a cousin.”

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