Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner? Truth About His Biological Father, Disability, & More

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Who Is Zachary Taylor Warner? Truth About His Biological Father, Disability, & More
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Zachary Taylor Warner is famous for being the stepson of an American former football quarterback, a 12-season NFL player Kurt Warner. Further, he is also the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl as a primary starter. He has also made several records in his playing career including the Highest average passing yards on Monday Night Football, the highest rates of games with 300+ yards, and many more.

Similarly, like his father, his mother Brenda Carney Meoni (now Brenda Warner) is also a career-oriented person. By profession, Zachary’s mom is a former U.S. marine corps, a philanthropist, and a social media influencer. Being the son of well-known personalities, Zachery has always been in the limelight. Further, he also became a major subject after the news of his disability came into the media. What is the truth?

We are here today to address all the curiosity of people regarding Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda Warner’s eldest son, Zachary Taylor Warner along with his age, the truth about his disabilities, his interest, net worth, and many more.

When Was Zachary Taylor Warner Born? His Age And Wiki

Zachary (nickname Zack) was born as the first child of his biological father Neil and mother Brenda on April 25, 1989, in the United States of America. Now, in 2023, he is already 34 years old man. As an infant, Zachary was under the care of his biological father as his mother was serving in the U.S. marine corps.

In the meantime, a four-month-old Zachary met an accident that left him injured for a lifetime and he had to grow up with Traumatic brain injury. Moving further and talking about his siblings, he has six siblings, one biological named Jesse Jo and the other half-siblings named Kade, Jada, Elijah, and twins Sienna and Sierra.


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Besides, Zachary is American as per his nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity.


Zachary Taylor Warner’s BirthdayApril 25, 1989
ParentsKurt Warner & Brenda Warner
SiblingsJesse Jo, Kade, Jada Jo, Elijah, Sienna, and Sierra

Zachary Taylor Warner Is A Stepson of Kurt Warner: His Parent’s Relationship

Zachary is the first child of his mother from her broken marriage. Later, her mother Brenda, who was a divorcee and a mother of two came across Kurt Warner who persuade her with so much love. In one interview, Brenda talked about her initial relationship with Kurt. She said,

“I told him, ‘I just want you to know I am a divorced mother of two, so if I never hear from you again, I will understand.’ That’s the way it usually worked.

Zachary Taylor Warner is eldest son of his parents
Zachary Taylor Warner’s parents, Kurt Warner and Brenda Warner

She further stated how Kurt without hesitation accepted her two children.

The next morning, he showed up with a rose and wanted to meet the kids. He fell in love with the kids a lot sooner than he fell in love with me. He looked at us as three blessings instead of just one. I just kept waiting for the man that I deserved, and God blessed me with him.”

Later his parents, Brenda and Kurt tied the knot on October 11, 1997, when Zachary was just 8 years old kid and his stepfather officially adopted him along with his sister without any hesitation.

Zachary’s Association With The Movie American Underdog

In 2021, Zachary became part of an American biographical sports film American Underdog. The movie is based on the life of his father Kurt Warner which is why Zachary is associated with the movie. The family even went to the theatre to watch the movie together.

Well, in this sports film, actor Hayden Zaller portrayed Zachary’s character.

Zachary Taylor Warner Is Blind With Brain Damage: What Had Happened?

As we said earlier, when he was just 4 months old, he met an accident. Actually his biological father Neil accidentally dropped him while giving him a bath resulting in Zachary’s brain injury.

According to the book One Call Away written by his mom Brenda, the family only came to know about the injury after Zack started having a breathing problem as he had started making weird noises as he breathed. It was soon after that Neil telephoned Brenda and was taken to the doctor. Later, he was diagnosed with brain damage, which left him blind for a lifetime.

Zachary Taylor Warner is blind with brain damage
Zachary Taylor Warner, in treatment

Whatever the situation came upon Zack and his mother Brenda, despite lamenting they celebrate this disability. Regarding her son’s injury, Brenda, on September 6, 2021, wrote on her Instagram sharing her firstborn child’s photo,

ZACKS DAY! He was injured 32 yrs ago today at 4 months old. We choose to celebrate this day Sept 6th because our lives all changed in an instant and we are grateful for Zack everyday. Celebrate with us! 2 rules: do something fun and eat whatever you want all day long

What Does Zachary Taylor Warner Do?

Going through his career, an NFL player’s stepson does not seem to be involved in anything professionally as he is completely blind. However, in his personal life, Zachary really is interested in singing. His mom Brenda once posted his video of singing with the caption

Thanks to the Keeper of the Stars, Zack doing his thing ❤️#ifyouknowyouknow

More than this, we are unable to say what exactly Zachary does for a living but just can assume that maybe he is looked after by his parents till today.

Zack Is A Cheerful Person

If we talk about his nature as a person, Zack is very humourous and kindhearted. Once, his mommy posted him on her Instagram writing about him. She wrote,

Everyone be like Zack today: be good to others, make someone belly laugh, flirt with middle aged married women, listen to music with a loud beat! 😉😜😊

From this, we can say that he is really a jolly kind of person and likes to live fully despite all his physical disabilities.

Zachary Taylor Warner’s Relationship, Girlfriend

As of 2022, the 33-year-old Zachary does not seem to be in any romantic affairs, and he is neither married yet. He is physically disabled and enjoying his single life alongside his big family of 6 siblings and his parents with whom his bonding is great.

Zachery Taylor Warner with his parents and siblings
Zachery Taylor Warner with his siblings and parents

Being the first child, his mother adores him a lot. As per his mom’s Instagrams stories, he is a loving uncle to his niece and a loving brother to all his siblings.

Is Zachary Taylor Warner Active on Social Media?

Warner does not have accounts on any of the social networking sites, neither Instagram nor on Facebook. But that doesn’t mean that people cannot see him and watch him doing his stuff.

Though he doesn’t have a personal social media account, we can see him on his mother’s Instagram under the username @brendawarner with 17.2k followers. His mother, Brenda keeps posting photos of Zachary on her Instagram.

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Zachary’s Net Worth

Well, born in a celebrity family, Zachary definitely is enjoying a luxurious life. But since he is not active professionally, he does not make money of his own.

However, his parents are super rich. While his father has a net worth of $30 million, his mother is estimated to own somewhere around $3 to $5 million.

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