Why Did Jennifer English Called Off Marriage with Husband?

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Jennifer English, known for her works in video games, like Elden Ring and Baldurs Gate, has been in a happy relationship for a long time, so fans wonder if she is married.

Previously, the actress was about to get married but it was called off making her fans more curious about her marital status. Stay tuned to learn more about Jennifer English’s husband, their love story, and more in this article.

Jennifer English Is Yet To Marry

Jennifer is not married as of December 2023. She started dating her new partner around 2021 which means it has only been around 3 years so they might not be ready to marry as of now.

Moreover, she has also not given any hint on her social media regarding marriage so we might have to wait a little longer.

She Once Almost Had a Husband

However, Jennifer was about to get married to her long-time boyfriend in 2021 but it was called off according to glammundo.com. At the same time, she also ended her 9-year-old relationship with her boyfriend.

Going by her current sexual orientation, she most definitely called it quits from her boyfriend after discovering her sexuality.

Nonetheless, the same year in December, she found another love, according to her Instagram post where she posted a picture with her girlfriend, but more on that later.

Well, Jennifer certainly belongs to those celebrities who discovered their true sexuality, after remaining in a long-term relationship.

Jennifer English’s Gay Rumors Are True

Anyone who follows her on any of her social media knows that she is a lesbian and queer and fully supports the LGBTQIA+ community.

Furthermore, she also has the LGBTQIA+ flag on the bio of her official Instagram account which makes it more clear. Likewise, you can even find some posts where she shows her support to the community as a member.

Jennifer does not only support her community, but she also has shown her love and support for the Black community and Ukraine through her social media.

Jennifer English Is In a Relationship with Aliona Baranova

The actress has been in a relationship with Aliona Baranova, who identifies as bisexual and queer since December 2021. The couple has been sharing their moments through social media so we can say they are quite happy together.

jennifer English Girlfriend
Jennifer English with her Girlfriend, Aliona Baranova.

Jennifer also shared a picture of them on a hot air balloon where she called Aliona her “girlfriend”. She wrote:

Am I done with being a social media hermit? WHO KNOWS BABES. Here’s a picture of me and my beautiful girlfriend in a motherfucking hot air balloon because why not. Hello friends I might be back. This year’s been weird but I’m vibing with it.

Jennifer and Aliona First Met at the Workplace

Like Jennifer, Aliona is also an actress and also currently works as a Mocap Director. Ironically, the couple met on the set of BALDUR’S GATE 3.

Jennifer played the role of a complex and troubled character, ShadowHeart, and Jennifer was the performance director on the set.

Additionally, Jennifer mentioned that Aliona first asked her if she was suffering from ADHD which she was and they first started as friends and later became a couple.

Jennifer English’s Girlfriend is Also An Actress

Aliona started her career in January 2016 and has been in the industry since then, according to her LinkedIn profile. Additionally, she started working as a Performance Director in 2020.

Before starting her professional career, she went to the now defunct The Poor School and Workhouse Theatre where she learned acting for 2 years starting from 2014. Furthermore, she also completed a Semester of Actor training at MXAT through the Moscow Art Theatre School.

After completing her education, she started acting as a Freelancer and is still in the same position after years. Her early role was in a short film called Timing where she played the role of Amelia.

She has also appeared in the drama series called Maternal where she portrayed Zoya. Nonetheless, Aliona largely became popular as the performance director of the famous game Baldur’s Gate III.