All You Should Know About Dylan Mulvaney Parents

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All You Should Know About Dylan Mulvaney Parents
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Dylan Mulvaney is a TikTok star, trans-right activist, and an actress known for her role as Curtis in the comedy series The Honest Show. Furthermore, Mulvaney widely captured media attention by documenting her gender transition with the title “Days of Girlhood” and posting it on her social networking sites.

Lately, Dylan has been one of the most controversial transgender women yet popular following her partnership with several beauty brands and Bud Light. As the one who is all around the headlines lately, it’s quite obvious to detail who her parents are.

So, here in this article, we will explore the information on Dylan Mulvaney’s parents in depth including their profession and family background. Have a close look.

Who Are Dylan Mulvaney’s Parents?

She is the son-turned-daughter of James Mulvaney Jr. and Donna Mulvaney. Both of her parents belong to a white ethnical background.

Talking about their career, Dylan’s dad is a philanthropist in San Diego while her mom seems to be a housewife. Well, before moving forward, let’s dig more into her father’s philanthropic career.

Dylan’s Father Is A Philanthropist

As mentioned, the TikTok star’s dad James is a philanthropist. He is also famous for baking and handing out bakery items to people for free. About his philanthropy, his daughter Dylan once mentioned on her Instagram while wishing him a happy birthday.

On May 31, 2021, Mulvaney posted her dad’s picture and wrote,

Happy birthday, Dad! And Yes he did pack multiple bags of homemade cookies and is giving them out to everyone we meet. 🍪🍪🍪

Dylan Mulvaney's father is a philanthropist
Dylan Mulvaney with her father. Source: Instagram

Further, in a 2021 TikTok video, the Awkwardness actress told,

“He makes 500 of them a week, and he’s never sold any of them, “He just gives them out to random strangers on the street or the beach.”

In this respect, James also said that people often call him and know him as a “Cookie Man.” The celebrity dad further stated that he once was a drug addict and later came out clean for the sake of his child. Now, he finds himself happy in baking and handing it out to people for free.

Dylan’s Father James Is The Son Of Lawyer-Cum-Investment Banker

Her dad belongs to an affluent family. Dylan’s grandfather James Mulanver Sr. was a lawyer by profession and later became an investment banker. During his banking career, Mulanver Sr. served as a banker for the controversial financial and industrialist C. Arnholt Smith at Westgate Corporation.

Further, James’ father also was a president of the old San Diego Padres baseball team. And for the team, he later served as a vice president and general counsel.

Like her father, James’ mom Ruth Mulanvey was also a working woman. She served on the Board of Directors of Meals on Wheels, the San Diego Library, the University of San Diego Auxiliary, and several other Civic Organizations.

Are Dylan Mulanvey’s Parents Still Together?

Looking at Dylan’s Instagram, it seems like her parents James and Doona are still together as husband and wife. Back in April 2016, he posted her mom and dad’s picture together on her Instagram with a caption,

My parents are in Cincy and I couldn’t be happier

So, back then, they seemed to be living in different cities. As far as the media is informed, the couple currently resides in San Deigo where their famous child Dylan was born and raised.

Dylan Considers Her Mother Donna Her BFF

The trans-activist Mulanvey has a close relationship with both her mother and father. However, among her two guardians, she likes to call her mom her best friend forever.

On June 16, 2018, while wishing a happy birthday to her beloved momma on Instagram, Dylan wrote alongside their adorable throwback picture,

Happy birthday to my mom/bff 💕

Dylan Mulvaney has a close bonding with his mom
Young Dylan Mulvaney with her mom. Source: Instagram


They both looked quite adorable in the photo. Besides, Dylan is now also ready to mingle with her boyfriend.

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