Facts About Josh Jacobs Mother Lachelle Jacobs

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Facts About Josh Jacobs Mother Lachelle Jacobs
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Lachelle Jacobs is the mother of an American football running back for the Las Vegas Raiders of the National Football League Josh Jacobs (aka Joshua Jacobs). In 2022, at NFL honors, her son was awarded the NFL’s first Jim Brown Award.

No doubt that Lachelle caught the media attention as a celebrity mother. But, what about her own personal and professional life? Is Lachelle Jacobs married? What is Josh Jacobs’ mother Lachelle doing now?

Here in this article, we have come up with some interesting facts about Lachelle Jacobs. Read everything about her.

How Old Is Josh Jacobs Mother Lachelle Jacobs?

As of 2023, Lachelle Jacobs is 45 years of age. She was born Lachelle Anntionette Bell in February 1978 in the United States of America. Apart from her birth details, no other information regarding her early life and parents is known. However, we assume that Jacobs grew up in a normal household and had a decent childhood.

Josh Jacobs' mom Lachelle Jacob is in her 40s
Lachelle Jacob

Besides, the celebrity mom belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity and holds American Nationality.

What Does Lachelle Jacobs Do?

To date, there is no authentic information on what exactly Lachelle does for a living. However, going through her Facebook account, it seems like Josh Jacobs’ mother is a working woman.

Lachelle Jacobs is a working woman
Lachelle Jacobs with her colleagues

As per the picture, Jacobs posted on her Facebook in February 2023, it looks like Josh’s momma is currently an employer at Iron Gate, a soup kitchen and grocery pantry located in downtown Tulsa. But, there’s also another possibility that Jacobs may be a volunteer of the company as Iron Gate is not just a restaurant but it’s a charity organization as well which feeds the hungry Tulsa.

On the other side, some other media portals also reported Josh’s mom worked as a Lead L&T Coordinator at Vanguard Car Rental in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Lachelle Is A Singer As Well

May not be professional but Lachelle is a great singer too. The sportsman’s mother is interested in singing and has a gorgeous voice as well.

On her Facebook, she posted some of her singing videos. Lastly, on September 26, 2022, she shared her video of singing with a caption

Mood: Trusting Him 🙌🏾 Sing this part of the song along with me. Sing it over and over until you believe the words for yourself. 🙏🏽 #justareminder #donteverforget

Lachelle Jacobs Was Married To Her Husband Marty Jacobs

As of now, Lachelle was previously married to her husband named Marty Jacobs. Though their marriage date is yet to discover, they had a blissful marital life before things turned south. From their beautiful marriage, the former husband and wife also experienced parenthood by welcoming their five children.

Lachelle Jacob was married to Marty Jacobs
Lachelle Jacob’s ex-husband

However, as time went by, their marriage also went through some disturbed phases. In fact, the couple fell out of love which eventually led them to an official separation. They got divorced in 2006 and the custody of their children went to Lachelle.

Is Luchelle Married Now?

Scrolling through her social media account, Jacobs doesn’t seem to have married again. There is not a single post that made us think of her remarriage. So, it’s safe to say that Jacobs is currently single.

Like her, her ex-husband Marty also seems to be single.

Lachelle Jacobs Is A Mother to Five Children

As mentioned above, Lachelle shares five children with her ex-husband Marty. She has four sons named Christopher Jacobs, Isaiah Jacobs, Marty Jacobs Jr., and Josh Jacobs. Further, she is also a mother of a daughter named Shaleya Jacobs.

Lachelle Jacobs is a mother
Lachelle Jacobs with her son. Source: Her Facebook

While the details about Christopher and Marty Jr. are not known, her other two sons Josh and Isaiah are players. And her daughter Shaleya is an owner of Beauty Speaks and is married to her husband David Rene. Further, she also has a son named Deanglo Bells as per her Facebook info. Deanglo is an alchemist in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Not only a mother but Lachelle is a grandmother as well. Her son Josh is a father of a six-year-old son named Braxton. Further, she is also a grandmom of her daughter’s son whose name is not known.

Lechelle’s Son Is A NFL Player; His Short Bio

Her son, Josh Jacob is an accomplished NFL player who played as a running back for Las Vegas Raiders. He was born on February 11, 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Josh, 25 began playing football as a high school student at McClain High School and continued as a footballer at the University of Alabama as well. With great records, Jacob named himself the most valuable player in the 2018 SEC championship game.

Lechelle Jacobs' son is a renowned player
Lechelle Jacobs’ son Josh Jacobs

In 2019, he played for Oakland Riders and after a year, he was selected by Las Vegas Raiders. Like Josh, Lechelle’s other son Isaiah Jacobs also is a professional athlete. He is a footballer for the University of Maryland Athletics.

Lechelle Jacob’s Children Chose Their Father For Their Upbringing; Wasn’t She A Doting Mother?

After Lechelle and her husband Marty separated, she had custody of her children. But shortly after, she relinquished the custody of her children and her kid’s guardianship was given to her ex-husband and her children’s father Marty. So, what really happened?

In an interview with NFL.com, her popular son opened up on why they went to live with their father. He said,

My father would give her a stack of money,  ‘She would go out and spend it and we’d be eating Salvation Army food.

He further explained,

I would ask her how she could go spend that money and not have good food for us to eat. She didn’t like that, how I rebelled and spoke up. So, she kicked me out.’

Looking at this statement, it looks like Lechelle wasn’t a caring mother due to which her children didn’t choose her as their guardian. It was Josh Jacobs who first chose his father for his upbringing and later his other siblings joined their dad. Their father did everything that he could do best for his children.

Short Profile in Table

NameLachelle Jacobs
Better known forJosh Jacobs’ mother
HusbandMarty Jacobs

What Is Lechelle Jacob’s Net Worth?

Going through several media outlets, it looks like Lechelle’s net worth has not been estimated. Meanwhile, her popular son Josh Jacob has an estimated fortune of $8 million.

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