Who Is Fergie Olver? Untold Story of The Canadian Game Show Host

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Who Is Fergie Olver? Untold Story of The Canadian Game Show Host
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  • Fergie Olver was born in Moose Jaw, Canada. 
  • Olver holds Canadian nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.  
  • He used to play baseball before pursuing a career in the same field as a media personality.  
  • Fergie has been married twice.

Fergie Olver is a retired television personality who spent the majority of his career as a game show host and sportscaster. He gained popularity for co-hosting Just Like Mom, the 1980s children’s game show along with his first wife Catherine Swing. But his behavior with underage kids on the show brought him huge backlash.

Find out about his career, net worth, children, and more in the following article!

Who is Fergie Olver? Co-Hosted ‘Just Like Mom’ with His wife

Fergie Olver is a former game show host and sportscaster who gained both popularity and notoriety for co-hosting the TV game show Just Like Mom. He worked on the show with his spouse Catherine Swing. It premiered in 1980 on CTV and ran until 1985 releasing a total of 595 episodes.

Fergie Olver hosted children's game show Just Like Mom.
Fergie Olver hosted the children’s game show Just Like Mom.
Source: PaperChaserDotCom

Talking about the show, a young child and his / her mother (or sporadically father) often featured in the show. The show was all about showing how much mothers and their children knew about each other by answering a series of questions. 

Fergie’s Early Life

Olver was born in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Despite being a TV personality, Fergie never disclosed any details about his family background.

Olver started out His career in sports as an outfielder

Fergie kicked-off his baseball career playing as an outfielder in the minor leagues. He later played in the semi-pro Western Baseball League before making a transition into broadcasting.

In 1969, Olver joined CTV’s television station CFCF-TV located in Montreal. He then began working with another CTV’s station licensed to Toronto called CFTO-TV.

In 1981, Olver landed a job as a broadcaster for the basketball team, Toronto Blue Jays. He also served as a dugout reporter for the team, covering games on several well-established channels like BBC, CTV, and TSN. Furthermore, he got the nomination for the Ford C. Frick Award for his significant contribution to baseball.

In addition, Fergie took part in a feature film Face-Off (1971) as a member of the press.

Know about Fergie Olver’s first Wife Catherine Swing

Fergie Olver was first married to Catherine Swing, a former Miss Canada. They shared the same love for the media field too. The couple, however, remained pretty secretive about their married life throughout the relationship.

His wife Catherine is also an actor and producer who appeared in a few movies and TV shows.

Fergie Olver's wife Catherine Swing.
Olver’s first wife Catherine Swing
Source: YouTube

They have two children, a son, Emily Olver, and a daughter, Alison Olver. They both also featured on their parents’ TV show Just Like Mom as a child.

Nonetheless, Fergie and Catherine divorced in 1984.

Fergie’s Second marriage to Susan Wheeler

Two-years after divorce from his first wife, Olver married Susan Wheeler in 1986. Similar to his previous marriage, the former game show host has also kept all the details to himself.

Several sources say the two are still blissfully married. But due to their infrequent and rare public appearance, it is really hard to say whether the two are still together or not.

Fergie has a daughter Carrie Olver from a secret relationship

Olver has a gorgeous daughter named Carrie Olver who has also been following in her dad’s footsteps. The lady started her media career working on Canadian home shopping channels in 1990. Later on, Olver worked for The Weather Network as a host and weather presenter.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, there are conflicting reports about her biological mother. Some tabloids suggest that Fergie’s second wife Susan gave birth to Carrie which is not realistic as Carrie was born in 1967, whereas Fergie and Susan had only known each other in the 1980s.

In fact, Carrie’s mother’s name is Georgia. She mentioned the name of her mother in the photo from their trip to Los Angeles to celebrate her grandmother Grace‘s 100th birthday on 6th July 2015.

Therefore, we can say that Fergie also had a relationship with a woman named Georgia. But they never came out with their romance to the public.

Olver controversy: Was once infamously named as a pedophile

Fergie Olver ran a TV show Just Like Mom in which several underage kids and their mother used to participate. Despite the early hype, the show later received huge bad reviews when its videos featuring Fergie’s creepy advances from little girls started surfacing on the internet.

Olver kissing a little girl on the show Just Like Mom.
Olver kissing a little girl on the show.
Source: Starcasm

One of Olver’s dirty behaviors was kissing underage girls even when they were reluctant and felt uncomfortable.

After such inappropriate behavior with kids, many critics and TV viewers started calling him a borderline pedophile and some others infamously named him a pervert.

As of now, Olver has almost vanished from the field.

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What is Fergie Olver Net Worth?

According to some authorized online sources, Fergie Olver has a net worth of $1 million. He has earned a major portion of his wealth from his TV career.


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