Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

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Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler
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If you want to tease your friends hitting them with Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds spoilers, you are at the right place. It is a manhua whose tales take the reader on fascinating and emotional concepts of sacrifice, power, and the human condition.

To sum it up, Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds is a story about a girl possessing supernatural abilities who somehow faces betrayal from one of her close friends. Following that, she turns herself into an evil being and this is where the plot takes a turn. Keep scrolling to learn the overall story and the spoilers that come along.

Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds Spoiler

In this story, the protagonist, Lua is a notable woman who has a gift to heal wounds by taking them onto herself. Her mother warns her not to disclose her powers to anyone. There are also saintly people who after knowing Lua’s power treat her as a flaw. One day, Garrett, who is the knight commander suffers a fatal injury but Lua is able to save him with her powers. Garret is also the man whom Lua loves. However, the credit for saving him goes to Lua’s friend Ariane.

Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds follow the story of Lua who has the superpowers to heal wounded people
Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds tells the story of Lua who has supernatural powers to heal.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Ariane spreads the false rumors that it is she who can heal the people. On the other hand, the people start to bully Lua, the one who can actually heal. As she becomes furious, she reveals her second power, the ability to inflict the wounds she has healed.

Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds include Lua who gets betrayed by her own friend
Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds has Lua who turns an innocent healing girl into a vengeful being.

In the meantime, the male lead in the story is prince Swen who asks for the protagonist’s assistance in fighting the beasts that are attacking people. He also talks Lula into taking vengeance against people who wronged her.

Vengeance From A Saint Full Of Wounds: Lua Allegiance With Swen

Sometime after their first meeting, there’s a revelation that discloses how the protagonist, Lula, and the prince, Swen have a special bond because they shared a pair of earrings as kids. Turns out Lua once had healed the prince when he sustained an injury. Shortly afterward they exchanged earrings as a token of appreciation. At one point during a ball, Lua wears the earrings ultimately helping her recognize the prince. They shortly begin to work together to uncover the conspiracy. Lua and Swen also set out on a quest to aid individuals who are social misfits like themselves.

They are also known for forming an evil woman and prince duo that helps people who have also been outcast by society. While forming an alliance and beating the beasts Lua comes to terms with her past and also learns a new purpose in life.


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