Dan Katz – Bio with Wife, Children, Girlfriend, Siblings

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  • Dan Katz was born on January 30th, 1985, in Wisconsin.
  • As of 2021, he is 36-year-old.
  • He stands at a height of 6ft 3in.
  • Belongs to the Jewish ethnic group.
  • Famous for hosting the podcast, Pardon My Take.

Dan Katz is an American blogger, writer, and podcast host. He is most famous among the sports community as Big Cat. Initially, he started out as a freelance writer for Barstool Sports and soon became a big name in the community.

The multi-talented personality keeps his personal life close to his chest. Thus fans are always eager to know all the intricate details about his life including, his wife, kids, where he grew up, college, and more.

Well, let’s find out all the answers to your queries here today!

Dan Katz’s Wiki-Bio: Parents, and Siblings

Dan was brought up by his parents in the state of Wisconsin. Growing up, some of his family members lived in Chicago so he used to go back and forth from Wisconsin to Chicago.

Upon finishing studying at Newton High School, Massachusetts, Dan enrolled at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He graduated from college in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree.

Dan before his time as a Barstool writer
Dan before his time as a Barstool writer

Since his childhood, Dan was quite into sports. Although he was born and bred in Wisconsin, he still supports the sports team from Chicago. It was due to his interest in sports that Dan started his own blog.

Talking about his parents, there is not much information about them. Though Dan is quite outspoken regarding many topics, he rarely speaks anything about his family. So far, there has been no mention of his mother and father, except a few times on Twitter.

In May of 2018, he asked his fans to request their mothers to score for the English football club, Swansea City via his Twitter account. In addition, he once posted a photo on Twitter with a guy, whom he claimed was his dad.

However, as it turns out, the man isn’t his father but he is the Vice President of Communication of San Francisco 49ers. He goes by the name, Bob Lange.

Similar to his parents, Dan has kept mum when it comes to siblings as well.

Besides, in December 2013, Dan’s uncle Jerry Paul Katz passed away.

Dan Katz became famous after he joined Barstool Sports

For around a decade, Dan has been a regular name in the Barstool community. Going by the nickname the Big Cat, at first, he used to be a regular caller in the show, Barstool Power which first aired in 2009. After a few years, Barstool Sports opened up a vacancy in Chicago and Dan immediately applied.

After taking a look at his profile and a blog he used to run back then, Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool, decided to hire him. Subsequently, Dan and Dave met and Portnoy asked him if he’d like to join the team for which he said, “Yup, dream job, in in in.”

However, just like in a marriage, Dan developed cold feet and abruptly decided to call it off. According to Portnoy, Dan didn’t see Barstool as a safe move for him.

Later down the line, Dan approached Barstool once again and asked if he can contribute to Barstool Chicago. Without hesitation, Dave accepted him and he started writing as a freelancer. He officially joined Barstool Chicago in 2012.

Dan Katz is the co-host of Pardon My Take

Since February 2016, Dan hosts the podcast, Pardon My Take alongside, PFT Commenter. The sports cum comedy podcast releases three episodes in a week. After its release, the podcast became a massive success and in a matter of months, their podcast had over 40 listeners every month.

In 2016, the podcast was named one of the best podcasts of the year by Apple. Furthermore, PMT became the 14th most downloaded podcast of the year in 2018.

This year, however, their podcast had to be improvised as no sports events were going on due to the pandemic. Dan and PFT came up with a new segment, that is reacting or reviewing popular TV shows, from different networks.

Besides, Dan’s mom and dad have a different take when it comes to the podcast. While his father is all over it, Mrs. Katz isn’t really fond of it. In an interview with GQ, he said, “My mom, we don’t talk about it as much. I don’t think Barstool and Pardon My Take is geared towards [her]. My dad has been very supportive. He listens to every Pardon My Take.”

Dan Katz Net Worth

It is reported that Dan’s net worth stands at a massive $1 million. Although the number sounds a little bit over the top, some rumors definitely justify his fortune. There are speculations that Dan owns a few shares in Barstool Sports which helps him earn a lot of money.

Dan Katz Relationship Status: Shares one son with his partner

Dan is in a happy relationship with his partner for several years now. Like we said before, he rarely talks about his personal life, so not much is known about his partner. In fact, he is yet to reveal even her name.

Even so, fans call her the ‘Lady Cat.’

Dan and his partner welcomed their first kid, a boy in June 2019
Dan and his partner welcomed their first kid, a boy in June 2019

Besides, the Big Cat and Lady Cat welcomed their first child, a boy on 19th June 2019. He shared a photo of his baby boy after his birth on Twitter.

Dan shares a picture of his infant son on Twitter
Dan shares a picture of his infant son on Twitter

The little boy has recently turned one. In addition to a kid, Dan and his partner have a pet dog as well.

Dan Katz Social Media Presence

Dan is quite active on all three major social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On his FB page, he has over 13k likes, on Instagram over 600k people follow him, and on Twitter over one million.

Nonetheless, unlike his Twitter and Facebook accounts, Dan’s Instagram account is kept private.

Regardless of his activeness in the social media platform, Katz never really share any picture of his family. It’s strictly business for him.