Is Arrow Actress Emily Bett Rickards Married? Her Husband, & Other Affairs

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Is Arrow Actress Emily Bett Rickards Married? Her Husband, & Other Affairs
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Emily Bett Rickards entertained us from her role of Felicity Smoak in the CW series, Arrow. The hot Canadian actress’s portrayal of hot nerd made every man and woman drool.

Similary, in real life, she has a lot of admirers. Going through her Instagram account, many of her followers are always looking for a chance to take this sensual beauty on a date.

Speaking of date, is she dating a boyfriend? She was married in on-screen, but is Emily Bett Richards’ married in real life as well? If yes, then who is her husband?

Find out all the answers here!

Is Emily Bett Rickards married in real life too?

The answer to this question would be no, she is not married to anyone. The actress has never mentioned a secret married or a husband for that matter.

It looks like the rumor initially stemmed after her on-screen wedding in the series, Arrow. After witnessing her character Felicity’s wedding with her boyfriend Oliver Queen, portrayed by Stephen Amell, fans of the show started asking questions if she has a hubby behind the scene as well.

Emily Bett Rickards on-screen husband Stephen (1)
Emily Bett Rickards married Stephen’s character, Oliver in Arrow.

Well, she is not even betrothed to anyone let alone exchanging vows. Then again, actresses in general wait until they are in their early 30s before taking the big step. Maybe Emily also has some plans for her future nuptials, you never know.

Okay, Emily is not married but she must be in a relationship, right?

Interestingly enough, Emily has chosen to remain single for the past couple of years. She was last linked with one of her co-stars from the Arrowverse and an actress back in 2015 – 2016. (more on this later) Since then, she has not announced any relationship with anyone, be it a man or a woman.

This is great news for all the guys and gals who are into Emily. She is not in a relationship as of 2020.

There are two valid reasons behind her single relationship status. First, she does not want a committed relationship right now or second, there are a lot of things on her plate, right now.

Emily Rickards Past Link-Ups: Reportedly dated her Arrow co-star?

If the rumor mills are to believed, Emily once had a fling with one of her co-stars. Hint: In the series, he portrayed a former street criminal. Didn’t get it yet? Fine, we’ll tell you.

Back in 2015, Emily was apparently dating Colton Haynes. He portrayed the character of Roy William Harper Jr. Speculations surrounding the nature of their relationship started when Emily shared quite a few cozy pictures with Colton, as reported by Bustle. After all, if drinking champagne while glancing at each other’s eyes doesn’t scream we’re a couple, then what will?

Emily Bett Rickards Colton Haynes
Emily and her Arrow co-star Colton.

Allegedly, Emily and Colton dated for over a year, after meeting each other for the first time on the set of Arrow.

Despite all the loose talk, as it turned out, the duo was never a couple, they couldn’t have been. Why? Because Colton came out as gay in 2016.

Emily was also linked with English actress Lucy Pinders. But later on, it turned out to be a hoax, later on.


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Now apart from these two people, there is wild speculation regarding her affair with yet another actress.

Emily Bett Rickards & Aisha Tyler: Are they dating?

Since 2018, numerous tabloids have tied Emily with actress Aisha Tyler. For those of you who don’t know, Aisha is famous for roles in TV series like Criminal Minds, Archer, and of course, Friends.

News about their alleged affair started coming after Aisha shared a picture of herself and Emily from a photo booth session. The caption even read, “True Love.” In the photo, the duo even shared a kiss as they looked affectionate and playful.


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True love. @emilybett

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In addition, just recently, Emily added a picture with Aisha where both of them are sharing, what looks like a passionate kiss.

Emily Bett Rickards Aisha Taylor kissing
Emily and Aisha are reportedly linked. Source: Instagram

This relationship of Rickards and Aisha poses a serious question on their sexuality with many tabloids even claiming they might be bisexual.

Previously, Aisha was married to attorney Jeff Tietjens from 1992 to 2017. Besides, Aisha has been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ community. What’s more, she once even said how everyone is a bit gay.

She stated on her show, The Talk, “I personally think that everybody is a tiny bit gay. I do. I think that everyone is on a spectrum. Some people are very gay with a little bit of straight some people are very straight with a little bit of gay.”

We certainly know where Aisha is going with this one, isn’t it?

What is Emily Bett Rickards’ sexuality?

So far, we learned how Emily is yet to be linked with anyone, but there are a few rumors that directly put up questions regarding her sexuality.

Her alleged affair with actress Aisha poses a big conundrum here! Is Emily bisexual or is she a lesbian? Well, to be honest, there are no right or wrong answers in this one.

It is Emily herself who will have to tell us about her sexuality and even if did not want to share it, we are totally fine. All we want is to see her smile and glow up all the time.


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