Is Deion Sanders Married? Where Is He Now?

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Is Deion Sanders Married? Where Is He Now?
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One of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history, Deion Sanders’ career has always been at its peak, first as an NFL player and then as a head coach. He has consistently been working in the sports field since the late 1980s. But, what about his personal life? Is Deion Sanders married to anyone?

For many sports enthusiasts, his marriage life has been a matter of interest. In case, you are unaware, let us tell you that Sanders was previously married two times and now is in a relationship with his decade-long partner. Are they married?

Besides, know where is Deion Sanders now?

Is Deion Sanders Married Or In A Relationship?

The 55 years old legendary NFL player Deion is not married at present. But, the former NFL star is now engaged to be married to his decade-long girlfriend Tracey Edmonds.

Deion Sanders is engaged to his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds
Deion Sanders and his fiancee Tracey Edmonds

Talking about their journey as a romantic couple, Deion and Tracey’s romance took a pace after their first met-up during the premiere of the movie Edmonds produced. At the first sight, Sanders was quite smitten by Tracey’s personality.

A few months after, the two came along for the Sanders’ show Deion’s Family Playbook and later ended up falling in love with each other. Regarding this, a television producer told People,

“I started off thinking I was just going to produce [the show],” But as I started working with Deion on the show, we grew quite fond of each other and ended up dating.”

The couple started dating each other in 2012 and is now already engaged. They shared the ring in February 2019. Sandars and Edmonds are so in love with each other at a moment.

Deion and His Fiancee Tracey Planning To Marry Soon?

Despite being in a relationship for a decade, Deion and his now-fiancee, Tracey are not married yet. It’s quite surprising, isn’t it?

Deion Sanders is yet to get married with Tracey Edmonds
Deion Sanders and his soon-to-be wife Tracey Edmonds

But the couple has some issues which are a barrier for them to unite as a husband and wife. Even the Colorado Buffaloes’ head coach took a long time to propose his love to Edmonds. In this respect, Deion opened up in a conversation in the podcast and said,

“Well, kids play a major role, “I didn’t believe in long-distance marriages, number one. Number two, her kids graduate – her youngest son – graduates this year. My son, who lives with me, my other two live with their mother. He’s a sophomore now, so he has two more years.

Sanders further stated,

So just thinking all that through, walking all that through and making sure we do the right thing, because I don’t believe in long distance, so there’s gonna have to be sacrifices made on both sides. And oftentimes one is not willing to make sacrifices, but one must grow.”

In regards to the plan to get married, a couple, of course, has given thought to it. Deion said that whenever it happened, they want to keep it low, not a big wedding. Hope, very soon we get to hear the good news of their marriage.

His fiancee, Tracey Edmonds was previously a wife to Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds from 1992 to 2005. She also briefly dated Eddie Murphy.

Deion Sanders Was Previously Married Two Times; Who Are His Ex-Wives?

For the first time, Deion walked down the aisle with his now ex-wife Carolyn Chambers, a tax officer and real estate broker in 1989. 9 years after their marriage, they legally ended their union in the year 1998. To date, they have been silent on the reason behind their split.

Deion Sandars was married two times before
Deion Sandars’ first wife Carolyn Chambers

After his separation from his first wife Carolyn, Deion again tied the knot with model and actress Pilar Biggers-Sanders in 1999.  Almost after 16 years of their marriage, it was Deion who filed for a divorce against his second wife Pilar. They ended their marriage on an ugly note in 2015.

Deion Is A Father Of Five Children

From his association with his first wife Carolyn, Deion is a father of two Deiondra Sanders, 30, and Deion Ossacin Sanders Jr., 29.

Deion’s eldest daughter Deiondra is currently the director of communications for Sc3 Sports Management. Likewise, his son Deion is the owner of the clothing brand Well Off. He is also a musician and a former cornerback and wide receiver for the Southern Methodist University Mustangs football team. 

Further, from his second marriage, Sanders has three children. His son Shilo Sanders, 23 is a football player like him. He played for the University of South Carolina. He is currently a player at Jackson State Athletics.

In the same way, Deion’s other son with his second wife, Shedeur Sanders is currently 21 years old. Shedeur also plays football and is a quarterback. And last Sanders’ youngest daughter Shelomi Sanders, 18 is a basketball star at Jackson State.

Where Is Deion Sanders Now?

Since his recruitment as a head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes on December 3, 2022, Deion is residing in Boulder, Colorado.

Before, Sanders used to live in Jackson, Mississippi. He there was a head coach at Jackson State University.


Is Deion Sanders Married Now?

No, Deion is not married at a moment. Instead, he is in a relationship with a television producer Tracey Edmonds.

Who Are Deon Sanders’s Wives? 

Sanders was married to his first wife Carolyn Chambers from 1989 to 1998. His second wife was Pilar Biggers-Sanders with whom he lived his marriage from 1999 to 2015.

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