What Is MyKala Skinner Net Worth In 2023? Her Salary & Financial Health

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What Is MyKala Skinner Net Worth In 2023? Her Salary & Financial Health
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MyKala Skinner is an artistic gymnast from Gibert Arizona. She is a two-time winner of the NCAA and also has a total of eleven medals in the USA National Championships so far. Her most standout achievement to date is the silver medal at the 2020 Olympics, in Tokyo.

MyKala’s line of sports is one of the most difficult sports in the world; it requires some thirty hours of training from the athlete wanting to go pro in it. Considering the short career span of a gymnast, it begs the question of how much a prolific individual in it can earn while they are good at it and what are their options after they have had their heydays.

Gymnasts like Skinner do train hard to excel at their sport and she does have a decent reputation but is she among the highest-earning ones in the world?

MyKala Skinner Net Worth 2023; Complete Analysis Of Her Wealth

Skinner’s current reported net worth hovers around $1 million in 2023. Most of her wealth includes contributions from her numerous championship victories.

Nevertheless, the earnings model of an Olympic athlete such as Skinner depends on quite a number of factors. Since she is an athlete competing in the Olympics, she is subjected to get $25,000 for a gold win, $15,000 for a silver, and $10,000 for a bronze.

Artistic Gymnast MyKala Skinner after winning silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Arizona-born MyKala Skinner after winning silver at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in August 2021

In Skinner’s case, the 2020 Olympic Silver medalist also has her YouTube channel to thank for her wealth. Although the estimated revenue from MyKala’s video career is yet to be known, it may not be an overstatement to say she gets quite a decent sum from her channel which has close to 150,000 subscribers.

MyKala Skinner Also Earns A Good Money From Her Instagram

Speaking of social media, it is worth noting that MyKala does quite a number of paid promotions for various brands through her Instagram which has more than half a million followers. She usually advocates for nail products, Care/Of (vitamins and supplements for health goals and diet), and an apparel line, Ivy City Co. Skinner also has her own line of merchandise.

Gymnasts making it bigger from endorsements is common. As such, Skinner’s fellow country gymnast and four-gold medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, Simone Biles reportedly makes a lot more from promotions than what her on-field performance awards to her. Her partnership with Kellogg’s, Nike, and Hershey has contributed a lot to a recent surge in her net worth.

MyKala Skinner performs at the 2016 P and G Gymnastic Championships in St Louis Missouri
Skinner at the 2016 P and G Gymnastic Championships in St Louis Missouri. Getty

Nevertheless, athletes like Biles and Sinner’s salary is still a different mystery. It though should be worth knowing that American gymnast salaries go as high as $128,000 to as low as $18,000. To break it down further, a little north of $30,000 belongs to the 25th percentile, some $63,000 to the 75th percentile, and $100,000 goes to only the 95th percentile. Considering Skinner’s achievements and profile, it may be safe to say, the University of Utah graduate belongs to the latter and when it comes to wages, she commands a good one if not the best.

If nothing the life Skinner has been showing on her Instagram does say enough about her financial well-being.

A Bit About MyKala Skinner Career

Skinner’s first-ever title as an artistic gymnast was the junior individual all-around champion of the 2011 American Classic. The next year in 2012, Skinner would become a member of the US senior national team. In the next several years, MyKala, with her team, would win titles including the City of Jesolo Trophy, Pan American Championships (Mississauga, Canada), and 2014 Word Championships (Nanning, China).

When in college, Skinner, as a freshman at Utah student won 43 total events. In 2018, MyKala helped Utah finish in second place at the PAC 12 Championships. That same year she also won silver at the all-around 2018 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships. The following season, Skinner won gold on the floor and vault at the PAC 12 Championships.

Skinner in the finals of the 2017 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics National Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.
26 years old artistic gymnast MyKala Skinner in the finals of the 2017 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics. Getty

It was in 2019 that Skinner officially announced her decision to go to the elite level and make a run at the 2020 Olympics. Since then she has competed in competitions including the 2019 US Classic, the 2019 US National Championships, the 2019 World Championships, International Gymnix (gold), the 2021 US Classic, and the 2020 Olympics.

She took Biles’s place at the latter tournament when the 2016 Gold Medalist dropped out. After that MyKala would go on to win silver with an average score of 14.916.


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