Meet British Actress Aggy K. Adams: Check Out Her Career, Boyfriend

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Meet British Actress Aggy K. Adams: Check Out Her Career, Boyfriend
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We all know Actress Aggy K. Adams from her role as Ramona in the series, Oh, Ramona! She has also appeared in numerous other projects as well.

The beautiful actress has become this urban legend that everyone wants to know about. She rarely talks about her life in public and this is why we’re all curious.

Today we’re going to tell you interesting facts about this hot actress. Find out all about her parents, nationality, and more!

Who is Aggy K. Adams?

Aggy is a German-born film actress and model. She started acting during her mid-teens playing small roles. Born on May 19, 1995, the actress’ earliest known role came in the 2012 short film, Every Night I am Falling Out of Nowhere.

Apart from this, she has also tried her hands at stage productions.

Aggy K. Adams Family

Aggy belongs to a mixed ethnic family. Her mom and dad like to remain behind doors. She rarely talks about them in any interviews, although she did share a picture of her dad on Instagram.


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Me Papa 👨🏻

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In the picture shared on April 1st, 2019, she is sitting next to her dad. Like her parents, Aggy never opened up about having any siblings.

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Aggy Belongs to Mixed-Ethnicity

Aggy has a Polish heritage. She belongs to Middle Europe / Caucasian, Scandinavian, Slavic / Eastern European, and white race.

What is her Aggy K. Adams’ Nationality?

Regarding her nationality, Aggy was born in Germany, but she lives in London. She mentioned in an interview that she is not American but European.

She also has a mixture of German and UK accents. By the looks of things, it seems she has dual citizenship in Germany and the United Kingdom. She currently resides in London.

How tall is Aggy K. Adams?

She stands at a height of 5ft 7in / 170cm.

Aggy K. Adams can Speak Multiple Languages

Aggy can speak British English, American English, and Polish. Moreover, she is also fluent in French.

Aggy K. Adams Body Features

  • Eye Color: Blue/green
  • Hair Color: Brown

Aggy wanted to become a Lawyer

In an interview, Aggy talked about what would be her profession if she wasn’t an actress. She told about her desire to become a humanitarian lawyer while studying in high school.

She had planned to eradicate injustice from the world. But she realized becoming a lawyer takes long hours at the library so the plan was dropped. She then desired to be a housewife but it looks like it’ll take a while.

Aggy K. Adams Movies and TV Shows Appearance

Aggy gained internal fame for her role in the Netflix movie, Oh Ramona! Despite harsh reviews by the critics, fans still loved the movie.

Apart from this movie, she has also appeared in World War Z starring Brad Pitt and Undercover Hooligan. Her other credits include American Burger, playing the lead Nice, and Eden Lodge.

Her most recent work was in the 2019 film, Face in Salt. At the moment, she is shooting for a French movie, The Black Room. The movie was directed by Nicolas Picard-Dreyfuss. She also worked on the short-film Doors of Perception.

Aggy K. Adams Dating Life

Now talking about her current relationship status, Aggy is single. Yes, she is not dating anyone at the moment. So any guesses about a possible boyfriend are out of the picture for now.

She is enjoying her single life and making every moment count.

Aggy is fond of Kids: Is a Dotting Aunty

Yes, Aggy is an aunt and she is quite fond of her nephew, Bo Hendrix. Her nephew is the son of her bff, Annie Cambell.


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She shares a lot of pictures with her nephew. At first, people were even speculating that she has adopted this little guy but it doesn’t seem to be the case here.

How does Aggy K. Adams get back to Normal Life after the Hectic Schedule?

All it takes is a few little steps to charge her up. She would travel, eat good food, do yoga, run, swim, watch movies, and have a massage session.