Who is Meg Donnelly Dating? Moved on From Milo Manheim?

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Who is Meg Donnelly Dating? Moved on From Milo Manheim?
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One of the up and coming TV stars, Meg Donnelly is renowned for her role as Ash in the Netflix series Team Toon. Ever since hitting it big, there are a lot of questions asked by her fans. Is she single? Who is she doing out with?

A few months ago, there were rumors the actress has reconciled her romance with the actor, Milo Manheim, but it looks likes she might be going out with someone else after all.

Well, who is Meg Donnelly’s boyfriend?

Meg Donnelly Boyfriend; Who is she dating?

These days not many celebrities tend to share vivid details about their relationship to the public and Meg too likes to follow the same routine. But if you’ve been following Meg on Instagram for some time now then surely you know about her current relationship status.

For a past couple of months, the actress has been seen alongside Noah Zulfikar and her fans are wondering if they really are just friends or ‘dating partners.’ For those of you who don’t know, Noah is also an actor and has worked in movies like The Next Step (2013) and The Launch (2018).

Meg Donnelly and Noah Zulfikar might be dating.
Meg with her rumored boyfriend, Noah Zulfikar. Source: Meg Donnelly Instagram

Well, to be honest, they seem more than just friends. One of her fan’s sister is good friends with Meg and she confirmed on a photo of Meg and Noah that they are indeed dating. There you have it, Noah indeed is Meg Donnelly’s boyfriend.

Additionally, the photos the duo share of one another on their social media handle speaks for itself. The rumored lovebirds travel together, they dance together, hang out with their friends together. Whatever the case may be, it is certain, they are more than just friends, to be honest!

Meg Donnelly sitting on rumored boyfriend Noah Zulfikar's lap.
Meg and Noah has been sharing a lot of pictures together lately. Source: Instagram

Their proximity towards each other tells a lot about the kind of relationship they have. Further, Mag is all appreciation about Zulfikar on social media. In a Instagram post in January 2020, Donnelly made on wishing him birthday, she clearly expressed how he taught her the meaning of love.

But wait! Don’t just take our words for it as pictures can often be deceiving. Though there are numerous implications they are dating, the duo is yet to come out and officially announce it. Only time will tell regarding the matter.

Meg Faces Backlash from fans; Want her to Reconcile with Milo Manheim

Ever since sharing cozy pictures with Noah, Meg’s been facing harsh criticism from her fans. It is because many of them are still hoping she will get back with her ex-boyfriend, Milo Manheim.

The pair reportedly dated from July 2017 to January 2018. The former flames got closer when they worked together in the Disney movie, Zombies 2018. In the movie, Meg plays Addison and Milo plays her boyfriend, Zed.

They first met at the auditions. Both of them even sang a duet, ‘Love Is An Open Door’ from the movie, Frozen.

Meg Donnelly and Milo Manheim kissing by the swimming pool.
Milo shared this picture on her 19th birthday. Source: Milo Manheim Instagram

After their initial break-up, fans even saw reconciliation on the horizon after Milo shared a cute birthday message for his girlfriend on her birthday on July 25th, 2019. Unfortunately, soon after that, the couple called it quits for good, although Meg and Milo still haven’t deleted any of their pictures. 

It might be that Milo and Meg still remain good friends to this day but if we’re to say, then Meg really moved on with Noah.

Not tryna be negative or such but as fans, we oughta be happy wherever our beloved girl goes, isn’t it! It is her life, we shouldn’t have any qualms regarding her personal decision. As long as she is happy.

Apart from Milo and Noah, she was also linked with American Housewife (2016) star Logan Pepper.

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