The Untold Truth of Taylor Stahl Latham, Lesley Stahl’s Daughter

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The Untold Truth of Taylor Stahl Latham, Lesley Stahl’s Daughter
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Taylor Stahl Latham is the daughter of Lesley Stahl and Aaron Latham. Both of her parents are Journalists. Her mother Lesley who is better known for her news investigations has also won numerous prestigious accolades like a Lifetime Achievement News and Documentary Emmy Award. In the meantime, Taylor’s father Aaron is an assistant editor at Esquire and a reporter at Washington Post.

Besides, Taylor is also quite successful in her own way. She is a businesswoman who serves as a vice president at Double Feature Films. Furthermore, Lesley’s daughter runs a wine-themed clothing company named Our Little Barrel.

Along with her booming business career, Taylor is likewise leading a happy married life with her husband Andrew. Besides, let’s know does the duo have any children. Here are more interesting facts regarding Lesley’s daughter Taylor.

What is Taylor Stahl Latham Age? Her Education

Stahl Latham is aged 43 as of 2021. Born in the late 1970s, Taylor grew up in her hometown of New York, New York. Sources say that the star kid spent most of her early days being cared a nanny because of her mother’s hectic schedule.

As for Taylor’s education, the star kid went to Dalton School. She then graduated from Amherst College.

Her Ethnicity and Nationality

Taylor belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and is an American as per her nationality.

Who Are Taylor Stahl Latham’s Parents?

As we have mentioned earlier that both Taylor’s parents Aaron and Lesley both in the media field. Her mother Stahl, a Wheaton College graduate began her broadcasting career at WHDH-TV. In 1971, Stahl started working for CBS News and was designated as a correspondent in 1974.

Throughout her journalism career which has spanned over a half-century, Lesley has covered numerous major stories like the 1972 Watergate scandal, the 1981 assassination attempt on President Reagan, and the 1991 Gulf War as well. She gained huge attention after a head-to-head 2020 interview with former US President Donald Trump.

Similarly, Taylor’s dad Aaron has also been involved in the media field. The 78-year-old is now a reporter at Washington Post. He previously worked as a scriptwriter at Disneyland Paris and was also a screenwriter at Columbia Pictures.

Their Long-Lasting Marriage

Lesley and her husband Aaron married shortly after they found out that they were expecting their child. Stahl once said People,

“I wouldn’t have a child without being married,”

The two first met when both of them were reporting the Watergate scandal of the 1970s.

Who is Lesley Stahl’s daughter Taylor Stahl Latham? Her Career

Stahl is one of the emerging entrepreneurs who currently serves as a vice president of Double Feature Films. Over the years, Taylor has also expanded her business in a few other fields. In 2008, Lesley Stahl’s daughter launched a luxury clothing line with a wine theme, Our Little Barrel. The idea of the business emerged from Taylor’s and her husband’s love for wine.

In an interview with the Observer, Taylor told that the inspiration for the clothing business came from her grandfather who used to sell the business to Beatrice Foods.

”[My grandfather] did leather, we sort of do silk, but I think we’re carrying on the textile theme.”

When did Taylor Stahl and Her Husband Andrew Major Meet?

The two first came across when Taylor hired him as her assistant in 2001. She was at Double Feature Films at that time, whereas, Andrew was a screenwriter. Major said that the two remained friends for a few years before things really became romantic between the two,

“We were best friends before we started dating and we’d always go to the wine country together.”

Later on, every few months, Taylor and her future hubby Andrew used to explore the wine country with a bunch of their buddies. Andrew recalled the moment, “It was our favorite thing to do.”

The duo dated for years before Major proposed to his girlfriend in October 2006.

Taylor Stahl Latham’s Wedding With Her Husband Andrew Major

Soon after their engagement, the duo wed at Foley Estates Vineyard & Winery in the Santa Rita Hills. Their summer wedding was attended by over 185 guests. Before the ceremony, they all were invited to Friday’s rehearsal dinner at Mattei’s Tavern in Los Olivos.

The very next morning, they also played football. Taylor said,

“By the time the wedding started, everyone already knew each other.”

Her mother, 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley talked about the newly-wed couple,

“Taylor is the most organized person alive. She and Andrew did everything, and I was happy to let them. It’s the reason we didn’t fight-I had no say!”

Besides, Taylor and Andrew also designed their own wine-themed logo and gifts for the guests.

Taylor Stahl Latham is the mother of two children

Stahl Latham and her husband Andrew are blessed with two kids. The two welcomed their first child, a son Jordan Majors in 2011. Their second child, a daughter Chloe Majoros was born in 2013.

Taylor’s mother Lesley also shares a strong bond with her grandchildren. She also released a book named Becoming Grandma: The Joys And Science of The New Grandparenting, sharing her experiences of being a grandmother for the first time.


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Taylor Stahl Latham’s Husband

Her spouse Andrew Major is now a winemaker at Major Wines. He also works at Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant. Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Major graduated from American University.

What is Her Net Worth?

Her net worth is $1 million as of 2021. She has earned a significant part of her money from her business work. Apparently, her mother Lesley Stahl’s estimated fortune is $40 million. And her salary is $1.8 million.