What is Les Gold’s Net Worth? His Wife, Death Hoax, and More

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What is Les Gold’s Net Worth? His Wife, Death Hoax, and More
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Les Gold is a Detroit Michigan-based businessman, reality star, pawnbroker, and philanthropist. He is the owner of the American Jewelry And Loan franchise. Gold was also the main cast of the truTV series Hardcore Pawn.

Gold has consistently maintained a position as one of the legal industry’s most esteemed and respected experts and leaders. But the personal front of Les has been a mystery for ages. The man has deliberately kept his family affairs a secret. So delve into subjects like Les’ marital life, his upbringing, and more.

Les Gold Is A Michiganian Through And Through

Gold was born on June 20, 1950, in Detroit, Michigan. His¬†grandfather was a Jewish pawnbroker. His family once owned a company named Sam’s Loans on Michigan Avenue in Detroit Michigan. It is also where Les reportedly made his first sale at the age of seven. The store later changed into a shop-themed restaurant named Gold Cash Gold. It however became defunct in 2020.

He went to Oak Park High School in Michigan, US.

Les Gold’s Net Worth; Is He A Millionaire?

He reportedly has a net worth of around $5 million. For a man who has been successfully running three generations of pawn business it’s no surprise Les is a millionaire. Gold additionally is only expanding his stores each year. Les’ family business is not only a local sensation but a global hit as well with a TV show and social media fame.

This is quite an achievement for a man who came from a working-class family. Not to mention, Les and his wife used to skip dinner so that they could provide for their children.

Gold And His Wife, Lili’s Relationship

Les is married to Lili Gold. The couple wed in April 1976. When Les met Lili, the latter was the former’s four-year junior and apparently wasn’t interested in dating Les. When they met for the second time, Lili was working in a women’s clothing store that Gold’s cousin often visited. This time, Lili agreed to give the businessman a chance.

Les Gold and his wife Lili
Les with his wife, Lili. Getty

The two started dating in June 1975. Gold in his autobiography, For What Its Worth, writes, that he didn’t technically propose to Lili. He apparently asked Lili if he were to ask her to marry him, would she to which his then-girlfriend said yes. But he didn’t have a ring for a year after that. When he did, however, he never said, will you marry me?

Gold reportedly was too nervous to say the words and he instead told Lili to reach his pocket where he had hidden a ring.

They are also parents to two children, Ashley and Seth Gold. Les’ daughter, Ashley, and his son, Seth both have starred in Hardcore Pawn.

Les’ Professional Life; He Started Selling At Age 12

Gold has been a lifelong pawnbroker. He began his first business at age 12. He at the time sold pizzas and resold them by the slice to fellow students at Hebrew School. He is the founder of his company, American Jewelry And Loan which he opened up in 1978 on 8 Mile Road in Oak Park.

Les Gold with his son, Seth in July 2015
Hardcore Pawn stars Les Gold with his son, Seth. Facebook

In 1993, Les shifted the shop to Greenfield Road in Detroit and the shop has been operating from there since. Now the business has five locations and has employed over 200 people. The shop reportedly serves over 1000 customers in a day.

The family business was also the highlight of the truTV series Hardcore Pawn. It obviously featured the daily activities that took place at American Jewelry And Loan. The show ran from 2010 to 2015.

Les also released an autobiography related to his personal experience of his pawnshop named For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom From A Pawnbroker in June 2013. The book went on to achieve fourth in the New York Times Best Seller list.

Les Gold with his son, Seth and Ashley
Les with his son, Seth, and daughter, Ashley. Facebook

In the meantime, Gold is also into philanthropy. He supports The Heat And Warmth Fund. The organization helps local families pay their heat and electricity bills.

Les Gold’s Heart Attack, Illness, And Death Rumors

A while ago, rumors circulated on the internet claiming that Les had suffered a heart attack and was even going through some serious illness. This presumably was around the time when the death news of Les Gold was also going on.

Michigan born businessman, Les Gold
Les Gold denies rumors of his death. Facebook

As such earlier in April 2023, the death rumors of Les were making headlines. It was a TikTok video that claimed the father of two was no more. However, Les’ son, Seth later falsified the hoax with a TikTok video of himself where he pokes his father several times to show he is still alive.

He currently resides in Detroit, MI with his wife and children.


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