What Happened To Hann Pan? Mysteries About Jennifer Pan’s Mother

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What Happened To Hann Pan? Mysteries About Jennifer Pan’s Mother
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Hann Pan or Huei Hann Pan is the survivor of the killing of the Pan couple in Nov 2010. He is a migrant who came to Canada in the late ’80s and started a family.

Pan married a woman with whom he had two children. He and his wife were one of the examples of an immigrant success story. However, the family would face a horrible tragedy in 2010 when Hann went to lose his beloved to first-degree murder.

What’s shocking is the fact that the killer turned out to be someone whom Hann would have never guessed. See what was the reason behind the homicide. Also, know where Hann Pan is in the present. Has he moved on?

Jennifer Pan Father Hann Pan Testifies Murder Trial

The trial of Jennifer Pan and the killers commenced on 19 March 2014, in Newmarket and lasted ten months. Initially, all pleaded not guilty to the charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, and conspiracy to murder.

Police revealed there were more than 100 messages sent between Pan and Wong in the six hours before the killing.

Hann while testifying said he and his wife had $200,000 in savings and life insurance policies for which their two kids were the beneficiaries.

Later, during interrogation, Pan and her boyfriend Daniel told a different story. The irregularity was that Pan didn’t face any attack, the criminals didn’t blindfold her, didn’t take her to the basement, or get shot at.

The court finally found Jennifer, Daniel Wong, Mylvaganam, Carty, and Crawford guilty on December 13, 2014, and each received a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Before Jennifer headed to prison, her father, Hann expressed his hope that his daughter would think about what happened to her family and become an honest person. He, though, sought a ban that restricted Jennifer from contacting him and the rest of his family ever again.

Hann Pan Was A Political Refugee From Vietnam 

Although Hann hasn’t disclosed his birth information, he is speculated to have been born around the year, 1953. As such, he was 57 when the November 2010 incident happened.

Hann Pan and his wife, Bich Ha Pan both fled Vietnam separately following the fall of Saigon.
Hann Pan was presumably born around the year, 1953

Hann, a political refugee, and Bich Ha Pan met only after they had moved to Canada. They both had fled Vietnam separately following the fall of Saigon.

They met, married, and became parents to two children, Jennifer and Felix. Hann and Bich had their courtship in Toronto and started to live in Scarborough. They birthed Jennifer, in 1986, and welcomed their son, Felix, three years later.

The Vietnamese couple found jobs at auto parts manufacturer Magna International. With their salaries, Hann and his wife managed to buy a large house on a quiet residential street.

He First Worked At An Automobile Industry 

Huei Hann Pan fled Vietnam in 1979 and came to Canada. At Magna International, Hann initially worked as a tool and diemaker, and his wife worked in the same factory making auto parts.

Hann being keen to provide for his children and wife worked hard for money.

By 2004, the Pan family was financially stable enough to buy a “large” house with a two-car garage, They had bought it all on a residential street in Markham, a city with a large Asian population. Hann drove a Mercedes Benz C Class W203 and Bich drove a Lexus ES 300. The couple had amassed $200,000 in savings. The family nonetheless led a very disciplined and frugal life in a beautiful house.

Hann Pan And His Wife, Bich Han Had Two Children

On the surface, Pan’s children were almost perfect. His son, Felix Pan studied mechanical engineering at a prestigious university. Hann allegedly wanted his son to design cars unlike him who just got to assemble them.

Hann Pan said his daughter, Jennifer Pan didn't have stomach for academia and wanted her to pursue pharmacology.
Hann Pan’s son, Felix Pan, right, studied mechanical engineering. His daughter, Jennifer, middle, received piano lessons at the age of four and also lessons in figure skating.

His daughter, Jennifer, on the other hand, received piano lessons at the age of four and also lessons in figure skating, where she trained most days of the week.

Jennifer was an Olympic-caliber figure skater, an award-winning pianist, and a straight-A student. Hann reportedly wanted Jennifer to become a doctor. He later, however, admitted that she did not have the stomach for it and therefore desired she choose pharmacy as her career.

What Really Happened To Hann Pan And His Wife?

On November 8th, 2010, his daughter, Jennifer Pan planned to murder her parents at their house in Pan’s residence in Unionville, Markham, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area. She thus hired three men for the job, Eric Shawn, or “Sniper” Carty, Lenford Roy Crawford, and David Mylvaganam.

Everything went according to her plan. The men took her parents to the basement and shot; her mother died and her father went to an induced coma. She initially was free, with no one suspecting her. However, her plan was cut short when her father returned from an artificial coma.

What His Daughter, Jennifer Said After The Incident

On the night of the murder, a surveillance camera caught three gunmen outside the Pan house.

Hann and Bich’s daughter, Jennifer said the attackers entered the house and one of them tied her hand with a shoelace on her back. Afterward, the perpetrators tied her to a railing on the second floor. She then reported the men took her parents, Hann and Bich to the basement and the last thing she heard were gunshots.

On Nov 8, 2010, Jennifer Pan sent three men to kill her parents, Hann Pan and Bich Ha Pan.
Hann and Bich’s daughter, Jennifer initially said the attackers entered the house and one of them tied her hand with a shoelace on her back.

Jennifer then called 911 and told the receiver the men tied her and she has heard gunshots. She complained her dad went outside screaming and pleaded to hurry up.

A little later, the help arrived and they took Hann Pan and his wife to the hospital. The doctors put Hann in a coma, but his wife Bich had already lost her life in the basement. According to the police reports, Pann’s spouse, Bich was shot multiple times in the back and finally the fatal shot in the back of the head. The police had found Jennifer tied up, exactly as she had described on call.

Hann Pan’s Daughter’s Story Didn’t Make Sense

For an outsider, Jennifer appeared to be a grieving daughter. She seemingly was the survivor of a terrible invasion in which her mother died and almost lost her father, too.

However, soon lot of people and investigators started to raise suspicion towards her story.

First people questioned how come she didn’t have a single scar despite such a violent crime. Second, how did she survive being a sole witness? the officers also found it hard to believe when Jennifer said on the call that her father had left the house screaming. They instead thought a father would rather look for his child in such situations.

The officials from the beginning were not into buying Hann’s daughter’s story and began to keep an eye on her. People also wondered why Jennifer did not shed any tears even at her mother’s funeral.

Hann Pan Survived Coma

The police hadn’t made any further development in the Pan couple’s murder. So far all they had was Jennifer’s story. But then Hann came out of the coma, three days after the attack, and the case took a hard new turn. The doctors argued it was a miracle of Hann — getting out of the coma after he faced the shot in the face at close range.

Shortly after gaining consciousness, Hann remembered every detail about what happened in his house, the night he nearly died and lost his wife Bich.

To everyone’s shock, Hann described the incident differently from what his daughter, Jennifer had described.

He Told What Actually Happened

Hann Pan in court revealed that the killers took him from his bedroom at gunpoint and that he saw another man with a gun softly speaking with his daughter. He said her daughter was not tied up.

Pan said one of the men asked him: “Where’s the f–king money?” He added they made him sit in the TV room with his wife. After that, a third man had a gun to her head.

The Vietnamese immigrant reported he told the gunmen of him having only $60 in his wallet. Then the guy with a gun called him a liar and hit him on the head with a gun.

He explained his head being covered with a blanket after they took him and his wife to the basement. Hann said one of the men hit him in the head with a gun and he lost consciousness. And when he regained consciousness, he saw his wife Bich Pan dead on the floor. The hit-men had put three bullets in his wife’s head, killing her instantly. Soon, the shooters hit the husband with one bullet on the back and one through the face.

The Investigations Revealed Why Jennifer Pan Decided To Kill Her Own Parents 

Apparently, Jennifer committing such harsh doings had a lot to do with her relationship with her parents. It was rather her rage towards her folks that she decided to take her parents’ life.

Jennifer reportedly wasn’t anything that much of an innocent A-Grade student as her parents wanted her to be.

She blamed the killings on her nesters’ “Tiger Parenting.” Hann Pan always put education above everything, but for Jennifer, the bar allegedly was too high.

The Pan couple reportedly used to monitor her daughter’s extracurricular activities. They had forbidden Jennifer from dating boys during her high school years. Additionally, this stretched to high school dances and even proms. As per her friends, Jennifer wasn’t happy with this restrictive and highly oppressive upbringing.

Later, Jennifer eventually, started to forge lies so as to present herself as a bonafide student in front of her parents. She began to produce cards with a photocopier, even though she did not finish school. Hann’s daughter wrote a letter of appreciation to an elite pharmacy school, something that her father wanted.

However, in reality, Jennifer had failed in her final year of high school in math class. In consequence, Ryerson University revoked her early admission. She also began to lie to her family about attending the pharmacology program at the University of Toronto.

She Continued To Lie More

Hann’s daughter, Jennifer, in truth, sat in cafes, taught piano, and worked in a restaurant to make a living.

She even bought second-hand textbooks and watched pharmacology videos to create notebooks full of alleged class notes that she could show to her Hann and Bich. However, all she did was, stay with her boyfriend Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong. He was her high school sweetheart whom her parents knew nothing about.

Jennifer Pan lied to her parents about her attending university and studying pharmacology.
Hann Pan’s daughter, Jennifer Pan had a boyfriend, Daniel Chi-Kwong Wong. Hann and Bich didn’t know about him.

Jennifer again lied to her parents saying she had graduated from the University of Toronto. She additionally told them that she was working as a volunteer at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Hann and Bich eventually discovered that all the things their daughter had been telling them were lies. Hann afterward wanted to kick his daughter, Jennifer out of the house. But his wife Bich persuaded him to allow her to stay. The Pan couple then gave Jennifer an ultimatum – go back to school and finish high school and not see Daniel again.

Further Discoveries From The Investigations Of Hann Pan’s Wife Murder

Sometime after Hann had stated what really happened, the police recovered some text messages from Jennifer’s phone. It revealed Jennifer’s boyfriend, Daniel had put her in touch with the well-known hitman, whom he had met through his drug dealings. In one of the texts from the conversation, Jennifer said: “I did everything for you”

Police reported Jennifer and her boyfriend had a plan to hire a professional thug for $10,000 to kill her parents.

Apparently, Hann and Bich’s daughter would have inherited $500,000 after her parents’ death.

Then on November 8th, 2010, Jennifer signaled the men. One of the men’s names was Mylvaganam. Shortly after, they did the killings.

Hann after surviving a coma said he remembered his daughter coming down the stairs and speaking in a mutual manner to one of the men.

The Police Arrested Jennifer Pan With Four Other Men 

The police only interviewed Jennifer the night after the murder. It wasn’t until November 22, 2010, that they arrested Hann’s daughter. During her third interview at Markham Police Station, she admitted to hiring killers but stated that she had hired them to kill her.

Jennifer Pan decided to kill her parents because of their oppressive discipline on her.
Jennifer Pan planned to murder her parents at their house. She hired three men for the job, Eric Shawn or Sniper Carty, Lenford Roy Crawford, and David Mylvaganam.

Where Is Jennifer Pan Now?

When reported in 2016, Jennifer was serving her sentence at the Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ontario. Her boyfriend, Wong, previously held in Lindsay, Ontario, was at Collins Bay Institution in Kingston, Ontario. Mylvaganam went to Atlantic Institution in Renous, New Brunswick.

Crawford was serving his time at Kent Institution in Agassiz, British Columbia. Carty was at the provincial Millhaven Assessment Unit. He later requested to go to a federal prison in Western Canada or Atlantic Canada. He though went to Kent and died in his cell on April 26, 2018.

Sources report when Hann’s daughter completes 25 years in prison, that is, in 2039, she may request the procedural benefit of parole. If this proves admissible, Jennifer could return to the streets.

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What Did Hann Pan Say To His Daughter?

Jennifer’s father, Hann after the final verdict, told that when he lost his wife, he also lost his daughter. He added he doesn’t feel like he has a family anymore. Contrary to people’s sayings, he claimed he didn’t feel lucky to be alive.

Both, Hann and his son Felix cut all their communication with Jennifer after her conviction. After the whole incident, Pan’s son, Felix moved to the East Coast to find work with a private technology company.

Toronto Life noted Jennifer’s father was unable to work due to his injuries. For a while, he suffered anxiety attacks, insomnia, and nightmares. He also gave up gardening, working on his cars, and listening to music. He was reported of living with relatives nearby.

After the recovery, Hann tried to sell the family home, but no one bought it.

Where Is Hann Pan Today?

As of recently, not much about Hann Pan is known. It is quite certain that he is in his late ’60s though whether he has remarried is a bit of a mystery. Plausibly, he could be still in touch with his son, Felix. However, it seems less likely that he is the same guy he was before Nov 2010.


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