What Is Jason David Frank Ethnicity? Explore His Roots & Family Background

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What Is Jason David Frank Ethnicity? Explore His Roots & Family Background
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Know in detail about the late Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank’s ethnicity and family background. The things like who his ancestors were and where they hailed from. Also, clear out the confusion about whether Frank is a descent of Native American or not. Following the details of Frank’s ethnicity also take a brief look at his career and further.

Jason David Frank was an actor from Covina California who is mostly famous for portraying the role of Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger in the superhero television series Power Rangers.

Jason David Frank Ethnicity

Jason David Frank had mixed ethnicities. While his father has German, English & Irish ancestry and his mother was Greek and Polish.

Despite having mostly European ancestors, people often mistook David for the descendant of a Native American. He however never had any native American blood in him or his ancestors.

The late actor from Covina California Jason David Frank also the guy who played green ranger in the Power Rangers.
Jason David Frank had ethnicities including German English Irish Greek and Polish. Getty

On his father’s side, Jason’s grandfather Walter Thomas Frank was born in Ohio to parents August Julius Frank and Emma A/E. Glinke/Glink/Glienke. Both were of German descent. Walter was the son of Walter W Frank and Marie Davis. In the meantime, Marie Davis was the daughter of Elizabeth C Bessie McGrath and Thomas H Davis.

More About Jason David Frank Roots And Family Background

Jason’s paternal grandmother Elizabeth Libby Martin was born in Ohio and her parents were Charles H Martin and Eula Carol Wood. Charles in turn was the son of Frank W Martin and Flora/Florilla Belle Turner. Eula’s parents on the other hand were Ebenezer Wood and Minerva Dell Rowling.

To say more from Jason’s lineage, his maternal grandfather William Peter Soter, real name, Vasili Soteropoulos was born in Greece to parents Peter/Panyiotis Nickolas Soter/Soteropoulos and Christina/Chrissoula Phillips/Philipopoulos. Peter was from Siamo, Messenia, Greece born. He was the son of Nickolas Soteropoulos. Christina was likewise born in Meropi, Messenia.

Finally, Jason’s maternal grandmother, Olga Bernice Podgorny was born in Iowa. She was the daughter of Polish parents, Andrzej/Andrew Anthony Podgorny and Mary Josephine Witek. Andrzej hailed from Zamiescie, near Limanowa. He was the son of Matthew Podgorny and Kunegunda Bierdon. On the other hand, Mary Josephine was from Tarnow and the daughter of John Witek and Agnes Shob.

Jason David Career And Death

Frank was born in Covina California on Sep 4, 1973. The late actor throughout his acting career was mostly known for the role of Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger. He initially only played for 14 episodes. The studio later however brought him back because the character had gained huge popularity. Though the return would see Frank donning the White suit and serving as the new leader of the team.

Jason David Frank played Tommy Oliver the Green Ranger in the superheroes tv series Power Rangers
Jason David Frank died by suicide in Nov 2022. Getty

David would play Green/White ranger in a total of 124 episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He then reprised his role of Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers Zeo before once again donning the ranger costume in Power Rangers Turbo. Frank portrayed Tommy Oliver in other franchises like Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Super Megaforce, Hyperforce, Super Ninja Steel, and others.

In addition to the Power Rangers shows, Frank has also played Tommy Oliver in films including Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and Power Rangers: Legacy Wars – Street Fighter Showdown.

Some other shows where Jason Frank, who was married twice in his lifetime, had roles are VR Trooper, Sweet Valley High, Family Matters, Undressed, My Morphing Life, Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe, and We Bare Bears among others. He also had roles in films including Paris, The Junior Defenders, Fall Guy: The John Stewart Story, The Blue Sun, Crammed 2 Hoaching, One Warrior, Legend of The White Dragon, Underdogs Rising, and others.

Frank died at age 49 on Nov 19, 2022. The actor killed himself. After the actor’s death, his wife Tammie Frank said that Frank had been battling with mental health issues but that she didn’t know he was considering taking his own life.


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