Who was Jason David Frank Girlfriend? His Dating Life So Far

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Who was Jason David Frank Girlfriend? His Dating Life So Far
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Jason David Frank shocked the world on Nov 19 2022 when he died. The actor was known for playing Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger in the superheroes TV series Power Rangers.

On the personal front, Frank was twice in a marital relationship when he was alive. But there are more stories to it. So who was Jason David Frank girlfriend?

Who was Jason David Frank Girlfriend?

Besides his two wives, Frank hardly had any other person in his life, at least that the media know of. While he may have had a handful of relationships either before his stardom or afterward, those names seem next to impossible to extract. All in all, he had no girlfriend, before his death.

Tommy Oliver actor Jason David Frank.
The Green Ranger actor from The Power Rangers Jason David Frank. Getty

Furthermore, Frank was rarely expressive about the love life that he may had have or did have in the past. For all that people knew, he always appeared as a family man either to his first wife, Shawna and later to Tammie.

Who was Jason David Frank first wife?

Frank’s first wife was Shawna Frank. The Covina-born actor married Shawna in 1994. They were in a marital relationship for seven years and when together welcomed three kids. Their names are Jacob, Hunter, and Skye Frank.

The pair divorced in 2001. Shawna hasn’t let out much about her personal life and hardly anything is on the records since her separation from Jason.

Jason Frank’ second wife

Tammie became Jason’s wife two years after the actor’s divorce from his first wife Shawna. Tammie is a martial arts instructor.

The late actor Jason David Frank with his wife Tammie.
The Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank with his wife Tammie.

Jason and Tammie were in a marital relationship for 19 years with a child, a daughter, Jenna Frank. Their union ended with the death of Frank on Nov 19, 2022. The couple however was already in the middle of a divorce before that.

Tammie however later revealed that while she and Jason initially planned to separate, they were in the process of reuniting. Jason’s widow added that their relationship started to deteriorate following the sudden death of Tammie’s daughter from her previous relationship, Shayla. She died in 2021.

Jason David Frank Death

Frank, who belongs to German, English & Irish ancestry, died on Nov 20, 2022. The actor died by taking his own life. His trainer and close friend, Mike Bronzoulis, was among the first to confirm the star’s death in a Facebook tribute.

The Power Rangers actor Jason Frank Davis.
The late actor from Covina California Jason Frank Davis. The Sun/Getty

The real reason why Frank took his own life is yet to be known but according to Tammie, moments before the actor’s death, the estranged couple upon agreeing to reconcile had booked themselves a two-night getaway.

The couple apparently had a heartfelt and emotional talk after which Tammie went downstairs to get snacks. After the return, Jason’s wife found their door locked but the actor didn’t reply. Sometimes later, the police arrived and found that Jason had taken his own life.


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