Who Is Ali Wong’s Husband? The Untold Truth Of Her Enduring Married Life

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Who Is Ali Wong’s Husband? The Untold Truth Of Her Enduring Married Life
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Crossing the barrier of being a stereotypical Asian in America, Ali Wong has proved her excellence both as an actress & comedian. Just like her professional life, the multi-talented lady also relishes a happy married life with her husband, Justin Hakuta.

In fact, Ali Wong’s marital bonding with her spouse Justin has already set a benchmark for couples across the world who constantly struggle to keep up with their marriage. The pair is also a proud parent of two kids.

Today we’re going to talk about the lovebirds’ blissful marital life and know who is Ali Wong’s husband? Where does he come from? A little hint: He comes from a wealthy family.

Who Is Ali Wong Husband Justin Hakuta? Belongs to the Wealthy Family 

Wong’s spouse Justin Hakuta is a businessman who currently serves as the Vice President of Product at GoodRx. He was born on October 18, 1981, in Los Angeles, California.

He is the son of Ken Hakuta, a Japanese-American inventor and a veteran TV personality, and Marilou Cantiller, a Filipina. Aside from himself, Justin has two brothers Kenzo Hakuta and Aki Hakuta.

Ali Wong husband Justin Hakuta
Ali Wong’s hubby Justin Hakuta is an American businessman.

Justin’s parents first met while the two were employees at the World Bank. They got married in 1977. His father Ken is better known for his prime role as a host of the popular kids’ TV show The Dr. Fad Show.

Justin had a strong passion for education 

Unlike many kids, Justin Hakuta was quite interested in studying since his early years. He was considered a precocious boy by many of his teachers.

He studied at Sidwell Friends School in Washington D.C from 1994-2000. Later, Justin joined the Carnegie Mellon University and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Decision Science in 2004.

Justin also earned an MBA from the highly-praised Harvard Business School in the year 2011.

Justin Hakuta is doing quite well professionally

With all the academic achievements, it is quite easy for a man of Justin’s caliber to play multiple roles in any given organization, ranging from the product manager, sales analyst to marketing associates.

In August 2004, Hakuta landed a job as a sales and marketing associate for Honest Tea located in Maryland. He then spent a couple of years working as a Research Analyst for the Center for Court Innovation in NYC.

As per his Linkedln profile, Justin worked as a Vice President of product for the startup company GoodRx (Jan 2017-Feb 2019). He also became part of several other organizations such as All Day Buffet, Institute of International Education, and Avacara. He was a senior product manager at Cargomatic, Inc. and vice president of Harvard Business School Association of Southern California.

When did Ali Wong and Her Husband, Justin Hakuta Marry? 

They tied the knot on 27th November 2014 in a colorful wedding ceremony. They are sharing a wonderful married life ever since.

Ali Wong husband Justin Hakuta Wedding
Justin and his wife Ali on their wedding day.

The key factor behind their long and loving relationship is their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of their partner. Not many couples are able to do that but when you do, the result is happy life just like Justin and Wong.

How Did They First Meet? 

The first time Ali Wong met her then future-husband Justin Hakuta was at the wedding reception of one of their mutual friends in 2010. As soon as they glanced at one another, their eyes and heart locked and both of them were instantly smitten. And right after that, the duo started dating.

At the beginning of their love story, the Harvard graduate, Justin was having a financial crisis. But, Ali helped her then-boyfriend Justin by paying off all the debt he had. It wasn’t like she was financially strong back then but for her, their love was ten times more important than anything else.

Wong and Hakuta are proud parents of two children 

Ali shares two beautiful children with her spouse. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, Mari Hakuta in November 2015. Their second daughter Nikki Hakuta was born in December 2017.

Ali Wong two daughters with partner
Ali is a proud momma of two kids, both girls.

Further details of their children are yet to be disclosed. The duo has posted many photos of their kids on their social media handles but has completely blurred their faces up.


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The family of four loves to spend their spare time together.

Wong Suffered from Miscarriage before giving birth to the first child

Ali went through a miscarriage in early 2015. It was one of the worst moments the superwoman ever faced in her life. But, both sides of her family were pretty supportive of her and stood by her side throughout the whole ordeal.

Wong also wrote in her book that she and her husband Justin took drugs after she miscarried.

Justin Hakuta and his wife Ali Wong, attending the show
The superpower couple, Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong. Source: Film Journal

Everyone has gone through many difficult situations in life. While some of them have an innate power to bear the burden but some get destroyed from the inside.

During the difficult time, the pair also tried a hallucinogen called Ayahuasca together in Mexico. She revealed in her book about its influence and double appearance of herself:

“We rolled together and laughed, our lips moving around each other’s necks, biting each other’s double-pierced earlobes, touching each other, and complimenting each other’s features (which yes, were all just my features).”

Prenuptial Agreement Between Ali and Husband Justin

On October 15, 2019, Wong released a book, Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets and Advice for Living Your Best Life. In the book, she revealed that she wasn’t as financially strong as Justin’s family at the time of their wedding. Thus, Justin’s family forced her to sign a prenuptial agreement before the two said ‘I do.’

Ali also wrote in her book about being afraid to sign the document. However, the prenup actually turned out to be the greatest thing ever in her life.

The actress wrote,

I was very motivated to make my own money because I signed a document specifically outlining how much I couldn’t depend on my husband. My father always praised ‘the gift of fear,’ and that prenup scared the s— out of me. In the end, being forced to sign that prenup was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me and my career

Ali also told that she wrote the book as a life guide for her two daughters.

Justin is the Man Behind Ali Wong’s Immense Succes

It is clear that no matter how many difficulties the two suffer in life, Ali and Justin stay stronger than ever. To this day, they are as committed to each other and their marriage as the day they first said their vows. In fact, Wong claims her husband as her inspiration and credits him for all the success she has received so far.

The couple is a true example of everlasting love. Although they belong to two different fraternities, they are quite understanding and cooperative with each other. And this is one of the main reasons behind their enduring and loving relationship.

Till now, Justin has attended each and every one of Wong’s shows, even before the couple started dating.