Who Is Chip Hailstone? Every Details You’d Been Looking For

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Who Is Chip Hailstone? Every Details You’d Been Looking For
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Chip Hailstone is well recognized as one of the crucial members of the documentary TV series Life Below Zero. It airs on National Geographic Channel. The popular show consists of six families including a Hailstone large one is gracing the viewers across the globe showcasing the extreme lifestyle of people and their everyday struggles to survive in below-zero temperatures of Alaska.

Besides, Hailstone, the father of five kids, went through some legal problems and spent over 10-month in jail too.

This article exclusively includes Chip’s career on TV, delightful married life with his wife, net worth, and more!

Montana born Chip visited Alaska at age 19: Spent the Rest of His Life in the Secluded State of Alaska

Chip Hailstone was born in Kalispell, Montana in 1969. He is the son of Daniel Hailstone (father) and Mary Hailstone (mother). He spent the majority of his childhood in Kalispell along with his family. Hailstone is an American as per his nationality and belongs to Caucasian ethnicity.

Hailstone’s transient visit to Alaska at age 19 turned out to be permanent very soon as the then-young boy got fascinated with the mesmerizing beauty of its wilderness.

Chip’s encounter with His wife Agnes, an Alaskan Native

Chip Hailstone after a few years in Noorvik met Agnes Hailstone. The two dated for some time before getting married. They both are better known for their appearance in Life Under Zero.

Agnes Hailstone and husband Chip Hailstone.
Agnes and hubby Chip.
Source: Twitter @HailstoneChip

The series showcases his family’s multiple expertise especially their hunting in harsh weather in Alaska.

The couple has seven children, two from Agnes’ previous relationship

Chip and wife Agnes are blessed with five daughters; Iriqtaq, Tinmiaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan Hailstone. All Hailstone sisters grew up in Noorvik crafting their hunting and fishing prowess from an early age.

Chip Hailstone with his wife and children.
Chip Hailstone with his family.
Source: Pinterest

He is also the proud step-dad of two sons John Carter and Doug Carter from Agnes’ past affair. Several sources say their daughters have also got a proper education. Two of them were also active in the school’s sports.

Chip is a grandfather of Wade

The power couple became a grandparent when their daughter Iriqtaq gave birth to their grandchild, Wade in November 2016 at the Alaska Native Medical Center.

It was really an awesome moment for the couple and their daughter. The happy grandpa frequently appears hunting with Wade.

His wife Agnes Tattooed on Her Chin

Agnes Hailstone was born in Noorvik, Alaska where the family is now settled. The Inupiaq-born Agnes has a long traditional history and has gotten a tattoo on her chin in the honor of their ancestors. The art shows some straight lines.

What Happened to Chip Hailstone? Chip’ legal Troubles

Chip was sentenced to 15-month behind bars amid important hunting season after claimed guilty of two counts of perjury and making false statements to police officers.

In July 2011, Hailstone falsely accused Alaska State Trooper, Christopher Bitz. He claimed that Trooper physically assaulted his then 17-year-old daughter Tinmaiq. He further demanded to file a criminal charge against the officer.

It all occurred when several local people got involved in an altercation with various weapons. The group of people also included Hailstone’s daughter, Tinmiaq Hailstone, and stepson Jonathon Carter.

The TV personality Chip Hailstone.
The TV personality Chip Hailstone.
Source: Twitter @HailstoneChip

Following the altercation, several of them were arrested including Carter with a charge of cutting a person with a knife as well as Jack Wells who had pointed a rifle at Chip’s daughter Tinmiaq.

However, due to the lack of testimony, the court ordered Chip to serve 15-month in jail in 2017. The TV personality was later released and said,

I’ve got real rifles in my hand, I’m back to being my old self. I’m going to have a good time because I missed out on this last year

When Chip wasn’t at home, his wife Agnes and other family members went out hunting all by themselves.

She told, “While we been patiently waiting for Chip to come home, we’ve decided to go out hunting”

She added, “The last 10 months have been pretty long and sad with Chip being gone. Food didn’t taste good, coffee didn’t taste good. But I got through it. I had my daughters with me and they’ve actually gone from walking behind me to walking by my side and hunting with me.”

The whole family is now back in the spotlight.

Hailstones Family on Life Under Zero

Chip and Anges Hailstone are the important members of the TV series Life Under Zero. It originally premiered on 19th May 2013, on National Geographic Channel. The show has released 13-season to date.

His entire family is involved in several extreme works. They are experts in hunting, fishing, skinning, tanning, and harvesting. They use every part of the animals they kill. It is also too risky as even one mistake can cost their life.

Other casts of Life Under Zero

The show also featured a few other Noorvik families including Erik Salitan, Martha May Salitan, Sue Aikens, Andy Bassich, Jessie Holmes, and Glenn Villeneuve. They all are skilled in different fields.

Chip and Anges are hunting experts. They hunt animals like walruses, seals, bears, and wolves.

Chip net worth is $100,000

As per estimation made by Celebrity Net Worth, Chip and wife Anges has a combined net worth of $100,000. The two mainly makes money as TV personality.

Talking about his salary, Chip is reportedly paid $40,000 a year. Other details of their investments and properties are yet to be revealed.

Social Media

Chip is active on Twitter with just 419 fan followers as of 2021. He mostly shares his huntings and family post on social media. He also runs his own YouTube channel. Hailstone created the account on 26th June 2017 and it has 887 subscribers.

On the other side, LUZ’s Twitter account also shows their eccentric lifestyle posting their daily clips from wild Alaska.


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