Who Is Playing Jack Sparrow In The New Pirates Of The Caribbean 6? 5 Interesting Facts

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Who Is Playing Jack Sparrow In The New Pirates Of The Caribbean 6? 5 Interesting Facts
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Pirates of the Caribbean is among those Disney films that we all adore. It is a fantasy/supernatural film series, produced by the famous American film and TV producer, Jerry Bruckheimer. Many believe that all the movies in this series are based on one of the rides at Walt Disney’s theme park with the same name.

The first film, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was released in 2003. Immediately following its release, the movie became a great hit; it earned a total of $654 million dollars worldwide! Thus, after this success, Walt Disney Pictures announced that a “film series” was in the making. To this date, there are a total of 5 movies under this film series. Moreover, there is speculation about the 6th sequel in the queue!

Therefore, this article reveals some very intriguing facts about Pirates of the Caribbean. Who’s Jack Sparrow in the 6th part of the series after the whole Depp-Heard fiasco? Let’s find out!

Johnny Depp Did His Own Thing With The Character Of Jack Sparrow

The character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series is the most beloved one. And apparently, actor, Johnny Depp did what he thought was best to shape his character.

The character of Capt. Jack Sparrow is based on the lead guitarist of The Rolling Stones band
Johnny Depp and Keith Richards (from ‘The Rolling Stones’) pictured together

According to the actual script, Captain Sparrow was a pretty normal and straightforward character. However, Depp wanted his role as the main character to be a little different. So, he spiced things up a bit. He used the co-founder of the legendary rock band, The Rolling Stone, Keith Richards as a role model for Jack.

Depp believed that pirates were supposed to be “rock stars” of the ancient era. Thus, he used his favorite rock singer/guitarist, Richards as the base of his character in the film. For this, the actor did receive a lot of criticism from the board, however, it eventually was accepted by everyone.

The Series’ 3 Main Characters Are Based On 3 Different Types Of Birds

People who have been following this movie series since the very beginning might know this fact – all the 3 main characters in Pirates of the Caribbean are based on birds!

The 3 lead characters are based on 3 birds
Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner, and Jack Sparrow – 3 lead characters of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

That’s right, the 3 characters, Elizabeth Swan portrayed by Keira Knightley, Jack by Johnny Depp, and Will Turner by Orlando Bloom are based on three different types of birds. Even more so, their names even resemble the names of the birds they are based upon.

Most of us are familiar with swans and sparrows, so which bird is the character of Bloom based upon? This role does not actually denote a bird. Instead, the character of Will Turner is based on a famed English naturalist who studies birds.

Initially, Walt Disney Feared That The Movie Would Fail; It Became A Massively Popular Series Instead

Way before the release of the first-ever film of this series, Walt Disney thought that it would flop. The executive committee did not have much faith in the directors, producers, and even the actors who were giving their best in the making of this movie. Eventually, however, it did become a massive hit.

To add, what they thought would be just a one-time release, was able to produce multiple sequels in the years to come.

The Role of The Lead, Jack Sparrow, Was Considered For Other Actors; Who Were They?

All of us who have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean saga know how remarkably Jhonny Depp has handled the role of Jack Sparrow. But, before choosing him as the lead actor, the casting directors thought of some other men in Hollywood.

Christoper Walker, Michael Keaton, and Jim Carrey are the first names that popped up during our research. Besides them, Hugh Jackman and Robert De Niro were also considered for the part.

Among them all, Jackman was everyone’s favorite. Sadly enough, he was an up-and-coming actor back then so they refused to take him in. Similarly, sources have confirmed that De Niro rejected the role because he was skeptical about the film’s success.

Eventually, Depp came into the picture, and we cannot imagine Jack being portrayed by anyone else besides him.

The Last Line Of The First Movie Was Improvised By Depp

One thing that is more prominent in the first film, The Curse of the Black Pearl, is the last dialogue. Apparently, the script had an entirely different line but Depp improvised it at the last moment. After being the controller of the Black Pearl again, Depp says, “Now, bring me the horizon” – this sentence was not in the actual script, however, the filmmakers loved it more and decided to end the movie with it.

Geoffrey Rush, Aka, Hector Barbossa Was Insecure To Be Seen Together With Keira Knightley

Actor, Geoffrey Rush plays the role of Captain Hector Barbossa in this movie saga. According to our research, this talented actor was very insecure in the beginning to be working with the beautiful, Keira Knightley. Furthermore, Rush believed that no one would pay attention to him if he and Knightley, who portrays the lead role of Elizabeth Swan, were seen together.

Capt. Barbossa
Actor, Rush portrays the role of Capt. Hector Barbossa in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’

As a result of his insecurity, Geoffrey admitted to always appearing on the left side of the shot. Why, you ask? Because the actor thought that the audience would naturally look from the left to the right side and see him first.

Was Knightly A Minor During The Making Of This Film? Her Mother Followed Her Everywhere!

Knightly, the lead actress in Pirates of the Caribbean, was just a minor when they were starting to shoot the first movie. As per the sources, the young actress was just 17 years old at that time. So, concerned about her daughter, Kiera’s mother would accompany her to all the locations where the shooting occurred.

Bloom’s Reaction While Jack and Elizabeth Kissed In The Film Was Not Staged

Interestingly enough, when Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swan kissed in the film, their co-star, Will Turner was not informed. Thus, as a result, Orlando Bloom, who plays the role of Turner seems visibly shocked to see his lover kiss the pirate. This look on his face was absolutely genuine and was not staged at all!

Depp Was On The Edge Throughout The Making Of POTC

Today, we all are in love with Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow. However, during the making of the movie, this famed actor was skeptical about anybody liking his acting. Even more so, he believed that he was on the verge of getting fired because the executives at Disney did not understand what he was doing with the character.

Who Will Play Captain Jack Sparrow In The Upcoming 6th Sequel?

In the recent years, fans have heard that the 6th sequel of this Disney movie saga is in the making. Following this, we are quite concerned about Depp playing the lead actor in the movie again after his drama with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. So, if he is in fact, not in the upcoming movie, who will portray the role of Captain Jack?

Capt. Jack Sparrow
Renowned actor, Depp in his get-up for Capt. Jack

Well, the answer is yet to be known. With the famed actor, Johnny Depp still drowned in the legal proceedings, no one is sure if he will again make his entry in the 6th movie as Jack Sparrow. Even more so, we have come across a piece of news where it has been confirmed that Disney has cut ties with him as well. Sadly enough, Depp is depressed by the fact that he did not get to bid a proper goodbye to his beloved role.

Therefore, as of now (beginning of 2023), no one knows who will replace him. The executives at Disney must find a perfect replacement for Depp, otherwise, the film series is bound to go down.

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