Who Is Rod Wave Girlfriend? Is He Getting Married? Future Wife?

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Who Is Rod Wave Girlfriend? Is He Getting Married? Future Wife?
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American rapper Rod Wave’s girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman has also become a huge sensation since she got into a relationship with the Heart on Ice singer. The couple are together for a while now. But are they planning to get married?

Today in this article, we shall also talk about Rod Wave’s future wife & Wedding plans.

Who Is Rod Wave’s Girlfriend in 2023? Is He Dating Secretly?

Well, Rod is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Kelsey Dee Coleman. Though the couple was secretive about their relationship initially, they are now officially dating..

Well, his partner who goes by dee_.18 (fully  Kelsey “Dee” Coleman) on Instagram is pretty open about her relationship with her partner Rod. In fact, she has even shared stories together on her Instagram, which validates their relationship.

Rod Wave girlfriend Kelsey 2022
Rod’s girlfriend shared a story with the rapper.

Besides, Rod himself has never said anything about his girlfriend nor has he ever mentioned his partner on social media. Seems like the rapper likes to keep his personal life out of the public.

Rod Is a Father of Two Kids

Now that you know Rod has a secret girlfriend, we’re sure you’ll be shocked to know that he is also a father. Yes, he is a proud papa of two beautiful daughters. Let’s talk about them.

Initially, we found out that Rod is expecting twins with his girlfriend in May of 2020 when @rodwavemedia shared a picture of the R&B artist with his lover. The caption read,

“My girl pregnant with twins, look how god bless me again 😊Rod welcomed his firstborns a few weeks after the photo was shared.

Rod is a father of two daughter.
Rod is a father of two kids.

Though he is yet to share his kids’ names let alone pictures, his girlfriend previously wrote two names on her Insta bio. It read, “Kash & Mocha’s mom.”

Judging by all this, it is safe to say, Rod’s children’s names are indeed Kash and Mocha. But then again, we can never be so certain.

Regardless, we sure hope the young man can bear the burden of becoming a dad. If a child goes through a traumatic experience in the early phase of his/her life, it directly impacts their life later on. There are several rappers who have become a father at a young age such as NBA Youngboy and doing a fantastic job as a father.

Since when are Rod and his current girlfriend dating?

Well, the love birds seem to be together for over 3 years, however, they have not revealed the exact details yet. She has kept her Insta on private making it difficult to find out info on their relationship, though she once became a trend after celebrity stylist Jonathan Wright shared a video of her. In the post shared on his Instagram, Rod’s girl is looking absolutely gorgeous in a white outfit and an orange wig.

Well, to say the least, Rod is one lucky guy!

When Is Rod Wave Getting Married To His Wife-To-Be Kelsey Dee Coleman?

While the duo are dating for years, they have not revealed their wedding plans. Still, in their 20s, the couple does not seem to have any plans to get married. Anyway, Rod and Kelsey will definitely make a beautiful husband and wife.

Have They Tied The Knot In The Past?

None of them have ever walked down the aisle. In fact, it is their first official relationship and none of the duo have been reported to have been in any sort of relationships in the past.


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