Yusef Rasheed? Unknown Facts About Oracene Price’s First Husband

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Yusef Rasheed? Unknown Facts About Oracene Price’s First Husband
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Yusef Rasheed was known as the ex-husband of the famous American personality Oracene Price. His spouse Price rose to prominence as the coach of her daughter Venus Williams and Serena Williams. Both of them are one of the greatest Tennis players of all time.

As for their relationship, Yusef and his then-wife Oracene were together until his death in 1979. He was the father of three kids with Price. After Rasheed’s death, Oracene went on to marry her second husband Richard Williams who was also a well-known coach.

However, very little is known about Oracene’s first husband. So, who was Yusef Rasheed? What was the reason behind his death? Let’s explore all the facts about Rasheed.

Who is Yusef Rasheed? His Early Life

Even after his death, people still want to know about him only because Yusef was once married to the woman who is now the mother of two tennis legends Venus and Serena. However, other than that, the details about his date of birth and other early information are entirely grounded.

He reportedly belonged to a mixed ethnicity and was of Arabian Ancestry. On the other hand, his wife Oracene was born on April 3, 1952, in Saginaw, Michigan. She was born to a father who was an automotive worker. She graduated from Buena Vista High School in 1970. Later, she joined Western Michigan University for higher education.

Yusef Rasheed’s Marriage With Oracene Until His Death

As per a few online tabloids, Yusef and Oracene tied the knot in the year 1972. However, Oracene has not revealed other details about her marriage yet. They shared three kids while they were in a marital relationship.

Yusef Rasheed's Wife Oracene Price
Picture of Yusef Rasheed’s Wife Oracene Price

Everything went smoothly until the unfortunate incident took place. Yusef Rasheed passed away in the year 1979 due to a heart stroke. After that, Oracene was left alone with her three little kids but soon remarried her second husband.

Yusef Rasheed Was a Father of Three Kids

As aforementioned, Yusef was the father to his three kids named Yetunde Price, Lyndrea Price, and Isha Price. His first daughter Yetunde was born in 1972. She was a salon owner and registered nurse. Sadly, she was murdered back in 2003.

Yusef's daughters
Picture of Yusef Rasheed’s daughters

His second daughter Isha was born on 18th February 1975 in Beverly Hills, California. She currently works as a Lawyer and a producer. Moreover, she is also the owner of her company Price Consultancy.

Rasheed’s youngest daughter, Lyndrea who was born in 1978 is now a web designer. She is also involved in the fashion industry.

Yusef’s Eldest Daughter Was Murdered

As mentioned above, Yusef’s eldest daughter Yetunde Price who was also the mother of three kids was murdered in 2003. She was gunshot by Robert Edward Maxfield on 14th September while in the SUV car with her boyfriend Rolland Wormley. Robert was a gangster from Southside Crips Gang. At the time, they were a mile away from the court where Yetunde’s half-sisters used to play tennis.

Yusef Rasheeds's eldest daughter Yetunde Price
Yusef Rasheeds’s eldest daughter Yetunde Price was murdered by gunshot

Right after the incident, her beau Wormley drove to his relative’s house in Long Beach and called 911. She was promptly taken to the hospital but couldn’t survive. As per her autopsy reports, she was murdered by a gunshot in the head.

Furthermore, one more suspect named Aaron Michael Hammer was arrested in Yetunde’s murder case. However, Hammer later pleaded innocent and awaited trial.

Who Was Yusef’s Wife Oracene Price’s Second Husband?

As mentioned earlier, after Yusef’s demise, his wife Oracene Price tied the knot with Richard Williams to give a better life to her three little daughters. The former couple exchanged their vows in 1980. The same year on 17th June, they welcomed their first daughter Venus Williams.

They became parents for the second time when their other daughter Serena was born in September 1981. Both of them are prominent names in Tennis history, winning a number of major titles. But, do you know that their father played a key role in making his daughters what they are today? He even made an 85-page plan to train his daughters.


Oracene Price with her daughters
Yusef Rasheed’s wife Oracene Price has two daughters from her second marriage

Furthermore, Oracene Price’s husband Richard even presented himself as a very strict father. He implemented strict rules for his step-daughters from Yusef Rasheed to further craft Venus and Serena’s skills.