All About Jillian Mele Husband, & Her Married Life: Does She Have Any Children?

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All About Jillian Mele Husband, & Her Married Life: Does She Have Any Children?
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Jillian Mele is a news anchor and reporter for the Fox Entertainment Group. The beautiful anchor has won the hearts of many from her work as the co-host of Fox & Friends First.

The majority of her fanbase consists of men which is why everyone is asking more about her dating life. Ever since she tweeted about having a boyfriend, fans have been itching to know if the reporter is married. Who is Jillian Mele’ husband? or is she in a relationship with someone? Questions like this have been asked quite many times.

Here today we will try to uncover all the truth behind Jillian’s personal life. We will find out if she is really married and if not then does she have a boyfriend?

Who is Jillian Mele husband? Is she really married?

Ever since she joined the show Fox & Friends First, Mele’s personal life has become a subject of curiosity. But unfortunately, Jillian likes to keep her personal life down low. Maybe this is why not much is known about her dating life.

That being said, she did make a lot of head turns when she once tweeted about having a boyfriend. It was back in May 2016, when Jillian made a bombshell tweet that literally jump-scared all of us.

In the tweet, she mentioned that she has a boyfriend. See for yourself!

Jillian Mele Tweet dating
Jillian tweeted about having a boyfriend.

Judging by the statement, it seems someone must have tried to ask out Jillian on a date, either virtually or physically, for which she politely declined. Either way, we cannot ascertain whether the Tweet was something to take seriously or not.

Meanwhile, several tabloids have even claimed that her supposed boyfriend is from Boston. Well, Jillian might just be secretly dating this guy. In many of her posts from exotic locations, the way she clicks picture tell us that she doesn’t go there alone. As we know how vigilant celebrities are when it comes to their personal life, so maybe Jillian is being secretive about her rumored partner.

Jillian once shared a picture with a mystery guy on Facebook

As if her Tweet wasn’t enough, the American reporter once added a picture on her Facebook account wherein she is seen getting cozy with a guy. The picture was taken at the Devil’s Bridge.

The most interesting part of the photo was the timeline. She uploaded the picture right in the March of 2016. Notice the pattern here?

Well, the tweet regarding her boyfriend was made in May 2016, and a few months back she uploaded a picture with a guy. This somehow implies she was indeed in a relationship with this person.

As for what is the current state of their affair, well, Jillian has since deleted the Facebook post but has kept the Tweet so it’s fifty-fifty. She might be or she might not be dating. Whatever the case may be, until and unless Jillian herself comes out and reveals it, all we can do is just speculate.

She was once rumored to be dating her co-host

We’re sure many of you might’ve heard the loose talk or maybe many of you are still in on it but if you have no idea then let us tell you. There was or is a rumor going on that Jillian is dating Rob Schmitt, her Fox & Friends First co-host.

News of their romance first came to the surface when Rob shared an anniversary post with Jillian. However, the anniversary that he was talking about was different than our version. Apparently, it was their 1st anniversary as co-hosts of the show. Unfortunately, people took that in a different manner.

Jillian Mele boyfriend 2021
Jillian and Rob Schmitt are co-hosts of the show.

But then again, we fans wouldn’t mind seeing Jillian and Rob as a couple. Both of them are apparently single and both of them are one of the most sought-after bachelors in town.

Jillian Mele dating
Who is Jillian Mele husband?

Jillian Mele is enjoying her singlehood

She might be single but boy is Jullian enjoying it. Going through her social media account, she shares awesome photos from her personal or professional time. The majority of her Instagram photos have been occupied by a single being and that is her cute puppy, Levi.

Her dog is the star of her social media handle. His overloaded cuteness quite literally melts our hearts. See for yourself!


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A post shared by Jillian Mele (@jillianbmele)

Well, isn’t he the cutest? In addition to sharing her dog’s photo, she often showcases her life behind the camera. We can often see her enjoying nature which gives a little hint that she must be a country girl with a little touch of classiness of the city.

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Whenever she has time, she usually goes on exotic vacations. For instance, back in October 2020, she shared a picture from her visit to Amalfi Coast in Italy. We sincerely have our doubts that Jillian is visiting the world’s greatest romantic destination all by herself. Maybe her so-so was behind the camera.


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A post shared by Jillian Mele (@jillianbmele)

Well, she is living a high life and we as fans are happy that she leads a life without stress. Even if she is hiding a secret partner, let us all pray for their happiness and love.

Jillian Mele Wiki-Bio

She was born on September 17th, 1982, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America. She is the daughter of Roseann Zlemek and her husband, Thomas Mele.

Jillian is one of three kids of her parents. Growing up, Jillian loved dancing and also played Golf.

For her education, she went to La Selle University and majored in Arts and Communication. Afterward, she studied at the University of Scranton where she majored in Communication. Right after finishing up her education, she started interning for a news station, Comcast Sports Net based in Philly. From the internship, she gained a lot of experience that helped her in the future.


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